Being kicked from Random dungeon groups

Is there a new trend for randomly kicking people just before the last boss of dungeons these days?


I experinced it once in legion

Not what I have experienced. I do only play as alliance tho in SL, so I can’t answer for horde.

Bad luck? :confused:

It’s normal to kick people right before you finish the dungeon so they don’t get the dungeon reward. Premades do it all the time, are you new to WoW?

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What kind of question is this?

If you’re new to WoW just stop right there and play FFXIV instead. WoW is not a game for new players that do 1 dps or cry about being kicked. WoW is for real men who do a lot of damage and use gangsta speak.


Glasses and something to do with stones, asking why it seems to be so common, idk about you being a new player starting mid way through cataclysm with your LFR raiding experience


Sarcasm can be funny! Mr fun guy!


Unexpected kicks happen once in a blue moon. It’s a nuisance but you just have to queue up again.

A friend was levelling her Alliance on an unfamiliar alt and she was kicked for ‘low damage’ just before last boss. It’s so unbelievably petty when people do that. If someone is not actually trying and afking somewhere I can understand removing them.


yeah… players do that very often and for stupid reasons - they probably feel a little empowered …idk.

also, if someone initiates a kick, very rarely the other guys in the group wonder if it’s ok to do that and just press ok like little monkeys.

So don’t take it personally - it’s something people do without much thinking.

I levelled a few characters this patch and haven’t had any of those problems - although, I only level healer/tank.

premades do it all the time, just for funsies … you just ran in to a group of them.
Tough luck, move on

no, they don’t. I agree people click on YES like lemmings sometimes but it’s nowhere remotely close to a “trend” to have people kicked. let’s not spread lies

I don’t care for who or what it says. If that vote to kick box pops up, I’m pressing yes.

Doesn’t matter tho, loot can still be urs even if you get kicked.

Same as you can start a key and leave straight away, if the 4 other people finish it. U are still eligible for loot


Pretty sure they’re talking about group finder (matchmade).


Just happened to me two days ago, 4 people premade, I was 2nd on damage, one of them said “why so low dps” before the last boss and then I got kicked.

I’m way past being even able to get angry about it. But it was a head-scratching thing to happen: a very smooth run, no deaths, no unnecessary pulls, no stress on the healer, tank was #1 damage and I was second (by 10%) and in the end they kick me.

Meh though, I gave up trying to understand such people. I actually pity those poor bastards because I suspect that was the highest point of their day. May they find happiness one day.

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Ever heard about the M+ group consisting of two Danes, two Swedes and a Norwegian?
It went surprisingly smooth until reaching the last boss, where one of the Danes initiated a vote-kick on the Swedish tank with the reason: “Svenske djævel”.
The vote-kick got majority vote thanks to the other Swede.

The Norwegian asked the remaining Swede: “Why did you voted for kicking a fellow Swede?”, in which the Swede responded: “I cannot read, so I just click whatever to remove the popup.”



Do you even look at this issue, the devs? It seems you missunderstand between votekick and leave, both you get deserter. Stop that, you are NOT supposed to get deserter if you get kicked. ONLY WHEN YOU LEAVE! It is DIFFERENCE!!! You know players abuse that votekick so I beg you to stop ignore it and make sure to improve in new expansion. Thanks!

Thats greedy as heck