Burning Crusade Classic Realm Consolidation August 10

To add to this, would this restriction include paid character transfer? I would prefer to have all my characters on one server regardless of faction. It would also seem a little unfair if some players can get both factions on the same PvP server via free transfer when others can’t if the free transfer isn’t available for a particular server. Thanks :slight_smile:

I am sorry to hear you cancelled your sub, I had looked forward to meeting you after the mergeing.


Do you know if most of the Celebras Players will move to Hydraxian Waterlords?

I know that my “main bubble” does not speak english and was therefore only willing to pay for a sub because there was a german RP realm. I expect they definetly do not move to an english realm, more likley to one of those which start with “pr” and end with “ivate” cough

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Well, my sub is acive until the end of august anyway :grin: It`s still a long time.
I just want to see how everything works out. I was only playing due to my small bubble, and my small bubble does not speak english. i expect that my current “main” contacts all quit wow.

On top, there is a lot of stuff going on behind the scenes in my real live. I am active with animal welfare, i take care of a lot sick and old pets - which are more sick then usual right now.
on top, a friend fall sick, not curable. With another one (friends with for 20 years) i had to cut contact.
There are lot of emotions going on right now, do not expect me to make rational decisions… :sweat_smile: :innocent: :see_no_evil: :neutral_face:

I would like to meet you, too, and there is time left at least until the end of august :wink:

I think i actually saved my char names, which is one of the problems, they exit already on several realms :see_no_evil: But if i remember correctly, back then i had two bnet accounts active, and they are on the other account… sigh

But to reactive the account without any “time inbetween” without active sub, is easy possible in my case. :wink: I just do not want to end up with a 6 month sub and realizing i do not play anymore. I did this for years now, and i am not willing to do it anymore :blush: :angel:

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I have signed an NDA so I can not say who where but I can say that a big chunk of Alliance and Horde RP from Celebras would instead be split between Razorfen and Lakeshire.
Reason in most cases is:“If we wanted to play on an EN RP Realm we would have done this from the start and not fought 3 Months to get Celebras!”.


Thanks… was my information, too. :slight_smile:

I just thougth i had missed something :wink:

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Great news i could kiss someone :slight_smile:


I am of course happy after the recent news because we are allowed to keep Hydraxian Waterlords (the English RP-PvE server), but I feel extremely sad for the - actually bigger - German RP community on Celebras, who still stands to be losing their home. And also the Zandalarian Tribers who lose their RP-PvP server.
Is it too much to ask for all three of them being kept alive?

And if only one. I do actually think that Celebras deserves the honour of being that one. They fought hard for this server to be made at all, and they have a more active and more role-playing community than either Hydraxian Waterlords or Zandalari Tribe.

Note. Cross-posting from the US forums.


All RP servers deserve to stay. Small as they may be, they are ecosystems with different play styles and atmospheres. These servers thrive not only on their players, but also on the characters and roles that thrive and grow there (including names!).

Keeping only one RP server would result in at least six factions on the remaining server instead of the natural two, which cannot be called a “healthy population”. Not that I wouldn’t be happy to have three times as many roleplayers around, the more the merrier (!) and I’m sure we could find a common denominator, but it’s not necessary when we have the chance to protect these three environments.

Sometimes it’s “class not mass” - and we all have our own individual class that deserves to survive.


I understand the frustration from ZT and Celebras players. But mostly I am happy that at least one RP server will survive.
And I can say that we will gladly welcome all RP refugees in our HW family.
I think problems can be solved. Although open wold PVP is something different, I am sure RP-PVP events can be organized. For the german speaking RP community there is the option of Subchannels in German language or special events.
Of course it would be better if all three realms stayed active but I have the hope that we can unite all willing RPers in one realm that would also be a little bigger then (to prevent it from being closed the next time blizz plans an action like this).


Thank you… :smiling_face: :heart:
But you deserve your realm just as much :heart:

Problem is, that there probably won`t be many willing from Celebras… :confused:

I doubt that this does happen again. I am rather sure, that the realm is still, even if all players from all realms would unite, way to tiny and would be usually closed.

They probably decided, to leave one realm for the roleplayers, and will stick with it :slight_smile:

There were a lot of players claiming that we can forget it and will loose our RP realm, because “Blizzard does not care what the players want”.
I told them, they do, we just might not always happy with it, but within reason, they problably reconsider their decision - if they realize, that there ARE actually players who prefer a smaller realm and would prefer to keep ther tiny RP community

And here we are, with Hydraxian Waterlords… :slight_smile:


Well said! You just opened a whole other can of worms! Devs, if you truly had the World of warcraft spirit you would understand that within RP servers, its a completely different game!
I beg of you to leave the RP alone

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Well said! You just opened a whole other can of worms! Devs, if you truly had the World of warcraft spirit you would understand that within RP servers, its a completely different game!
I beg of you to leave the RP alone

I have to retract my words. It is not funny. It is sad. Not really surprising but still sad.

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Yes we are. Because of Server Closure they will in WotLK remove like in Retail the Serverlimit for Characters so for me it would be dream as I would be able to RP 50 characters if just Celebras would survive.

That particular news came later than this post.:innocent:
I think two things about this change. First I think: I like it! Then my #NoChange heart screams: “But it was not in Wrath!” I would have meen happy with the number of slots being raised to 12 or 15. This “Retail measure” clashes with the Sporit of Classic :tm:

I think one reason was, that,players who played on several realms that are now deleted, can move all characters to one realm

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Oh, yes. I’m sure this is the reason. I see the logic, but still I don’t really like it. It’s not the true Classic way :wink:
But then - I know - I’m one of the very few persons being bothered by small changes and discrepancies like this. I really, really would like Classic - all 3 expansions - to be as close as humanly possible to how it was.

I am more bothered by the Barbershopextension then by the characterlimit. Because I personally do not see if someone has only 10 characters or 50 and so I can at least have enough characters for TBC and WotLK concepts. But with Barbershop they can maybe bring in styles that are not like the Classic world I used to know.

That and people being able to mount on board ships! are /will be some of the big visual immersion breakers :wink:
I get you, but the character select screen is also WOW :wink: I will get used to it.

i like that you even thought of opening up the character transfers back :slight_smile:

Let’s hope that the English RP community comes together again :slight_smile:

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