@Blizzard: introduce personal loot in classic (T)BC

No, really.

I loved it since the moment it was introduced (in retail) AND made compulsory.

The amount of abusive people who take advantage of personal loot NOT existing is staggering.

LFM ZG mounts HR, 1 Idol HR, 1 idol GBID, heart GBID
LFM ONY, head gbid, bags gbid
LFM AQ20, books gbid, xbow HR, head gbid.

I don’t need to explain that these people couldn’t possibly kill the bosses on their own, so they NEED other people, but they take advantage of the fact that some other people may only need other items or they’re prepared to “pay” for them. I wouldn’t mind GDKP/GBID if the money was then split between raid members, but it’s not: some random guy gets to keep it for absolutely no good reason.

I’ve played WoW since vanilla, I’ve played BC, WOTLK, a bit of Cata, a bit of MOP, a bit of WOD, a bit of Legion, a bit of BFA, so I could watch its evolution.

Personal loot wasn’t necessary in vanilla and in BC, because people didn’t take advantage of other people as much as they do now. I haven’t seen a single “gbid” raid in vanilla and there were maaaaybe two during BC (but gold was split between raid members at the end, it wasn’t kept by a random bastard)

To all these issues, the “community” (ha!) is quick to respond “then make your own raid”. Which is fair enough, IF you ignore the fact that you’ve got no one to raid with, because everyone is saved/locked by the time you get home from work - saved in a raid “led” by one of these “reserved, gbid” a-holes. Yes, most people are too stupid to realise they’re being cheated - or they’re just buying gold and don’t mind paying 500g for some little piece of nothing.

Again, I know this wasn’t part of vanilla/tbc, I’m well aware of that. But it wasn’t necessary THEN, much like altering Black Lotus spawn timers wasn’t necessary THEN (because you didn’t have 20 people sitting on 20 stealth characters around each node using 20 accounts THEN)

If personal loot isn’t introduced (and FORCED) in BC, literally every raid will do the same thing - including my own raids, because hey, if the game developer won’t let you beat them, you might as well join them, right?

You already understood that this was necessary in retail, so there’s no point in me arguing for it, I think. Just “backport” it into BC.

That’s all. I’m really not interested in the “community”'s opinions on this one and I’m only writing it hoping that someone at Blizzard/Activision will consider it. Thanks.


You know what’s not “compulsory”? Playing TBC.

Also, why don’t you just join a guild if you don’t wanna deal with pugs and/or GDKP? Or at least play on a server where GDKP runs ain’t a thing?


You already understand that they need other people. So you got something that they need (your help to kill the boss) so you have something to bargain with them. You can propose to join them and help them if you get a fair chance on the item you want.
OTHERWISE YOU DON’T JOIN THEM. They have to look for somebody else to help them and you can find yourself a fairer group.

Personal loot sucks because it removes social aspects of the game and the potential for drama.

I never do, as a matter of principle. I form my own raid, when necessary. I didn’t get 15/15 Naxx to join some random abusive prick who thinks I get to put in the effort so he can collect the rewards in ubrs/zg/aq.

However, this either takes 10 times longer (to form it, because so many people are locked) or doesn’t happen at all (because people are locked). This, in turn, leads to a “dead game” appearance, which doesn’t benefit most players nor Activision.

This isn’t about “waaaah, I want polished retail stuff in older versions”, this is about something that’s proven to be so toxic that personal loot HAD TO be enforced in retail. We’re years past those arguments and alternative solutions. We (both players and Activision) already know that it’s the only possible solution.

I smiled at your loot drama mention… but this absolutely needs to be done. It should have been implemented in classic as well, it would have been 10 times more useful than leeway or spell batching.

Many, MANY things from “retail” should’ve been implemented in “classic” for the same reasons. They weren’t necessary back in vanilla/tbc, perhaps not even a good idea THEN, but they are needed NOW because “the community” changed - and not for the better.

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I take around 30 mins to form a raid or join one. Because, you know, guildruns.

Dunno about personal loot lol, but it’d sure be nice if Blizz could step in, put down the foot, and ban GDKP and gbids and everything else that makes promotes RMT and makes the game p2w and degenerate as a result.


Literally nobody cares about your scrub guild. Because, you know:

  • some people have alts, while others don’t, so if their “mains” (and only chars) are saved to something they can’t come

  • even if everyone has alts, they might not be geared enough for a certain raid, so they can’t help

  • this might be about pugs, not guild runs

  • your main might be benched for a raid you want something from

  • the guild may no longer raid the instance you want to go to (you might want something from BWL while the guild has cleared Naxx)

  • outside of “official” raids, people can’t commit to clearing another instance on the same day, at the same time.

  • you may have missed the guild raid for that particular instance

  • 10000 other legitimate reasons, which, put together, convinced Activision/Blizzard that enforcing personal is the only way forward (which is why they’ve already done so in retail).

Despite me clearly stating that I’m not looking for the “community”'s opinions on this, you really do insist a lot, don’t you? I guess you’ve got all the time in the world - cause you’re sure not spending it clearing Naxx, by the looks of it.

That’s impressive, really, 1250 dps on Thaddius.

You know, I was really curious, so I googled your guild.

This is what I found

You wouldn’t happen to be involved in gold buying and selling, would you? Asking for a friend.

Really, when you insist like a moron on “guild runs, guild runs”, the least you could do would be to be in a 15/15 guild, not the equivalent of a gold buying/selling pug run by special needs alts.


Why do you post on the forums then? Blizzard certainly won’t answer you here.

Why don’t you just make your own raids? Then you can make the loot rules yourself.


What do you do when you have a suggestion or a request for the people who might be able to get in touch with the developers, do you speed dial Kotick or something?

Already addressed above, go back to school. THIS is exactly why I’m not interested in your opinions. Too many mouth breathers who can’t even read the answers you’ve already provided for them, but insist on coming up with “solutions”.

You could try the “Submit a Suggestion” button in the game…

So what you are saying is that you can’t be bothered to wait long enough to find people for a raid? Or are you the only one working on Shazzrah? Seems plausible…

Atleast I understand what an online forum is for, and know where the suggestion button is in the game.

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I’ve already done that earlier.

So you’re saying you’re a lobster.

Personal loot will only ruin the experience


At least I’ve been in Naxx - or reached lvl 60, judging from the avatar you’re posting with. Or not being enough of a chicken to hide behind a lvl 14 Priest while posting.

But I guess it’s easier to profile-shame other people on forums while you don’t need to show yours.


This experience?

Ah, yes, just like in vanilla, isn’t it?

I didn’t even take those screenshots for the chat, but because something else - something interesting - was happening (either loot or damage or an RP event or whatever). The chat just happened to be there - and just look at it.

Is that the experience you’re afraid of “ruining”?

And you sucked there too. Now go suck somewhere else.

Relax, I’m just too lazy to switch characters.

But I mean it, go suck somewhere else.

Then why did you come to the forums if you didn’t want other players to reply to it? Did you expect Blizzard to reply to your suggestion saying they will comply to your demands?

So, you’re just lazy then? I can relate. I also can’t be bothered making my own raids. I’m also fine with not having zg mounts. Bags I can make myself, books I can buy on the ah. My guild provides opportunities to get the rest.

I’d rather be there than still being a whiny lvl 14 Priest when Classic is all but over.

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So you’re saying you’re a donkey.

I think we have found the reason you struggle to find people for your raids. It might help being nice to people instead of an entitled douchebag.


So you’re saying you’re a lobster, but you identify as a donkey, only you’ve got the intelligence of a random pebble. OK. I’ll try to explain it to you then.

I don’t need the books in AQ20. Haven’t needed them in ages. However, people shouldn’t be forced to pay 250-300g for them. Or 2000g for the manual of eviscerate in UBRS (which is why it’s always “reserved” - screenshots above). I don’t need that either, I do naxx on a mage and on a lock. Hardly useful for me - and it will be available from the trainer in BC anyway, should I decide to level a rogue. But players shouldn’t be able to “reserve” it.

This kind of thing DID NOT happen in vanilla. I should know. Unlike random gdkp scrubs in this thread, I was also playing then - in Naxx as well - and nobody did such a thing.

I don’t need the “mounts” in ZG. I’ve got the only mount I want - the racial one. But people who do want them should get a chance to get them, if they’re in the group, because they contributed to the kill.

I don’t need the bags. Actually, nobody NEEDS the bags. Imbued netherweave bags will cost a fraction of bottomless bags and any tailor will be able to make them. Traveller bags are more than sufficient - I cleared Naxx on 2 chars with 3g/piece runecloth bags (and some random onyxia bags, don’t remember how many, doesn’t matter). But nobody should have to pay some greedy goldseller for them, unless he solo’d Onyxia or the Panther boss.

I don’t need the heads of Onyxia or Nefarian. Every possible reward there is completely useless for a Naxx-geared mage/lock. That doesn’t mean that people should have to pay 300-500g for them. Hell, if that was right, we could just buy all the loot off vendors for various amount of gold and there’d be no raiding at all.

I don’t care what your scrub guild does for you. This isn’t about you and it’s not about me. It’s about the health of classic wow and possibly “classic tbc”. This isn’t healthy for it. Blizzard/Activision already noticed this, which is why they introduced personal loot and made it compulsory. That debate ended years ago. We all know it was the right thing to do for a huge number of reasons. You don’t get to “win” this “debate” because you’ve already lost it quite a few years ago.

Literally nobody asked for your opinion here. I specifically said I don’t care about it. Yet here you are. And you’d like me to be nice to you. No, scrub, I’m not gonna do that. Get lost. Your stupid trolling like “submit a suggestion” (which I had already done, but not as detailed because you just can’t do that in game) is worthless to me. Your entire life is meaningless to me. You’re nobody. Chances are you’re just like the other incompetent scrub - some random greedy gdkp wow-cancer from a backwater country, worried you’ll lose your moldy bread if you can’t sell some gold. Corona’s too good for you, 'know what I mean?

THIS IS WHAT PLAYERS CURRENTLY SEE. and it’s got nothing in common with vanilla. Everyone knows it’s wrong, even the bastards who make a living out of selling gold. It will get much - MUCH! - worse in TBC unless personal loot is introduced and forced as the only available loot system.

And noone is. Just like noone is forcing you to buy vanity vendor items for 100g, but the option is there for those who wants it. That’s a good thing.

That should be up to the community to decide, not you. If the community doesn’t want it to be reserved people won’t join the run.

What do you need then? Idols? Nobody NEEDS loot after they have cleared Naxxramas. In fact, nobody ever NEEDS loot at all.

What makes you think personal loot would make classic or classic tbc any more healthy? You do realise that loot selling is extremely widespread in retail, where personal loot is a thing?

You do know that you can have your lfg/world chat in a separate chat window so you don’t have to be pestered with it during raids? The same goes for loot.

Also, screenshotting all the loot you recieve is pretty weird.