Best hunter pets

Whats a good pet choice, 1 pve and 1 pvp. I guess wolf for pve in groups and maybe gorilla for open world solo pve?

Maybe a cc option for pvp or a disarm bird maybe?

A disarm bird? Birds have screech.

From what I understood a wolf for raiding, and Broken Tooth for pvp because of his attack speed. Supposedly that makes him annoying for casters. I’m clueless tho, there’s that :wink:

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Lupos no longer deals shadow damage, so your best pet would be one of the wolfs in LBRS for max rank howl PvE. (the pups)
Broken Tooth against casters in pvp because of attack speed.
Various pets have various abilities, so play around and figure out what suits you best.

Lbrs wolf for pve
Broken toorh for pvp
Boar for fun in pvp (only pet with a cc)

Like the rest said.
Wind Serpent is an often overlooked and solid choice for both PvP and PvE.
Since its has a ranged attack, you can keep it out of harms way pretty easily while raiding, and in PvP its way less likely to spend most of the time trying to catch up or stuck in a Frost Nova doing nothing.
Gorillas are also nice for solo grinding, since Thunderstomp generates decent aggro and lets your pet tank several mobs at once.

I prefer carrion birds over gorillas for solo pve and to tank multiple mobs.

I thought some birds had a grab ability to disarm for 6 secs?

Also didnt consider a ranged pet so good point.

How did pet skills work in classic, any pet can have any ability but you have to learn it first or were the pet trees more defined etc?

No, it’s much more specific.
Pets are born as a certain type (Ferocity/Tenacity/Cunning) and a specific pet family can only learn certain spells.

Ah ok so it is talent tree based but you teach within the same tree type?

So does that mean you can teach a spiders web to any cunning pet? (Were webs in classic)

Before ZG though they are sub par.

I’m personally using:

  • UBRS Wolf for Dungeons/Raids
  • Bat for PvE farming (AOE agro is top). Carrion bird is a good alternative because a bit more tanky.
  • Broken Tooth for PvP.

There are no talent trees, but here is a really good website for everything pet related in Classic:

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I don’t get why people even mention AoE threat, it’s not like AoE farming is something hunters do anyway.
Screech is good because these pets have the best single target threat, pulling more than one mob as a hunter is NOT efficient for levelling.

Not necessarily optimal, but hardly sub-par.
The highest rank (6) of Lightning Breath is in ZG, yeah, but pets running back and forth contribute little, and dead pets contribute nothing.
With Wind Serpents you can still send your pet in for normal attacks (and it’s a high attack pet with 1.07 dmg rating, which is only beaten by cats and raptors at 1.10) since it can also learn Bite, then pull it back as needed but (unlike other pets) still do dmg with it.

Pets don’t have talent trees, no. Instead there’s a list of abilities they can learn.
Some are available to all (fire res, extra stamina, extra armour, etc).
Some are restricted to certain families (Scorpid Poison for scorpids, Prowl for cats, etc).
And some are available to some pets, but not all (Dash for wolves, cats and so on, Dive for flying pets, Claw for pets with claws, etc).

Petopia is pretty much the best place for info about hunter pets.

Just be aware that you actually have to level your pets, and catch new pets to learn higher ranks of some abilities (Bite, etc), gain loyalty from them to get training points to actually teach them abilities, and feed your pet to keep them happy (so they do the most dmg and gain loyalty).
So if you decide on a certain type of pet, you’ll want to make sure you tame it as soon as you can to avoid having to spend time leveling them up to your own level. Though if you want a certain colour or look on some of them, you’ll probably end up doing that anyway.

Best dps is the STV cat with 2.0 speed.
If you are in a melee group you can use a wolf for more raid dps at the cost of your personal dps. (Really interested if it scales with backstab coefficient)

A Bat for screech can be pretty good until you got well geared warriors.

Broken tooth vs warlocks and priests in 1v1s.

Any boar, the charge is quite versatile, good against both casters and melee.

Not mage type 15-mobs-at-a-time AoE, no. But pet being able to actually hold more than 1 mob at a time while you heal it or throw out a multishot is more than a little practical, seeing as you’ll definitely end up accidentally pulling extra mobs more than a few times.
Not to mention mobs that are actually in groups.

Ok so cunning ferocity and tenacity dont exist yet and its just family type (boar, cat, spider etc)

Wind Serpent (only pet with ranged attack -fantastic for PvE pulling)
Wolf (from LBRS - has highest rank Bite and is your melee grp buff bot)
Broken Tooth and then ZG Bat when its out (PvP 1.0 attack speed)

Google classic petopia.
It has a database on which pet has which ability etc.

Yes and no. :stuck_out_tongue:

They aren’t officially in those categories, but they have different ratings for health, armour, and attack that place them into different categories.
For example, Cats have 0.98 health, 1.0 armour, and 1.10 attack, making them offensive pets.
Bears have 1.08 health, 1.05 armour, and 0.91 attack, making them defensive pets.
Hyenas have 1.0 health, 1.05 armour, and 1.0 attack, making them general pets.

The differences are pretty minimal, really, but offensive pets do have the best attack and defensive pets have the best survivability.
The abilities you teach them are where you make a real difference.