Can we get new servers?

  1. Migth be, but Demo and Stress tests were now.
  2. Forget the AH-thing, plz.
  3. i said “Hurry to 60” … and / in order to … insert words that are meaningful in your head … “run dungeons and sell / buy things.” Not that you actually did so at level 20 or thereabouts. It was hypothetical, a thing to tell you that people do indeed NOT enjoy the same things. And this is one of the things I love about Vanilla and now Classic. Nobody holds your hand, tells you where to go, how to do this and that etc. We can play however we want to.
    I want to have fun levelling, not level to have fun.
    Have a nice journey

wrong new server opening up.

ok its a Spanish one but its still a new server :slight_smile:

I also think we will get a new server just before phase 2 to help solve the problem of removing layers as the drop in people playing wont be as big as expected, people are in general loving classic.

Earthshaker is 55% horde, we need more alliance, pop is healthy, doing mc and ony pugs,alot of lvl 60 players.

wowpop. appspot. com/realms/earthshaker
You can check pop here!

Tell me, what happens when those med/high realms then start having a little queue?

People go to the next realm without queue.

having ~300-500 players in queue isn’t bad, it’s not even an issue.

The issue is the 4-12k queues that plague a lot of realms.

Aaaand as per what I wrote above, we’re back to my solution working.

The idea of FCM is to control where the over population goes as well as relieve the realm that they are leaving. If people could go anywhere it would just make a secondary realm over populated and have queues. It’s just not possible to give people free reign on where they want to go.

If a good chunk of people from the busy realms had taken FCM then the new realms wouldn’t be perceived as being quiet. FCM is always one of those things players want but they want other players to take it. I can totally understand why someone wants to risk staying put and not move. However they have offered the option.

Sadly until we have paid transfers there is no player option to choose a destination. The AMA seemed to indicate that this wouldn’t be something they’d offer until more players had reached 60.

FCM is up again soon.


I mean, it’d depend on the population of the other realms.

What’s the point in releasing a new English realm, if the others are low-medium.

In Blizzard’s PoV, it’d be a waste of money.

problem is the layers are messing the real numbers up,

I think blizzard is hoping around a 3rd of the player base goes back to retail / quits / plays not very often so that when layers are removed theres no need for new servers.

I bet they are wrong and when layers are removed new servers will have to be offered.

Yeah, that’s the thing though.

Nobody will want to go to these new realms, especially if they’re already established in that community.

The only people I can consider going to these realms would be players that haven’t really done much in that realm imo.

Similar to how we still got full realms, nobody wants to swap.

I woul reroll too. Forfeiting a broken class isnt so hard

and that’s the rub off it, if the new server / servers had been released sooner instead of dragging it out, balance would be better now.

I do think 1 more pvp / pve server should be released asap, made for people to reroll on / server without layers to gather up all the unhappy peeps, the current FCM is a step in the right direction too.

all we need is around 4/5k people on a server for it to feel full , so if the new servers ended up with that at the start it would be perfect, just make the new servers layerless from the start.

I am really worried the queues for the peeps on the full servers will be crazy once layers gone and don’t want to see the player base leave due to not getting into game, a healthy classic is what we all want.

It doesn’t matter if they open new servers, Spanish or otherwise, as long as they allow transfers in it won’t anything to restore the integrity in the game.

Significant portions of the 60 demographic have used or benefited from at least some degree of exploiting along the way.


I personally believe that players would be able to sort it out through simple human nature (impatience). Besides, if we humor your idea that it’ll make everything go haywire…

That just means we’re keeping the status quo. AKA it isn’t a bigger problem if they try and fail. We already have the worst possible problem, so it can’t get worse. :stuck_out_tongue:

FCM being up again soon won’t change much since people are still either staying (evidently) or waiting for an opportunity to join friends (aka my solution or paid xfers).

My personal experience with the queues only extend to Gehennas really, since that’s where I play, but… We’ve seen an improvement in the weekdays where the queue is excessive from 4.30 pm cest to 9.30 pm cest - from there it trickles out and around 11.00-11.30 pm it’s usually completely gone (but the server is still on High obviously) - meaning the FCM has helped a tiny bit there (or people decided that they’ve had enough weeks without sleep so I can now sleep from when I’ve eaten dinner till midnight where others go to sleep, then play till I gotta go to work if I want a proper gaming night.)

In the weekends it’s still absolutely ridiculous and if you don’t wake up early you’re not playing, usually.

Most streamers are on US servers, i dont see how it can affect us here.

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