Bring Your Friends and Take Wing with the Dragonflight Expansion Trial

Bring Your Friends and Take Wing with the Dragonflight Expansion Trial

We’re offering returning World of Warcraft players with active Game Time or Subscription access to all their characters so you can jump into Dragonflight together. Call your friends, rally your guild, and soar into the Dragon Isles!

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you should focus on getting new players instead of bringing the oldies back because they will come back if they want to , they all know how dragonflight changed the things they hate so if they don’t come , focus on new ones. make the game better for new players focus on helping their experience, that’s just my opinion.


You misunderstand how MMORPGs work. They live from both new and old players. Focusing only on the new players kills the old playerbase, focusing only on the old one kills potentially new playerbase.

Blizzard has to walk basically a thightrope-path all the time, so don’t complain that they do what they must to keep the game alive.

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yeah but they put dragonflight on sale and made it free for periods of time almost every months since launch so i get the idea and not against it but what i’m saying is , if they wanted to return, they would have by now so no need to make free sub trial version for them, they literally made a new trial version for old players with expansion. sounds like a waste of time for me because the ones who want to try buy the expansion with sales already. idk if you checked the whole topic but they spent energy on this. i hope it works tho.

They wont. They burnt players 2 expansions in a row, its going to take time before players beleive things have changed permanently.

WoW did what everyone thought would be the doom of WoW. Launched 2 bad expansions back to back and it did alot of damage.

To die on a hill arguing azerite gear is whst players want while theyre screeching for its deletion. To follow up with dying on anothrr concerning covenants wont be swallowed quickly.

Yoy are correct in a sense tho, i dont forsee their return this expansion. Now theyve corrected the path, the next expansion needs to bold and massive.

yeah but people know that this expansion is just like they wanted, so they’d return already, i also think that next expansion might bring them back too but i really don’t think blizzard should take actions to make them return from now on

I never wanted to play DF but I got a month just to try the campaign and leave again so I don’t have to buy the expansion. It works for me.

Give out the expansion for free and some of us Classic players may consider playing it. I am not gonna give money to buy a retail expansion when it is full of things that made me quit in the first place. Give it out for free and i might try it out and maybe i will like it maybe i wont.

Phase 3 is coming up soon and oh boy us raid loggers dont have much to do when the raid takes 1h to clear. Maybe we could try DF. Maybe we will keep our sub up during phase 3 to play DF while we wait for ICC

Edit: I heard good things about this expansion but i dont thrust blizzard, a trial is not cuting it. Everyone knows that it is the endgame that counts.

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…if they want to ?

No, that’s not how old players are coming back to a game. They come back IF the game got improved, aka better. In this case, WoW is getting worst and worst with every expansion released under Ion’s belt.

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No they know blizzard folded.

But its like the ring, players jumped the gun screaming borrowed power immediately. Im afraid most players are expecting blizzard to 180 into old habits and end up wasting our time.

Eh, woulda agreed with yoy prior DF. More a case if they can reverse the damage to the brand name after all the ordeals.

And thst aint only about the game.

  • dev communication for 4 years was non existant.

  • players left feeling alienated by stupid hills they created to die on.

  • over complicating everything on a continous cycle.

  • office walks out / employee crisis.

  • their good old inspection based on how women were treated at work.

That ofcourse doesnt mean everythings answered this expansion either. Mages have been reachkng out a while. Spriests rework had allt of feedback ignored.

They cant implement every player created idea no one expects em too. But a mere aknowledgement would be nice so we can visually see blizzard are reading feedback and we know why things havent chsnged in directions.

well it got better for them, blizz got rid of everything old players hated so there’s no reason for them to not come back unless they don’t want to.

i personally don’t think df is good and i love shadowlands more but i’m in a minority on this

Let me check hmm.

LFR still in the game
LFG still in the game
Community still dead
Difficulty levels still in the game
Boring faceroll leveling still present
Proffesions still useless
Seasonal gameplay still present
Powercreep still insane
Class fantasy nonexistend

I dont know looks like lot of stuff what old but also new players hate are still in the game.


lfr has no negative affect on the game.

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Lol. I dont think anyone rly cares about vast majority of any of those reasons.

Oh yes it does and people have been saying this since it was inmplemented into the game. So now you know why people did not come back it had nothing to do with borrwed powers or any other nosense you come up with it. People will come back when moder game will adop classic like physolophie again.

hahahah one more classic andy, no. retail will never be like classic because that’s not how games work in 2023. retail should go further not back.


Physolophie of classic is what makes mmorpg and mmorpg. Moder wow have nothing to do with being MMO thats why people quiting. Its not game they want to play they want to play mmo and retail is not mmo.

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They used to do these in the past, great to see them back again!

Classic doesnt sell anymore. Gamers have changed. And any game thats attempted to return to that era has flopped.

WoW classic sells well, because its WoW classic.

Nostalgia plays a huge part in that.

Sure, if you bring back original Garrosh Sylvanas dialogue in Silverpine Forest I’ll also bring back friends