Classic Consequences


Sorry but I ain’t paying top market price for a broken game. And there wouldnt be much point. Raids have no meaning behind them anymore. Any noob can get fully epic geared within a few weeks.

I like a game to be difficult and hard. Legion and BFA are just like WOD in my opinion. They are all grindy and give millennials instant gratification.

No thanks.


WoW was never hard. But the top end content now is harder than it ever has been.

Time consuming =/= hard.

And this while “instant epics” crapola needs to die. Nobody cares about items having purple names. It hasn’t mattered in WoW since TBC seeing as every Tom dick and Harry could get them then.

It’s the item itself that matters. Having a full set of 385 purple named gear means snuff all today and the idea that people are being handed “the best gear” because they can get purple names easily is laughable.

You can get a near full set of epics in less than 10 minutes if you use benthic. But in the grand scheme of gear in retail that is nothing. People need to stop using “epic” like it was used in classic. Purple names aren’t a big deal anymore.


Yeah, let’s go by Blizzard’s expectations of playercounts in Classic.
That worked great when they tried to estimate how many servers they needed. :smile:


We’re less than 48h away from launch. Whether you agree with them or not, that’s what you’ll get the 27

To match retail playerbase you’d need 3 times more server. Considering how hard it was to get but another server a few days ago it most likely won’t happen any time soon - or at all


Assuming by ‘causal’ (i guess you tried to type casual but i don’t want to assume) player you mean someone who is not having 8+ hours per day to put in the game, here is some activities that player can do:

In general (besides the obvious dungeon and raid crap) raise reputations, collect professions recipes (and collect mats, make products and sell), gather gold, collect interesting items, quest, level alts (and do same with those but with different professions this time), goof with other players in main cities, chat with friends, grind things for the guild, help friends, run lowbies in the Deadmines and so on. Some also RP, but i am not expert on that.

If someone especially likes pvp they can run battlegrounds either just normally or go for twinking, they can do open world pvp when available, duel other players and what ever pvp people in general like to do. As we are not getting original Alterac Valley there shouldn’t really be any pvp activities that require 8+ hours to do, unless Southsore vs Tarren Mill fights get longish (and even then you can just walk out of it when you want).

Those just being some of the most common things to do.


You there! Check out da noise!


(i know i know that video is not from vanilla but anyway!)


You don’t know what you’re talking about.

Was rank 10 in vanilla, didn’t join any premades, wasn’t in a guild. What you’re quoting and describing is rank 11-14, not 5 or 8.

Ranks are exponentially harder to get, by a large margin. Which is why rank 5 is going to be obtainable by quite casual players, rank 8 will take committed focusing on BGs but not crazy amounts of hours at all, and it’s only after that that things start requiring substantial time commitment and effort.

I’m gonna be working full-time but still aiming for rank 8 this time around just because the set bonus is great and the gear is neat, not really worried at all about getting there.


I think it is because he is somehow thinking that casual player is playing to get rank 14.


who cares about bfa.


Do me a quick favour, pick the hardest, most intense boss from vanilla. Toughest, most epic fight.

Now list the mechanics that fight actually has.

Now, compare that to what any recent fight has, say Kil’Jaden, or Jaina.

Now tell us you are picking the harder option, with a straight face.

As a side note, how exactly do you manage to define something as being both grindy and instantly gratifying? I’m going to go ahead and assume it isn’t the lewd sense, which leaves me little else but to conclude you have inverted yourself, currently have your face in your trousers and are talking via your rectum. Debate.


wtf does epic mean anyways, not all epics are the same, higher content = better item level, if all you think about armor being epic, that is sad!..

game still have challenges to offers, abit in mythic raids, but if u really want to challenge ur self start with pushing high end keys, nothing but perfection is good enough once the keys are high enough, it’s damn cool and challenging and rewarding, it feels awesome. classic is chill, can be fun, but there arent really any challenge there, but to hang on in a very slow world. but who am i to judge you, if you enjoy classic, go play classic then!. but don’t come here and say classic was harder, because it was not harder!. each to his own.


It’s just a hodgepodge mix of ranks and expectations, frankly looks like someone who just googled it for 5 mins and tossed it all together.


WoW token price raise is one of them.

(Garais) #195

Not bad, went up like +35k in a couple of days.


I am still not sure why Current players think that Classic is made primarily for those who have no interest in Current, if that was the case they wouldn’t havebundled the Subscription.

Think about it.

Blizzard in the past has time and again showed/said that they were a ‘data-using design’ company, meaning that they look on collected data and then make a decision based on that, with their particular goals in mind.

To give some examples:

  • PuG stomping premades were an issue than didn’t make much sense anymore after they ditched the old Ranking system, so for a time in TBC they put Premades in seperate queues. Turned out those people stopped p(l)aying in greater numbers than started doing BG’s again, so in they went again.

  • Similar how Expansion Capped/‘soft XP Lock’ characters were first kicked out regular BG (not Arena) queues in 3.3 (when the XP Lock was introduced) leading to people ending their (often second) Vanilla/TBC Account sub. China and Blizz got into a row over skeletons and stuff, China closed WoW down, and voila, allowed back in where the Soft Locks - till China and Blizz kissed and made up around Cata start, and away they go again.

  • due to all the Loot and poaching drama, and logistical issues, (uppernlevel) Instances were very rarely used in Vanilla (according to the BlizzCons at the time, only abt 5%! of the player base at the time). They looked at the data - holy crap, 5%?!? - and then made the decision to increase that %, eventually leading to more and more ‘QoL’ and rushing mechanics (instead of going the other way round, an option as valid if not more).

In general it would be handy to know as exactly as possible what your playerbase is doing, right?

But nope, they chose to intentionally murky the data by making it One Sub.

Why would they do that, if they ‘just wanted to give more bang for your buck’?

To me it makes me wonder, especially given how they / their green lackeys adamantly refuse to answer straight up questions from customers when their public words and actions don’t match.

(Could give more examples of the later but this post is already long as it is).

I’d worry more as Classic player on what your shekels are being used for etc. than the other way round, many signs say that Classic is nothing but a ‘pacifier’ for so-called ‘content draughts’ in Current.

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Not really as you need to play retail a fair bit to get enough gold for a token.


I reached rank 8 almost 9 during the time, i’m an adult with a job which was the same back then. Good luck in doing so, i enjoyed doing it back then :smiley:


WoW token prices were around 175-185 k for a long but when the classic launch drawn near prices went up to 220 k. That is what I mean by WoW Token price raise is a consequence of classic launch. I don’t know what kind of impact classic boys will have later on but for now this is what it is.

(Someoneelse) #200

Just noticed that there. I’m sure it’ll go down in a week or two once it quiets down. This must be people who quit and had gold in their account.