Buff X45 Heartbreaker MORE

I don’t really understand why people say “it’s not rare/special anymore!” when things get buffed.

If you got it before the buff, you have the achievement to prove it, no?

Let others get nice stuff too. It’s been too rare for 15 years. It’s about time it gets it’s dropchance increased, for every kill, so we actually have a faie chance at getting it.

I got Galleon before the world bosses buff, somehow. I am glad everybody can now get it within a few months, and don’t have to farm for a year or more. 1/2000 wasn’t fair. And 1/3333, 15 days a year, ESPECIALLY NOT.

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that’s not what I said tho? I guess you’re even worse at writting comprehension than you’re at maths :joy: :joy:

but here Ill clarify it for you - I said, the chance to get a mount, during the event, if drop rate was 1%, would be 14%. not 14% per try, 14% per event. is it clear enough? I dont think if I can break it down any further.

damm how can he ever recover from it?

:joy: :joy: :joy: put on your clown hat and get back in circus

Stop bickering about math, this isn’t school.

Point of the post is that the drop chance is too low for something only available for 15 days a year.

You don’t have to completely math it out, infact, you can’t, because we’re still only guessing at what dropchance those first kills have.

What we have seen however is that it is in no way near 1%, or we would’ve seen a lot more drops by now.

Just look at how many people got the Sha of Anger mount on their first kills after the buff happened. I would guess that dropchance to be 1% with near certaincy, up from a 0.04%.

Heartbreaker is nowhere near that still, and it is frustrating, because this farm has existed for 15 years at this ridiculous drop chance, and 80% or more of the people actively farming it will tell you it is awful to farm and that they made more alts specifically to farm this mount.

It’s not reasonable and it needs a bigger buff.

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Well… Another day of this trash GG

It is really frustrating cause i genuinely do not care about collection, I actually want it cause i always thought its cool and never cared for its rarity. Looks like its another year of wasting time leveling alts and waiting on dungeon timeout and rotating between all 36 character. When things involve RNG i know its done for me, my account is cursed and i’m at a point where i do believe theres a hidden luck stat… all my drop rolls are 40 or bellow, Shackled Ur’zul at 600 attempts, 18 characters a week = nothing.

Now this is RNG and only 14 attempts? Yeah no shot. I’m just so beyond frustrated right with the lack of communication or acknowledgment of this, they just threw this pathetic fix and ran off after telling us to “wait for next year” in 2022.

Every time I see “we hear you” I know it’ll follow up with more bull.


If they had simply communicated with us months before the event started (And I tried, I had made multiple posts before 2023 even on PTR forums asking what the changes would be) they would’ve known that this wasn’t the buff we were looking for.

This didn’t fix the main problem of “it’s not fun to run this with alts for a insanely low drop” because we’re still doing that. The odds that you get it in the 15 “increased” tries a year are still way too low.

And -if- they are going to buff it again, I wouldn’t be suprised if have to wait yet another year.

Just feels like we got screwed over, really.


My mom once told to channel my anger and frustration into something else, Here i am.


At least lol. If this “great increase” that we got is the “fix” they had in mind since last year, when they stated they would look into reworking this event, it will be at least 3-4 years before anything else substantial is done, if ever.

such a mood 10/10

I asked a friend who works as an assistant professor at a Dutch university (in the field of statistics). Here is what he told me, in regards to the drop rates (MATH WARNING):

"An increase from 22.28 % to 23.04% considering the event to get the item at least once.

before the update: Probability of zero items: 0.9997^(60 times 14), so 1-0.9997^(60 times 14) is the chance to get one or more. This is equal to 22.28%

after the update: Zero items: 0.9997^(59 times 14) times 0.999^(1 times 14). One or more is 1-0.9997^(59 times 14) times 0.999^(1 times 14) = 23.04 %"

The above is based on doing all 840 attempts, so 60 characters per day for 14 days (which is what I’m doing). It is also assuming the “great increase” was to 0.1% up from 0.03% drop chance (for 1 char per day), which many have theorized is the case, based on the data we now have.

So this “great increase” was exactly as marginal and useless as I suspected.

What a god damn joke!


This hurts my brain, but I don’t doubt that there is some truth about this.
It really feels like nothing got changed, at all

The fact that they call this a “great increase” either means they are completely inept and incapable of performing math and assigning it to their loot tables properly OR they are being intentionally vague and not giving out numbers, because it’s easier to just dangle the illusion of a carrot in front of people and hope for the best.

Honestly disgusting wording in that blue post which addressed this update, considering the change garnered the people who farm on all their alts less than 1% increased chance.

Praying we can get a buff for the last week of the event.

There’s multiple posts about the drop chance now and a lot of the comments agree that the drop chance is too low, and that only buffing the 1st kill pretty much does nothing for collectors.

Buff it for every kill, don’t let us wait another year. Please.

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Yeah I’m not holding my breath on that one, everyone on twitter is posting theirs and the devs love twitter so much so i doubt this will happen as they’ll just think it needs no change… the usual.


all confirmed kills on the forum and for such a small community that uses the forums now , there is no doubt it has gone up a little.
dont forget less then 3% of the EU playerbase even use the forums.

After i got mine last year i screamed then quickly felt numb and relief after 50 kills per day for as long as i could steaming back to first event.

I hope people get it but they cant rise it to high else it become’ s a nothing mount just like Sha has or increase the rate and take away the FoS. Even make it buyable for tokens.


Another day nothing.


Kaloyan too, he even made a thread about it while mentioning it’s his early bday present as well. :smile:

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Just because the <1% of people that own this mount, and not even all of those, would complain about their bragrights being taken away with a buff, doesn’t mean we should stop a buff from happening.
This mount shouldn’t be so ridiculously rare when only available for 15 days a year. It’s not fair to anyone.

Grats to the people winning the lottery, but I think it’s about time this mount gets buffed up to 1% per kill. It’s been long and tedious enough.

And if Blizzard has to remove the FoS to do that, feel free to do that, just give us the buff before the end of this years event.

We just want to be done with this hell.

No chance in hell this will happen. It took them over a year to come up with this ingenious idea of “GREATLY” increasing the drop for 1 character per account per day.