Can we get new servers?

Blizzard won’t ban the streamers who abused layering the last 3 weeks and destroyed the economy and any possibility for honest players to be competitive. So the best idea would be to let the abusers stay on the old realms and make new realms without layering where the whole game isn’t destroyed in the first 3 weeks. Full reset isn’t possible because streamers wouldn’t allow Blizzard to do it, so this would be the only option.

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  1. noone will reroll on those servers
  2. the biggest abusers of layers are definitely not the streamers
  3. why arent you posting with your classic character?
  4. open world layer hopping is not against the rules
  5. you overestimate the longterm inpact to the economy
  6. yes layering sucks and should have never been a thing
  7. in two month from now noone will care anymore

I will reroll. A fresh pve server sounds fantastic.


There would be alot of people rolling on a no layering server. Enough to have a filled world without layering.

Probably true, but atleast theynonstreamers get banned (hopefully).

Wouldn’t change anything.

What are the rules? There weren’t rules against instance layering either. The inrent wasn’t fo hop layers to get 10k Black Lotus by now. It’s ckearly an exploit. They even saud layering without cooldiwn wasn’t intendet.

No, i’m not. There are people with over 100k gold in mats.


Yeah, because noone beside a few abusers, blizzdrones and streamers will play it anymore. If this was a private server people would rate it trash tier. So many bugs, so many things that shouldn’t be in the game. Blizzard has a chance to turn thing around but they will probably just listen to streamers.


I am totally with you that there are waaaaaay too man bugs… there are atleast 3 gamebreaking druid bugs alone… no word on it from Blizzard yet.

I always see people posting that there are players with thousands of black lotus and arcane crystals and gold and devilsaur leather and so on. Yet I havent seen one single piece of credible evidence…

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And how exactly is that a problem? There isn’t gold in the economy to “cash out” that Black Lotus. And when more people start hitting 60 and gearing up for raids, those lotuses will sell alongside the ones people would gather normally around the world. Or they won’t sell them and instead stickpile them for aq40/naxx progression (as if there’s gonna be a “progression” for those people, it’s all dead day 1, so like 3-4 flasks/person lol)
Either way I am yet to see how them having a bank full of lotus and arcane crystals impacts an average player?

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oh dont you worry

there will be time when forums will be flooded with whining about devilosaurs mafia

Can u share these druid bugs to list em voa report ?

So would I - but not one with a population of 10 to 15 times the population of Retail (as it is now - I did a check yesterday) . We have ONE PvE esserver where retail has roughly the same population spread over eleven PvE servers and bigger maps and half of those at level 120 - I have the numbers here:
We need more servers.

I’m not afraid of dead servers in a distant future, I’m afraid of ppl quitting here and now because of so much overpopulation it’s just not fun anymore.

  • Questing ruined – big time - when everything is dead you either cannot kill mobs you need or are killed by them all respawining on top of you
  • Eceonomy ruined – not a big one for me, but ppl posting things on AH below vendor price is ridiculous
  • Vanilla feeling ruined – Because the world is not big and dangerous.
    Only ones happy are those runnning dungeons all the time.

I’d reroll on a fresh server in a heartbeat.


come to Judgement-EU - we have Medium pop and its all good. BUT the AH is still kinda dead since people are not there yet, they are farming for epic mounts and hitting lvl 60 still. So the AH is uncorrupted and ready to go as soon as more people utilize it.

Not sure where you currently are in terms of lvling, but my questing was always fine.
As for the economy, did you think stuff would sell for 50s, when vendor price is 1s 44c in the START? Actually saw 20 linen up for 99c the 4th day.
At 40 the world gets smaller cause mount! If you’re playing horde I suggest you play Alliance, to see how dangerous it is.
Good luck out there.

Streamers should stay alone with their non brain guildies fighting each other, this would be amazing. they’re usually boring people nonetheless so…

Meanwhile the legit peeps in their own server without exploit shet and gossip juvenile drama.

I feel sorry for the realm that are being affected, truly. I got even upset about it, I dont even know why I care that much about the health of the classic’s community, Im not very found of new blizz to begin with nowadays.
I guess its for the old good times, or im just getting old and daddy

Very much doubt we will see any new servers while we currently have 3 that stay medium - low

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I would also join a fresh server with no layering


economy isnt ruined just because certain things are overfarmed and not in high demand

First, yes they all should be banned or at least rerolled, but those streamers plays 12hour ewch day so u wont staz competitive either way

I would reroll ona fresh pvp realm with no migration available


all of this is pointless because blizzard cannot even fill up serers they already have and people are already leaving game en masse :slight_smile:

the way they abused the layering means they actually crashed the market because there is not much demand for the materials but there is a huge overload of items, which in turn means all there items will be a lot cheaper than they should be.

You need to learn more about economy supply/demand controls market price [ (low demand/high supply=low prices) high demand/low supply=high prices) ]