Best place or why to find an RP Guild

I’ve tried walk ups, I’ve tried reddit, and I’ve tried Trade Chat.

So far, people seem really slow on the uptake and it definitely feels like an exclusive community: if you don’t already have a guild, you won’t find one.

Basically, I guess I’m just looking for tips and guides as to how to actually join in with others RP without being cast out and ignored - depsite posting reasonable responses and not being some massive Mary Sue.


It can be difficult, many guilds are busy with events and can find it difficult to catch anyone at a time that’s convenient.

Send a whisper and then an in game mail. If no response, move on and don’t worry about it. No point stressing. There are many friendly guilds out there :grinning:


Best way to find roleplay is either join a discord server, a in-game guild or community to share the roleplay with.

Stormwind City always have roleplay and there are several other areas which have roleplay most of the time as well such as Duskwood, Redridge and so on.

/w yo, real cool concept! I’d like to get involved!

S’always worked for me.

Sorry to hear that your introduction to this community has been rough, I trust that the folk in question must have been preoccupied and did not ignore you on purpose.

Lemme welcome you to Argent Dawn and give you a few pointers on where to start. First things first, decide on what kind of guild YOU would like to join, tell us here and im sure we can point you in the right direction.

Which direction is that you may ask? Typically a guild’s forum post is a good place to start that or their discord server although your mileage may vary on getting that. But both the forums and discord are both good ways to get in contact with folk outside of the game.

As for Stormwind Rp please … dont. While the rp there is reliable its reliably terrible. Any guild worth their salt is out in the world using old zones and creating narratives not sitting in Cathedral Square talking about your mother.

Hope this helped you and that you find a guild thats right for you :slight_smile:


Hello friend
For looking for a right guild, forums is usually a good place and you’re in the right one…

Also, there are some wide discord communities on AD which you can join, if want i can invite you to some of them, my tag is Lightbearer#8393

Also, I can see from your attire that you may be some sort of sentinel, Huntress etc. overall i mean n elf military, for that, i suggest some things:
I have three guilds In mind that you might like:
1-Moonlight Embrace, sort of Kalimdor vengeance guild, similar to old wc3 night elves
2-Hand of Cenarius, seeing horde as defilers of nature, fighting it
3-Nightblade Sentinels, a division of Sentinel army

These three guilds seem to be a nice bunch, also have a thread which I’ll link in edits
Also, there is an rp hub in Feather moon stronghold in Feralas, you can find night elf RPers there, also sometimes Darkshore and Ashenvale, mainly the new ruins of Auberdine in new Darkshore or Astranaar in Ashenvale which is more a military base than town now

Also there is a thread about the status of night elf rp on AD which i will link

Anyway, if i ever could be of help, I’ll be glad to
Wish you best of luck!

EDIT: Also soon an event is going on in feathermoon which you may like to attend, an excellent time to find friends, guilds and see the community, will link it below

Links to threards:

The event:


Thanks for the advice!

I’ll have to give them a look.


Yeah, Stormwind’s RP is… very soap opera.


If only that.

Feel free to poke me on disc if ever needed any help i am able to help with :slight_smile:


Thanks pal, it means a lot.

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Anytime my friend, no worries :slight_smile:

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Apart from the forums, quite a lot of guilds advertise themselves in Discords rn. If somebody hasn’t already mentioned the Seeds of Kalimdor discord you should probably look at that.

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IMO its the forums to find a guild that suits you and then contacting them ingame. Those who have made a thread on the forums about their guild recruiting would love if you just send them a whisper!


Do you have an up to date link to join?

reroll blood elf and join highblood

you’re welcome

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Ask around in-game!

I don’t mean IC; scout the hubs, see if you can spot a trend in the guild-members of a particular guild that you like, hit them up in whispers. Get chatting. If it turns out that guild isn’t for you, it’s likely they’ll know a guild that might be for you.

These replies are all lovely and very helpful- I concur entirely, but I’d like to add a friendly tip as well; once you find a guild, you might realise along the way that they are not for you. Always be careful not to force yourself for the sake of RP, it’s fine to struggle a bit to get into it, my main for almost the entire past year has been in one guild for a few months and then nothing, too. It’s important to be able to look at things in terms of what’s ‘necessary’ and what only serves to make things feel forced.

I hope you find some good folk to Roleplay with- oh, and checking campaigns and sign-ups can often introduce you to guilds you had never heard of before, too- as a sidenote!

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Best place? The Horde. :smirk:

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Thank you!!!