Burning Crusade Classic Realm Consolidation August 10

But you can already mount on ships. The difference that WotLK made whas given ships people on it iirc.

Yes you can mount on ships and have been able to since day one in Classic which is wrong. For long … I’m not sure exactly how long, you could neither mount in Booty Bay, nor aboard ships (except for on those big boxes). Booty Bay was declared “outdoors” and thus mount-able with Wrath, and ships at a later date iirc.

Booty Bay is still declared indoors and historical it is considered Outdoors since Wrath.
Oh and you are kind of right with Ships. I think they changed it because it whas so arbitrary.
Source: _https://www.engadget.com/2008-08-12-mounts-now-welcome-in-booty-bay.html?guccounter=1

Hmm, I read it as they say that BB will be Outdoors in Wrath, but that ships strangely are still indoors - only not the crates, just as I remember it.

If you follow the link to “outdoors” https://wowwiki-archive.fandom.com/wiki/Outdoors you’ll see the crates on transport ships being spoken of as a glitched area, where you can mount even if you were not supposed to. And they say that Entangling Roots can be used indoors as of patch 3.0.2, proving that mounting on ships came later than mounting in Booty Bay.

The transfer restriction, as well as the restriction on both factions on PvP realms, as well as the single-realm character limit have all now been lifted.


Please do something for Ashbringer.


Please post a list of PvE realms for free transfers as promised


When will the Free transfer TO Hydraxian Waterlords come out? It is not there yet.

Thanks for the information :slight_smile:

(looks at her world time converter) I hope, you could write this from home and did`t have to sit in the office so long :o

As Vanillataur mentioned: Hydraxian Waterlords is not yet available as target realm.
I still doubt that many players (if at all any) from Celebras will move, but for the english community… :slight_smile:


Maybe we could declare HW a bilingual realm, where German and English are both accepted in general chat, trade … in short all over?


Personally i don`t care about such changes. :see_no_evil:
Minor changes are ok, IMHO.

I`d rather keep my RP realm at all… and a TBCC era realm.
Im a rather nostalgic person :see_no_evil:

When I think of Classic, I think of a lot of world RP, world RP-PVP…
When i think of TBCC, i think additionally on my little raid guild.

I tried to raid 40 person raids in classic, 3,4 times and stopped it. It just didn`t work. I am single sided deaf, and i always have issues due to my deafness to listen to people. After half of the raid, i always got terrible headache…

But in TBCC, i found a small, nice, friendliy guild… raiding without TS (our guild leader, Z. always said, TS is not necessary. He had the reputation as being one of the best, if not the best warrior tank on our realm…).

I raided regularly, when the “main raider” had their equip (we had some min maxer and some really good dps and healer in our guild).

During the raids, we had so much fun (though it was difficult to keep my guild mates from trying to eat my moonkin :smiley: “Oh, our Raid food joined today again…” grrrr :smiley: )

Our guild lead was so great, he always got out of his way to make sure, everyone had the chance to see and get everything

E…g this hat in the “höhlen der Zeit” (Caverns of Time? :thinking:) if you used it, the hat would summon some ghost wolves…
One afternoon, he asked if everyone had this hat.
I was like: hat???
SOme minutes later, i and someone else found ourselves in a group with him and some other people. I don`t know how often he did this dungeon that day to make sure, as many people as possible would get this fun item… :slight_smile:

Similar when i got my epic flight form…
I did the quest chain that day, and i knew, i would have to do the heroic dungeon. That i, and my equipment wouldn´t be good enough for it, and i would have to aske one day in the guild to help me. Not that i doubt they wouldn´t do it, but i hate if i have to ask for help and know, i am not a help at all (too bad for the content). I tought, i just would wait until the end of the expansion, and then ask if someone would go with me… or maybe the next one, when my equip would be way better.
However, the same day we were talking in the guild chat what we did this day and iw as like “did the quest chain, so much fun”
and he: “did you do the dungeon already?”
and i was like: “no, will do it later”
Later… :smiley: :see_no_evil:
Seconds later i found myself with him and one of our guild healder in a group, plus some dps i´ve never seen before. The instruction was. “stay behind, don`t pull anything, we do the rest”…
needles to say, my little owl got her epic flight form that afternoon…

Rest in peace, Z… :broken_heart: :broken_heart: :broken_heart:

Briefly after he passed away, Wrath was announced. The 10 man raids… i am rather sure, he would have loved it. We always had issues donig the 25man raids, and other raids were only willing to team up with us, because Z. was that good.

My guild didn`t make it through Wrath, and fell apart, but I still like to remember that time.

Btw- one good example that Blizzard and the GM always did their best to do the player a favor.
One of my guild mates, who was befriended with Z. in RL, tried to get his account data from the gm (what obviously did not work).
Instead, the GM promised he would move the Character to Z. favorite place in game (a small beach with a hut, only reachable if you swam a long way).
And he did!!
Everytime, you logged in and checked the list who was online, you would see his char with the zone with his favorite place… :hearts:


yep, this sword havent dropped whole year… :frowning_face:

Probably the celebras player would outnumber currently the english players, so that we would turn HW in a german realm-

That`s not fair, too (and i think most of us wouldn´t want it)


exactly! i wouldn’t feel comfortable to be in “my own german bubble of players” because it would split the realm community and it doesn’t sound healthy but sooner or later it would come to that point, i think :confused:

this is why we need to keep celebras!


I know that place! I often go there, now I won’t ever go there without thinking of Z :broken_heart: he reminds me of a GL I once knew, doing a raid … afterwards telling us: If you had done A instead of B, and you had done X earlier then … this would not have happened. And he carried me to kill the lurker below when it was the only trhing I needed for Salty, same as you I hated asking for help, and do not use TS (now no Discord).
I too miss theGuilds, the spirit and the GMs of then. I am also a rather nostalgic person … and I never heard of that hat from Caverns of Time either.

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I just want to say it one more time:

I really, really appreciate that Blizzard listend to the RP community and decided to leave one RP open :hearts: :hearts: :hearts: :hearts: :hearts: :hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

However, my bubble does not want to play on an english realm, and i do understand them.
For them nothing changed.
If i was in a better mental health, i might be more willing to start from scratch and rebuild a little bubble with friends.

Currently, I do not have the strength (beside visiting Vanillataur at least once :wink: )

Maybe i am so flashed by the HW community that i would stay, but i would have to give up once more my bubble.
I am so tired of it…

But this doesn`t mean i am not grateful for Hydraxian Waterlords. :hearts:

Therefore: Thank you, Blizzard :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


You sure would! This is why I find it bloody iunjust that Celebras is not the one left to live!
I would be fine with you “taking over” and as I have not seen one single protest from remaining HW players, I think sadly that they either do not care, or have already planned to move out.

Yup Keep Celebras - else please invade HW !


Oh, thank you… :hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :hearts:

I think we both would fit really well together :blush:


Could you please tell the Devs that if only one RP realm should be allowed to survive, then Celebras should have the honour!
I did not fight for the RP realms just to see them die!


Does that include moving characters between accounts?