Blizzard should bring back Quinton Flynn and apologise to him

In case you haven’t heard, the VA for Kael’thas had his voicework replaced. This was due to false allegations made against him. He is in the sqme situation as Vic Mignogna. Considering that the judge founf him innocent and even ordered the woman accusing him of leaving him alone, Blizz should just bring back his old voice work. For more details, check Quinton Flynn’s Twitter account since I can’t post links


Did they really change the voicwork due to an allegation? That’s just ridiculous.

But it’s basically what we, the world, are asking for. We socially convict everyone based on allegations and assumptions. We want, no - we expect, businesses, organisations and tv-shows/channels to act before the juridical systems have done their job. Heck, we don’t even care about the juridical system anymore anyways.

A world run by social justice warriors? Idk, perhaps not, but it’s quite a dangerous development.

And I think you mean:

— Quinton Flynn (@quintonflynn) April 19, 2021

It’s all about cancelling anyone and everyone the second they have allegations agaisnt them, without even being sure of it, what happened to innocent until proven guilty ?


If a court ruling exonerates the defendant…without that judgement hinging on a legal technicality of dubious merit…and there being no other extant sub judice cases…the defendant should be viewed as proven innocent.


Blizz can choose to engage or not engage any freelancer they want.

People need to realise that corporations are risk averse and will take the lowest risk position on things like this. Theres literally no upside and only potential downside to them sticking with the guy.


Some of Velen’s newer lines are by a different VA… conversations during Quests sound… wrong.

I say historic creations should be left as is & only new, additional work be re-sourced, with as much work as needs to be done to minimise any loss of fidelity*.
*Yes that means Velen’s later (Argus?) lines ‘need work’.

If he was fired for false allegations then he should seek professional legal assistance on either suing Blizzard or the person who made false allegations.

Seems like he’s a freelancer so he could sue the person for loss of wages if Blizzard is willing to admit that these allegations played a role. It’s a tricky thing to prove.

If that’s not why he was fired then so be it.

Never look towards corporations and aspect them to do morally correct things.


im not 100% sure but wasnt swifty accused at some point and lost contact to blizz and got npc removed? what happened to him and his npc?


His NPC remains removed.

The big difference there through is Swifty’s allegations are not confirmed yet also not dismissed in the court of law. A judge ruling that you’re innocent should have prevented this.

But Blizzard acted way too fast in that case too. They removed his NPC within like 24 hours of the Twitter allegation.


But they do stick with certain people including other freelancers despite actual evidence, so the whole ‘lowest risk’ thing doesn’t exactly play out very well.


Judges rarely rule you are innocent, you are found not guilty.

Not the first time they’ve done this either, they did it to a streamer for allegations and took an NPC out of the game, they’ve done it to an overwatch voice actor for allegations I believe too & yet they have left a racist writer with loads of hard evidence of her racism all on social media’s npc in the game and still working for them :rofl:


Can you blame blizz though? Like seriously for a billion dollar company, the damage it could do is literally in the millions. Imagine how many articles, youtube vids, news outlets will be ready and waiting to cash in, and destroy the company reputation.For sure it sucks, but surely you’d want to cut ties quick to minimise the impact. I highly doubt the dude will even care, he’s been paid for his work. And will most likely get some form of compensation/contracted for x amount of future work.

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How does the new VA compare though? If quality is about the same and still sounds like Kael’thas, isn’t it better if they stick with the new guy going forward for consistency?

The quote means nothing to me.

I just said that innocent is rarely what a judge will rule. Normally you are found not guilty.

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Well then they’re declaring you as innocent, as you’re innocent until proven guilty and the judge is saying you’re definitively not guilty.

The judge also ruled that the accuser was guilty of harassment and stalking Flynn.

If that’s not being ruled as innocent then I don’t know what is.


It means they couldn’t prove it beyond a reasonable doubt. Not guilty does not necessarily mean innocent. Which is what I presume Drae was getting at but I’m tired.

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But they proved beyond a reasonable doubt that he was not guilty and that she was guilty.

I’m confused as to what your angle is here. He’s a victim of an obsessed stalker, this has been proven in court, it’s been proven in court that he did absolutely nothing wrong. He’s an innocent man.
I don’t like the implications here. “Well… I mean you’re not really innocent because judges can’t technically declare you as that”

So once you’re accused you’re forever “not innocent”? That’s the only alternative if a judge in the court of law not only denies the claims against you but rules in your favor against your accuser is not good enough to rule you innocent.


The law is not stating innocence, it’s a common misconception. It’s not inferring guilt either.

The case was not proven, that’s it. They failed to bring a convincing case to trial. There was a lack of evidence. Whatever.

However it’s neither here nor there in the long run. He’s not been found guilty, life carries on.

Blizzard have not stated why they replaced the voice over lines. I doubt they ever will.


crazy stalker trashes his reputation and i can guarantee blizzard still wont revert the change, they still havent added back the swifty npc in ashran either.

ive heard through the grapevine that a lot of blizz employees are of the twitter variety so this isnt suprising they are quick to crucify and slow to realise their mistakes.