Best hunter pets

Mages make the best pets, they do ok damage and if they get too disobedient you can two shot them while they are drinking.

The Holy Trinity of hunter pets are as follows:

  1. Son of Hakkar (Wind Serpent), only available after Zul’Gurub is released.
  2. Brokentooth (Cat), level 37 rare mob in Badlands, fastest attack speed possible (1.0), best in slot for PvP due to caster interruption.
  3. Deathmaw (Wolf), best in slot for raiding due to Furious Howl.


The best PVP pet for many is a boar because of the stun and the damage a wolf adds by howling is not as much as an actual pet would do even if it is only alive 50% of the time.

Son of Hakkar is boss tho

Or the ZG bat which also has 1.0 attack speed.
For a PVP Beastmaster Hunter, it’s definitely the very best choice.
For the others, it’s either those pets too, or a boar for the charge/stun.

But the wolf can do more than just howl, you know ? You know it can also attack and do damage, right ?

A cat will do 10% more dps with its autoattacks, which means a wolf will only bring more dps if it buffs 4-5 targets consistently.

And it does.
The hunter gives Trueshot Aura to the group, and the wolf the howl buff every 10s, so the idea is obviously to optimize the groups hunters are in.
I’m always in a group with only melees characters.
And as I said, the wolf benefits from his own buff too.

And when a cat would die in seconds on some bosses with an aura or aoe, the wolf will still be useful.

Why would a cat die faster than a wolf though? Because of the 5% armor bonus? Don’t think it’d really matter in raids.
Furious howl doesn’t scale with anything, so the idea is simply to bring more raid dps. Which a wolf can do, but not by much.
I know the wolf benefits from the howl, that’s why usually it’ll buff 5 targets since the hunter is out of range most of the time.

Not sure if trolling or just not understanding…
When any pet would die in seconds, the wolf can stay at range and still buff the melee with howl during the whole fight.
That’s why both the Wolf or the ZG Serpent are prefered by raiders, because both can contribute even on bosses where they can’t melee DPS without dying within seconds.

Wasn’t trolling, I just haven’t thought about that since I usually go zug-zug mode with my pet and if it dies, it dies. :slightly_smiling_face:

Tanky pet = Boar - it has charge (yes just like a warrior charge) so it gets stuck in really quick and it eats anything which is very handy. This is a GREAT pet for levelling and solo play.
DPS pet = Owl cos of screech ability BUT they always get in the way so you will get annoyed with it.
PVP pet = It doesn’t matter. It will do some damage and then it will die.

TLDR; Cat … you WILL end up with a cat.

Most people talks with popular but outdated internet guides.

Wolf is so 2005. At those days we hadnt got detailed logs and we didnt know how much dmg furious howl was contributing the raid.

Now we know.

Just check your logs and find furious howl uptimes and calculate its contribution to overall raid dps and compare it with any cat dps.

Or just check top tryhard guilds’ logs. You will be surprised.

And more importantly almost all nondamaging skills like slice and dice, stance dance etc eat its charge. So not all fh buffs converted to damage. Dunno it is intended or not.

Tldr: Boar till Broken Tooth and Broken Tooth till next expac.

If you want to max efficiency and you skip the ZG wind serpent, then your opinion isn’t worth anything.

So why your opinions worth too much? You are just talking with old cliches.

When zg released, we will see that 50 focus ability in detailed logs. Maybe it is like “wolf for pve” myth, or maybe it is actually the best. Until that time we cant know.

Why can’t we know? We know how much damage this ability does.
The only thing that I personally don’t know is how many bosses have high nature resistance, but I’m sure this info is out there.

The guy doesn’t realize that a living pet does more damage than a dead pet I think :wink:

In the end , in raids, the pet doesn’t really matter. Couple of dps at most. It’s why I will use the rare tallstrider Clutchmother because it looks cool and nobody has it. In PvP or PvE grinding I will probably use other pets. Pretty pleased with the owl because screech allows me to multishot multiple targets without getting agro.

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Pink bird?

What?? I’ll take my latest raid for example, where my pet did 81.7 dps on bosses. What are you talking about?
Pets do about 10-15% of a hunter’s dps at this stage, they do matter.

Yes, but each pet by itself isn’t that much of a difference. My tallstrider will do 74.3dps or something in your example.
Only the wolf will probably do significant more if you’re in a melee group because it increases dps all around.

No, that’s Mazzanrache or something. This one is the unique turkoise one in Darkshore. I think it’s more pretty.