Classic Consequences

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What the…
You are aware the classic have it’s own small team, completly seperate from Retail?
You cannot blame lack of worthwile content in Retail on Classic.

And if you still insist on it then we have nothing to discuss about.

Imagine the current content is so crap, the 15 year old content is hyping people.

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Facts have no place on the forums (particularity in the weekend). Hang your head in shame.

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Only if someone is willing to walk past me, ring a bell and keep yelling “Shame”.


Retail is a 15 year old game thats the problem, it’s an inflated colossus that is just endgame like games like Counterstrike. Classic is still a real mmo, its evergreen

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Have to disagree there A mmo evolves it moves it changes classic can not change as then it no longer is classic, it can not be evergreen it is just impossible.

Much of the good parts about classic was just that we did not know now we can know everything about it that is not an evergreen thing.


Tbh for alot of people classic is the thing that’s going to keep them subbed. Bfa is just boring


I am a family man with limited time on my hands - work, child, wife and a construction project on my hands. I will definitely play Classic. To me, retail is a repetitive grind where your co players only want to see if your epeen is big enough to join their +6 speed run.

What i mean is - you CANNOT simplify who is playing classic and who is playing retail. Thats like saying all who speak spanish supports FC Barcelona.

Its all about preferences my man - just like sports, religion and politics. Stop trying to win the argument of what is best - and enjoy that blizzard will probably have a massive playerbase across the two games.

Cya in classic - or have fun with retail. Whatever floats your boat :slight_smile:


hahahaha not really, uknless blizzard closes down pservers, all it iwll mean someplayers will legitly return to check it out,.


I do, but as I said, they should have invested those devs into retail to make it better. I did not say its classics fault that retail is crap at any point.


Oh look, its the weekend guy ! You learn to read yet ? Or still spamming the same one liners ? Hmm… looks like its the same one liners, nvm :frowning:

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I’m also the Weekday guy as well.

I can use more than one line now! I see you’re still using the same one liners yourself. I’m sure you improve. Give it time. Go at your own pace.

with time.

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tik tok
37 hours till bfa is DED


Yeah, no it won’t. Stay on BfA and keep farming your pets and transmogs.


As a Vanilla Veteran and a player who stopped playing WOW in legion I want to give you a couple of universal reasons why the older generations of WOW players want nothing to do the casual pit known as BFA.

  1. We like MMORPGs which are hard.

Mists, WOD, Legion and BFA handed players epics with little to no effort.
Veteran players find this to be a betrayal of the effort they put into the game.

  1. There is no immersion left in WOW.

When Classic was released there was a whole world to explore.
When an expansion is released you get a area size similar to one quarter the size of Azeroth. It feels that players are restricted to a small space.
Veteran players like to explore.

  1. Talents are linear and everyone is the same.

Veterans like to theory craft their talent specs, itemisation and work with macros.
In BFA the talent system is so linear even a 5 year old could navigate it.

  1. Professions.

Back in Classic to WOTLK there was a rich economy of player crafted items and you needed other players too provide a variety of services like Enchants, Armour creation, Jewelcrafting etc. Now professions have became boring and too simplified.

But without dragging on to much Veteran players like to get lost in a MMORPG. You can’t get lost in BFA.

And the last thing is cost. BFA came out in the uk at £40. It still is £40 and most players aren’t going to pay top price for a game that is a failure.

If you think Classic players will leak across to BFA think again!

We will go and play something decent like Path of Exile.


There are still WW2 vets, Iraq and Afghanistan vets, Syria vets, but
There is no such thing as a computer game veterabs, get f real, :clown_face:


Ahh, what a prime example of “vanilla veteran”.

You seem to be mistaking effort with time.
Classic isn’t hard, it’s stretched out and tedious.

And with each patch, we get more land to explore.
Enjoy “exploring” your 15 year old world that has been explored through and through :smile: Also, it runs the new client, so enjoy no wall jumping, limiting your pretend-exploration even further :joy:

Talents are only one part, then you have essences and traits, adding whole lot of customization. Add the fact that you can swap them on the go, you can use different combinations for different situations.

Meanwhile in classic, you will run with the same old cookie cutter spec - firstly, because you can’t just change it, second - it’s damn expensive, and finally - it’s 15 years old, it’s been theorycrafted through and through, only thing you can do is run some weird suboptimal spec for the sake of it :smile:

Macros are a thing on live too, you know. Only on live, they are a convenience - on classic, they are compensating for basic design flaws.
Like macroing /startattack to all your melee abilities - which has since been fixed.
But sure, you can play your pretend game and act like that’s something beneficial :smirk:

The only thing that has been stripped off professions is the bonuses, which basically dictated what should you get for your raiding main.
You can still craft enchants, potions, mounts etc. as ever.

You haven’t even played the game, how could you tell? You seem to have gotten lost sometime during Legion, not even touching BfA :thinking:
I mean, I should have known better, to check your profile before writing this lengthy post, but since the work’s been done, I’m not gonna delete it :smile:
I mean, sure, you’re a classic fanboy who know nothing about the live game, just regurgitating the common buzzwords coming from your kind…


BFA just has the same flavour as LEGION. I’m not paying £40 for the same game.


Correction : a small team was taken away from the WoW team to work on classic slightly less than 2y ago, and they said that the WoW team was involved with classic launch & QA in an interview or the Reddit AMA

So while it’s true that Classic took ressources from retail, i doubt it’s responsible for any issues we faced in BFA.

The QA wasn’t involved in classic back in the BFA beta, the classic team doesn’t require art or developpement ressources past the website and ragnaros wallpaper.

It can be said that the classic beta took QA ressources from the 8.2 PTR but seeing how we recieved a daily hotfix every day for more than a month after 8.2 release i wouldn’t put too much importance on that.

Only consequence from classic is the lack of update in the 8.2.5 PTR, which seems to have stopped altogether for classic launch. Minor issue imo.

TLDR : classic took ressources but no real impact on BFA. Gotta find something else to blame for what you see in game folks

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No they shouldn’t. Retail wow team is quite big already and it’s ranks are boosted by previous Diablo 3 team B.
Meanwhile Classic team consists of ~10 people, who are enthusiasts of it.
Sounds like someone is salty they are releasing a version of a game there is demand for, instead pumping wastefull resources into Retail.


Got your back my friend