Boomkin LF Mythic guild

Hi there,

I am currently a 222 boomkin with 2/10M and 1675 raider IO, looking for a mythic progression guild on Ravencrest (Will contemplate swapping servers if the guild is right) looking for 2 days a week pref wed/sun.

If you would like to talk my bnet is Markymoo#21411


Hello! Breakfast Raiders is a 3 day raiding guild on Thurs, Friday and Tuesday from 09:30-12:00 CET, currently wer 3/10M :slight_smile: if your interested check out
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Added you yesterday but no response, so here is our guild, contact us if interested! Extremely 3/10 mythic - 2 day raiding - ravencrest (alliance)

Still looking for a new home - see above post

Hello, i think we would fit what you are looking for. We are mostly a raiding guild, however, we do mythic+ and weekly pvp event as well and we are quite social. Our raid days are Wed and Sun from 20:00pm server time until 23:00pm for mythics and Friday from 20:00pm server time until 23:00pm for heroic community run. Please feel free to add my bnet Celaena#21320 for a chat or for any questions. The guild is called Primordial Knights and we are on Ragnaros.

Good morning Cayssaelin. Impending Doom {EU }H-Draenor is looking for solid ranged DPS for our Mythic progression team. Currently we are 5/10 M with plans on working towards CE. I’ve sent a Battle net invite, and our recruitment post is below. Hope to hear from you!

Hello there,
If you want a great place to call home please check out Nanotechs guild post!

We are a new guild with the core members 10/10 Heroic looking for all players to start the mythic Journey with us!

Hope to hear from you soon!

Hey Bud!

Come check us out! hope to speak soon

Hi Mark,

Would love to speak with you more.
Please have a read of our post below and if it interests you, please do add me on


Look forward to hearing from you.

yo m8 check us out , iv already added u on bnet lets have a talk
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Hello we are RX and we raid 9:45 pm server time to 12.30 Thursday and Sunday
If this is a good fit for you check us out at