BLIZZARD please - one more pvp reset

could you please do one last pvp reset on monday so that ppl wo recently just hit 60 have one last chance to get a higher title and maybe a little bit of gear before patch?

I mean it’s not 2006 anymore and most of us now have a family and a job, so no 24/7 WoW like back then.

Stop playing if you don’t have the time to play


Let’s say they do it.

What about the people who just recently hit 60 after your proposed last reset? Are you going to give them a chance too and repeat a never ending cycle? You’ve had like over two years.

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That would not make any sense, because the patch with the new pvp system coming on Tuesday. After Tuesday it’s irrelevant.

I just mean this week pvp is for nothing. So just wanted to ask for one more reset before the patch :slight_smile:

Mon, you had almost two years.
Hexx be a busy Troll with a harem of women to please and a full-time job as a medicine mon, and I did just fine with da time I had.

Suck it up. Tazdingo!!!


The prepatch is coming on Wednesday for us. There is a honor calculation Tuesday morning.

You can still get titles until tuesday… just do bgs

thats funny

whenever someone said that about the boost, it caused an outcry

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You had 2 years worth of time to get to 60 and play classic PvP

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