Class Tuning Coming 29 June

What will you do about blood dks? You realize changing that class and buffing warr/guardian will make all tanks viable again. The buffs that you made now to vdh and guardian are absolutely nothing and not even the problem they have.

A solution would be to lift up a few of the underperforming specs. The big problem isn’t that destro is so good, The big problem is the how much worse many speccs are.


Can we see increase of feral druids in mythic plus aswell as shadow priest and affliction warlocks , i would love to play these in mythic plus , i think alot of people out there wish to see Feral Druid in MDI preform , i didnt see that for a long time , i wish feral and boomkin were difffrent , like if you bring boomkin you get really good utility and treants , can we see buffing feral tierset since our cooldown is 3 minutes and meanwhile fire mages can get their combustion every 1 minute if not faster with night fae and Urh on top in higher keys, i would only ask for this feral buffs in pve only, hopefully we get force of nature in Dragonflight aswell so they can work like boomy treants but these would taunt and put rakes on my targets for more bleeds and fun playstyles

I still feel like if blizzard never touched our tierset we would be a soild dps spec , i just wish feral would have its season to shine like all classes like survival , destro , fire and sub with ww shine now , i want feral to have its own nieche


Thank you for listening to player feedback and reacting quickly. While it always causes turmoil to hear changes and have them reverted before they’re rolled out, it’s drastically preferable to just sticking with the changes.


Can you guys open your other ear aswell and start listening to other feedback too? There arent only warlocks you know…what about classes that do half their damage?..

So the only relevant change was postponed …nice…so these changes are irrelevant as a whole.


It’s good that you listened. Now listen to a lot of the other feedback too. Theres dumpster specs that aren’t even mentioned in your changes.

First prize would be if you thought before you made changes. How could you not see this being a consequence of changes 4 months into a season?


hopefully we can see some Shadow priest and feral druid buffs , feral already suffers from utility loss since they gave resto and boomkin stampeding roar in SL the last remaining utility that was guardian/feral specific . and what sucks about feral we got 3 minute cooldown on our big dps button after that runs out you just sit bellow 9k and meanwhile others do above 15k or 13.7k

i stand here for both Shadow priest and Feral Druid , hopefully we will see out classes buffed

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Lol Blizzard basically confirming my theory that the only people Blizzard listen to are the top 0.1 % of WoW players.


Well yes, but there are others too…affly arcane balance etc…it just happens for shadow and ferals to be the loudest ones…but still with a zero impact.

Its not only feral and shadow…there are more of us down in the pit. And if we nust leave destro broken …because…its w/e this season…what about time and ivestment of players that play nonmeta specs…why not show some love to these…also when the f will s4 start then?

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Theres a lot of well articulated reasons why this hurt a lot more people than that. You’re just ignoring that to troll.

yeah it really sucks indeed, i pugged myself to 3k rio with sv hunter for example and i started to do same with my main feral that i mained for ages , and you sit in Oribos doing circles around waiting to get accepted after +55 declines cause you are not destro /surv /fire/sub or even ww

if you get into key you are lucky but with pugs its like playing Russian roulete , if the key gets timed or not , so if it does not you wasted your entire day trying to get into the key to get wasted by alt +f4 fake dc people after 1 wipe or 2 or they just leave or the key gets depleted because of underpreformance of the underdogs and then you get flamed for playing “Feral” and not something else , when you are wearing 275 bis gear and yet still underpreform when a 258 destro lock could smoke you in overall just because the spec has so much power over yours

And this is the current problem of current game , some specs are so far behind instead of them all being like 0.5% difference and not like 20% or 10%

if classes were polished and you could play whatever you want the game would be more fun for all the players that play the game , there would be fun comps like affliction , shadow and feral , like a dot comp etc

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The change was never made because of those stated post-hoc rationalizations. We both know this.

The change was made because dorks called method-xXxIllidanxXx complained to Blizzard on Twitter and Blizzard hates when the only people they care about (the top 0.1 %) complain about the state of the game.

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They don’t play the game, we all know it.
Now you gonna see hunters running away from a buffed affli lock and just die behind a corner because they couldn’t remove the dots on time.
It’s probablt because of all the hunters in AWC that they nerfed, owh no, it was only RMP comps for 99% of the games.

I don’t mind the nerf of craven, i would rather use a dps increase as leggy.
But it’s a shame that they didn’t look at the rest.
Weak heal and weak turtle, even spirit beasts heal almost nothing iff you play bm.
Hunters will be a walk in the park to kill them now.

Wow, gee, thanks.
That totally makes up for it, in a new season where those nerfs will not be relevant at all and where there’s gonna be a new busted spec/specs that will also not get nerfed until Dragonflight releases.


No vision for the game or sense of timing :clap:

as if this would have been reverted if it wasnt for the MDI. in general those changes had been made for s4 to test them on a larger scale and not for s3 in my opinion. they just didnt thought of the impact and the outcry

Look we just have to make due with being 2nd citizens in the world of M+. It´s a worthy sacrifice so streamers and MDI players can have a good time on their FoTM reroll characters.

At least we have the satisfaction of writing in Echo-3v1Ls chat ´´NICE WE DID THIS ALL, LOOK WHAT THE COMMUNITY CAN DO´´ and have the streamer read our comment out loud whilst pretending to be our friend.

Because in the end, isn´t this what the world of Esportcraft is all about?

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This is great for the season. Would love to see specs that basicly are unplayable getting some buffs. As a feral main this expansion has been a struggle. Make bleeds great again


You mean like every single other spec up to this point?

Get over it…im sad it took them 2 years to do something about craven. Some spec were absolutely uplayable against hunters.