Can we Get a Blue Response to TBCC WOW Token :)

I would really like to hear what Blizzard has to say about the appearance of a wow Token in Store for TBCC.

Trying not to overreact but Every warning most of the content creators have been giving suddenly seems so close to reality right now.

This is a really bad line to cross …its gone from #nochanges to #somechanges to #Letsretailclassiccontent

My six month sub is due and I think Im gonna pay month by month now …Not liking the direction at all


Not gonna hear anything today I’m afraid. They never reply on weekends.

They never reply on week days either.


What would earn them more $? Productintegrity seems irrelevant to them when compared to $…


Hate to break it to you folks who seem to live in a little bubble, but the company will do whatever it wants in order to generate or maximise profits. It’s not some lefty communist formation non-for-profit etc , it’s a real company with real shareholders.

Product integrity? It’s a game, they can literally do anything they want to it. The only metric that matters is the bottom line. I need a bubble emoji…


Not sure what you are ranting about, my point was that the only metric they cared about was $ just like you said?

If adding store mounts, bis-gear, character boosts or whatever nets them more $ than they potentionally could loose by classic community unsubbing/going to privateservers, they will do it. And yes it’s a game, great clarification noone needed. And yes ofc they can do whatever they want with it. It’s their product. And no, I detest both leftists and communists, not sure where that came from…

I’m just stating the facts from my pov. It makes for more realistic expectations.

Edit: And yea regarding wow classics integrity, from my pov it’s about delivering a classic experience. Turning it in retail crap would ruin that.


They will say nothing until they announce it. If they genuinely have no intention of putting this in the game they would stamp out the rumour pretty quick. Right now they’re just seeing how this plays out… and when you look at all the various WoW sites, it seems there’s not much of a fuss about it.


Blizzard already ruined the TBCC hype with P2W boosts. WOW Tokens would be a crossing-line step for many players.

Seems like apparently the unexpected success of the Classic edition release is going to be its doom. Blizzard will monetize it hardly with absolutely no respect to #nochanges thoughts. Through these steps you can feel they just dont care at all about the philosophy of the early game. They even dont get the point why this game was so great in the beginnings and why we, players, wanted this back.

The magic of the love to Warcraft lore and fantasy games, the soul that the former creaters gave this wonderful game… is just gone… eaten by money-hungry Activision.

#Nochanges? No, dont be silly. Blizzard updated it to… #Noonecares.


58 level boost is not p2w

Well they ruined retail and killed every other game they made so far.Overwatch might still be breathing but connected to a life support.Rest?Long gone and neglected,so no idea why are people surprised of these things happening to classic WoW

You CANT have what once you had.It just cant happen,things will change for better or worse.It will never be like it was.


It has already been done multiple times on privateservers…


How are private servers same like vanilla…what…

Hate to breake it to you but pissing of your customers is not conducive to making money.


The p2w boost is p2w


Ofc the boost is P2W. You can literally skip 58 levels. Hundreds of hours of time spent doing the same tiresome quests. You can do everything better at max level. You can farm more gold (a lot), you can PvP (gl doing that in lower levels without being a twink), you can get end-game raid gear. It quite literally is P2W unless you try to argue that durr getting to max level and farming your BiS gear isn’t winning. I mean, it quite literally is the point of the game for most people.


Have you for real never heard of or seen vanilla/tbc/wrath privateservers?

Edit: Well they do exist, and seem to work just fine without a cash-shop to skip content etc.


what do you win then?

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Power ofcourse.


The gear you get with the 58 boost is worse than what you’d get just by levelling normally, so the idea that you’ve ‘won’ by being worse than other level 58s is pretty silly.

You have to be able to demonstrate how boosting a character to 58 gives you an advantage that you can’t get without spending money.


When i leveled my shaman i got gank multiple times by players in full booster gear. If you are going to tell me those players could beat me in a fight if they came straight out of mulgore or where ever when i was in the 40/50 range, you are beyond reasoning.
The only reason they were killing me instead of hacking at quilboars in the barrens was because they swiped their credit card.

If you think otherwise all i can say is remember to wipe the droll off your keyboard at regular intervals.


The gear they were using would have been worse than what they could have attained in-game, so you’ve not demonstrated that they had an advantage that they couldn’t get without paying.