Classic Consequences


You’re supposedly a veteran, but you claim wow was hard in vanilla… Ugh…


At first, retail wow will be a little empty, but then people will return back to the BFA. I will also try classic, but I don’t see myself playing classic seriously. And I don’t think that I will level up my character to level 60.

People will try classic and then they will realize that there is absolutely nothing to do there. All classic content is about leveling character up to level 60. And at level 60, there is absolutely nothing for CASUALS to do there. And adults generally will have nothing to do there, because you need to have too much free time. The classic is suitable only for children under 18 and unemployed adults.

Now in the BFA, if the group does not gather in 30-40 minutes, then some people begin to leave the group. And this is with the presence of LFG tool. But in the classic there is no LFG tool with good interface, only chat, in which messages will fly by at the speed of light. So I wish good luck to those players who cannot play 4 hours a day at least - 2 hours to gather a group (unless you are a tank) and 2 hours to do a single 5 man dungeon.

But hardcore players will remain playing classic. And this is good, perhaps in retail there will be fewer elitists and toxic players.


And we have a winner. You my friend are the perfect example why retail wow is terrible, but i do thank you for showing it and admitting that indeed BFA is mostly only for casual people.

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Yes son. We moved on. Life isn’t like it was 15 years ago.

The elephant in the room of classic being a cakewalk at end game compared to retail end game is still here tho.


Yeah, you have no idea what you’re talking about. There’s plenty of content at 60. You just have to not be lazy and actually talk to people to form groups.


Classic is bringing in more money for blizz, I only have a sub for classic. Retail is bad and has very little player retention, so classic isn’t pulling players from retail, if anything, it make make a few more people play during classic downtime.


You have a sub ffor retail, that allows you to play classic.

Now if you said you only subbed back to retail because you could play classic then, its only a privilige.


I did only sub for classic, that’s what I just said. I don’t care about retail.


Judging by your comment, you either do not know how to read or do not know what you’re talking about. There is no content for CASUAL players. To achieve something in PVP, you must play 8+ hours a day. Doing 15-year-old BRD/UBRS/Stratholme/Scholomanse do you call that content? Hardcore PVP or hardcore PVE which requires you to play for many hours a day is the only classic content.

But I’m glad that children and the unemployed who have a lot of free time will leave the retail servers to play the classic. The retail will be cleaner, and playing with older players who have a family and have little free time is much more comfortable than playing with children.

For you, the retail is terrible, but for me, it is excellent, although it has some problems (for example, pruned classes and not account-wide essences).
And for me, the classic is boring and there is absolutely nothing to do there. But thanks to the classic, each type of player will now have their own game.

You can’t READ or what? When I said 8+ hours I was talking about PVP. GL getting past rank 5 in PVP by playing for 2-4 hours a day. To get rank 8 in PVP you must do BGs for 7 hours non-stop every day. Anything past PVP rank 8 is 8+ hours per day every day for months.

Quote from mmo champion:

“Hitting the top levels of the honor system frequently required 8-12 weeks of playing 14 hours/day for months at a time without missing a day. This is for a few reasons:
–Each week all players lost 20% of their accumulated progress.
–On an average server, only the top five players for a week would make more progress than they lost.
–Going from Rank 12 to Rank 14 took about six weeks of being one of those top five players.
–Skill barely mattered, it was mostly hours logged.
–Because of the absurd time investment required, people used multiple ways to make it more manageable, such as forming premades, forming cartels that limited play, and sharing their account.”

Who can play for 14 hours/day every day for 8-12 weeks? Only kids or unemployed people.

And if we talk about PVE then you can aim for 1-2 dungeons per day at max if you are casual. And for raiding, you need a guild that has raiding times and 40 players must be online at a specific time. If someone in your guild is offline then you are stuck waiting (especially if tanks/healers offline) for them or look for random players. With no guild, there is no chance that you will gather a group of 40 people and clear some raid in less than 4 hours.


What would you define as casuall?


Again you’re making false statements. You can certainly play as a casual and you don’t need to play 8+ hours a day. How do you think people played back in vanilla? Were 5 million people unemployed then too?

This is why retail is in the state it’s in because of people like you being lazy and not wanting to put in the littlest effort.


u need to be unemployed to play classic boys, IQ 2019


Classic :joy:




Dungeons , raids , pvp

Let’s look at retail , mythic + , raids , arena , bg , rbg , world quest , islands , warfronts, pet battle , archievments , and more


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Completely your opinion which really doesn’t make any sense. There was plenty to do as “casual”, “adult” and whatnot, there was something for everyone but go ahead, think like that while others know better.


Well, give examples of what causal players can do in the classic. What casuals at level 60 can do (especially if they like PVP). In the meantime, your opinion does not make any sense.


Even with tomorrow servers we should still have less than 80 servers. Vanilla servers had in 2005 around 9k players average.

We’re still below the 1M long term players from a server capacity, meanwhile the lowest machine learning estimation for worldwide subs in 8.1 was 3M, and it’s the lowest part of BFA lifetime (yet?)

Sources in my previous post : (look at the whole post if you want more details)

The current retail still has better retention than what Blizzard expect classic to ever achieve. Feel free to prove them wrong, but for now that’s how it is.