Can you make the weekly loot 421 for 18+ instead of 20+ in m+.,

getting in to a 20+ weekly is like never happening can you lower the boring weekly farm down to 18+ instead of 20+. people only take 2700+ rating not 2400 and people whom has done the key. Been afk trying to get in to Shadowmoon 20+ since 12 lunch time yestoday just repetitive decline train keeps going. THis is not fun.

I just find it astounding how we can go from Shadowlands S4 which was fun in to a garbage season which only melee is wanted, and or premade rating 2700+

making 20+ give highest reward is bad for wow shouldn’t be about that.

They should lower it to 18+ for vault atlest.

many people have quit making this the 2nd worst expack ever released. No one wants to do lower under 20+ keys now with this bad implement.


Sounds like the real problem is that +20 SBG is equivalent to a +16 ruby life pools


no the real problem is their tuneing is so boring that i want to comit suicide

been sitting getting declined for 3 days straight

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Have you ever come across a standard you haven’t tried to lower?

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i need 421 to get done with game.

this season is garbage and blizzard dont nerf their dungeons


No, you want it. Big difference.


Need to get done with the s so i can take a break.

this game just gives me depression since blizzard dont listen.


“Man I hate this and complain everyday but I gotta max it out!”



Complain because their tuning and class balance compared to Shadowlands is none exsistance

its melee craft with swirls


Maybe it’s been designed that way on purpose.

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Can you also give us max ilvl in heroic and not mythic raid please? Actually no, give max ilvl from WQs :clown_face:

421 is the equivalent to Dathea and Kurog. If you aint good enough for it then thats on you.

Doing a +18 is merely putting you 3 ilvl lower. Thats perfectly acceptable. You dont need it handed to you.

As Deja said. You want it. Not need it. And every class/spec can do every dungeon on a 20.

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You are simply not a good enough player and that’s fine. Lower your standards. You are free to not have that 421 gear and simply be happy with the +18 rewards. Harder difficulties award better gear, it has always been like that and that’s good design.

priest is not meta. i bet they wanna faceroll with mele combo.
and you can reroll your key in +18 to shadow and then inv people for +2. and play your 20.
so i would do this like. but i dont care about 20+. normal people dont have gear for this right now. and to many trash dungeons are hardcore overtuned.

Personally would prefer if everything went back to being 15s are the weekly and KSM was the main score you had to aim for to upgrade everything.

I have not enjoyed having to get to 2400. I haven’t touched a 20 yet and I’m so sick of the sight of mythic plus dungeons.


As an observation from a far (10 is my max this season and 16 is my best ever) it has also spread the player pool unnecessarily, there used to be a lot of +15 weekly (no leavers) etc. Which I did a few in SL (was timing 12-13s) … now they exist for 20s but that is far away from me to even be considered.

My only problem is, even though we are making it to 20’s somewhere this season, we will never be close to maxed out, since we will have less +20 vaults. Which means we will end up on lower maximum keystones done at the end of the season. Which is a bit discouraging. Gearing by the vault is just very slow.

The best obtainable gear should come before the hardest difficulty.


personally I feel like the biggest issue with the +20 m+ cap is that there’s only 30 ilvls of difference between m0 and +20 regular loot. Thats 30 ilvls spread out over 20 difficulty tiers.
Yeah, sure the vault.
That thing that never gives you what you need.

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I see you’ve given up on your other thread of “Waaah, dungeons to hard when no one does mechanics”