Best hunter pets

6 TOP TIER Hunter pets:

Wolf from BRM

Broken Tooth
Windserpent (that shoots lazer bolts, pew pew)
The Rake
Bat from ZG

PVE Solo/leveling:
Owl with Screetch

Leveling = boar with charge / growl / bite - this keeps agro and allows u to attack without having to wait for pet to get agro.

Raiding = cat with dash / claw
Raiding = wolf with furious howl for encounters you cant use your pet to DPS

in Phase 2 your pet will be around 20% of your damage in raids, so wolves arent as good in most cases until later when the pets damage % drops even lower.

PVP there are alot of choices and tbh different pets excel at different things in PvP however I usually take a pet with a CC skill.

Wolf buffs overall melee dps though for the group.

Only need 1 per raid and i spec to max my dps not my raids. So its usually the other hunter taking the hit.


Because when you level and later when you farm harder stuff like solo dungeons, you will have several mobs attacking your pets. And you want to avoid that all the non attacked mobs rush you as soon as you need to heal your pet. It’s just superior to any other pet including gorillas.


Yep, because I know many raid leaders who will gladly let you go back to town to swap pets every other boss :wink:
And a wolf with both bite and furious howl activated does pretty decent damage along with a great raid utility. Don’t forget the wolf benefits of his own buff.

why do u @ me
the 2.0 cat is the best pet dps and the highest personal dps pet, not the best raid dps pet.

No it is not, and even less if you’re BM, where you definitely want a fast attack pet to proc Frenzy more often.
I’d take Broken Tooth anytime vs King Bangalash.

I think the only reason a hunter would do low lvl dungeons is to boost someone for loot, and it doesn’t seem like an important point to me in regards to choosing a pet.
When lvling, yes, it will happen that a few mobs are pulled, but to me it never seemed like a problem and its definitely not something you’d intentionally do, so it doesn’t happen often anyway. Chain pulling is way better than taking unnecessary damage tanking a few mobs at a time.
Now that I’m 60 I sometimes use it for farming satyrs for example, but they’re low lvl, so multishotting them at once makes sense.

But I guess I’m making a void point here, since the screech pets are also great for single target farming anyway. Its just a bit surprising to me that people seem to value their aoe threat so much.

u dont use frenzy in pve and the slower attack speed results in higher auto attack DPS due to the DPS stats being equal. btw it’s not king bangalash

the 2.0 cats do more damage than the 1.0 cats as a MM raider. So many scrubs on forums who couldnt play wow 15 years ago and still cant play today.

You have no clue, really… you also want to farm low level dungeons for some specially juincy money income, and having aoe threat is very helpful.

Farming low level dungeons over doing DM:T runs? Well, maybe I have no clue, in that case I’d love to hear what exactly you’re farming there that makes it more lucrative than tribute runs.

You two are a comical duo right ? You’re here to make people laugh ?

“slower attack speed results in higher auto attack DPS due to the DPS stats being equal”
Just that sentence is hilarious. Please… roll a paladin or something.

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maybe u should learn some simple addition and figure out having a slower speed results in a higher dps due to the initial hit being on second 0 rather than weapon speed seconds in. 2.0 cat = 2n dmg. 1.0 0cat 1n dmg:
s0: 2n v 1n
s1: 2n v 2n
s2: 4n v 3n
s3: 4n v 4n
s4: 6n v 5n
the slower speed cat is always better or equal

My advice ? Stop reading stupid forums or watching stupid streamers, and do tests yourself, on a dummy, with the same gear and the two cats.

if people like u stopped posting on these forums you could consider them less stupid. please provide some mathematical proof of broken tooth outdpsing a 2.0 cat

How about you go and test stuff? im not gonna explain how a game 15 years old works. Get a 2.0 attack speed cat to 60 and do a raid. Then use a 1.0 cat and do the same raid. Christ almightly I cant believe people are still so bad. I usedstood the first time around and I accepted people are clueless but I expected by now people would have learnt.

edit: I wish id went horde this time, as I can see here its still scrubs on alliance and people who actually have a clue on horde.

There are no dummys in classic, I do my own tests ingame. 2.0 beats 1.0 for DPS and thats a fact. Not checking back here, as I really dont care what opinions a scrub has.

I’ve been here since beta. Been in hardcore guilds when I was younger and had more time.
Thanks for the advice though. I’ll keep it in mind.

Do that yourself. Do the same rotation against one of the “tank and spank” raid bosses.
And you’ll see there’s no noticeable difference.