Classic Consequences


Aight. Then how do you know BFA is bad since you haven’t tried it?
Or the “vanilla witnesses cult’s guidebook” said so?

P.s Before anyone attacks me for “bashing classic”. I have nothing against classic players. Or people who want to try out classic. I do oppose those who worships classic as “2nd coming of Jesus” and anyone who disagrees should be burned at the stake.


Burn the witch !

Ps : Feels good to be lvl3.


Dang it, i was pretty much agreeing you this far but then you go like:

Why proper talent tree is better than having essences and traits:

  • You already have your talentpoints when you ding max level. Your class is complete and you can start doing the end game content and improving your gear.
  • With essences and traits you are not complete when you ding max level. You play most of the expension with broken unfinished class while chasing your essence ranks and traits. When you are done with that new expansion comes and it’s obsolete and you starting again with broken unfinished class.

Apparently you are not familiar how much is removed from professions and how usefull they used to be compared to current day. And bonuses were even not in vanilla…

Maybe he hasn’t but i have. While i am not classic purist and will continue to play retail same time i play classic, i strongly agree with him about talents and professions. It is one of the biggest reasons why i want to play classic (amongst with some other things like original areas being better than new cata ones).


But that’s not his point though ?

There’s more depth now all things considered than with the old talent system and it’s not a linear system nor is it even remotely easy to build without all the current sims and tools we have at our disposal.

You may like the old systems but Whoopy is still in the wrong here imo.


I have no idea how big the team is, I have not seen any posts about it, so I am not sure where you got the number 10 from. I am happy that Classic is coming out, but unlike most people I realise most will play it for a month or two and move on.

Yes, salt all the way, especially since I said two times now that I am going to play it and enjoy it, but dont see myself staying for the long run as iv done it once before and in my eyes its enough.

BFA is crap, thats 100% true, and I fear no one has bashed it more than me, but even as crappy as it is I would prefer to continue here as I dont know what to expect in the future, where as Classic? Every single detail is known and that fact is kind of draining me before the game even launches.

But trust me, buddy, if you enjoy it and plan on playing it all the way while telling yourself its the same experience I am super happy and hope you have fun !


Yeah my point was better ofc! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: I just agree with Whoopy that vanilla talents were better than messed system we got now. But for me it’s mostly because the broken class effect.


So where is the endless customization and whatnot?

I’m perfectly aware of when professions had what.
The guy was mentioning WotLK (which, for some, is when they’ve been at their peak, thanks to said bonuses).

In classic, the professions are pretty much barebone - what exactly makes them better than what we’ve had for past couple of years? That people are more after crafted items because quest rewards and dungeon drops are so scarce? Or what it it that classic has the live game doesn’t?

Don’t get me wrong, if you fancy classic, go ahead, knock yourself out.
I’m just allergic to guys like him, going on about “exploration”, “effort”, “difficulty” or “soul”… how to spot a fanboy who knows not what he’s talking about.


i think while many will try out classic, most ppl will leave it fast. classic is dull asf. many good aspects, like the social stuff. but bfa offers more challenging stuff like mythic raids and m+… in classic there isnt much challenge beside gearing takes a long time. thats it. if your mental age is about 70 years old i would suggest to play classic


There are trues in both ways of thinking, yet I´ll rather prefer social aspect of old game than boring prunned bullsh*t called BfA.


I don’t see me talking about that in the first place.

In classic professions are activity of it’s own. There is so many different recipes and patterns scattered everywhere in world, being available in various different methods that gaining all of them is entertainment as it is. In retail professions are not providing lot of recipes, they come from fewer sources and items you craft are often useless by the time you can craft them. Professions don’t offer same entertainment for me in retail that they did in old times. I think professions were on their best bit later when we had pre-nerfed stages of jewelcrafting and inscription, but if just comparing classic and current classic takes a win.

Yeah i am not fan of that either. Like i said i agreed with other things you wrote. For me professions and old style talents just are so important i had to put my nose here about those. All is matter of personal taste ofc!

(Kaisena) #151

Apart from a very small dedicated core of players that will bother with raids in classic and attunements i suspect that Classic for the average / modern WoW player will be just another activity to mess around with and level an alt when they cba to play BFA.

Classic is fine but the average player has changed during the years more then World of Warcraft did.If players complain that there is nothing to do now then they will be in for a shock when they play that version of the game.

A very big part of what made Classic so popular was because it was NEW, it’s simple as that.


BFA lazy babies are really spitting out their dummies lol.


who is lazy, ur a lvl 109 paladin ffs xD… post from ur main u lazy baby, show ur efforts

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The bonuses made profession worse, not better, it acted as a cheap substitute.
And yeah i didn’t think much about it, but i guess the lack of gear rewards made crafting more impactful in vanilla. However beside the usefulness of profession there’s also the pattern collection aspect. There were big differences between players with max level tailoring and obtaining new recipes and the rare mats requiered was an active part of the game.

Don’t get me wrong now, classic professions aren’t that good for 2019 standards, many WoW clones emerged in the late 2ks and each had their own twist and innovation of the WoW profession template, i just find them more engaging than BFA, where i have to run BGs in order to improve my tailoring.


I’d rather do the old good content hundred times than new content in BFA for second time. It doesn’t matter if the content is new if it sucks donkey balls. Big reason why people want classic back is that the raids and dungeons were FUN and pvp was actually FUN, also leveling actually was interesting and exiting back then. And i can for sure say i’m never going back to that casual hell again.

(Kaisena) #156

What’s fun and not is subjective so i am not going to argue that with you because you are entitled to your own opinion.

But i stand by what i was saying. A big part of it’s success was the fact that it was new and the majority of players were experiencing their first MMO.

What i do miss however it’s the more slower paced experience that WoW had up to Wotlk even. Now everything is a rush fest.


Make an effort to spell ‘you’re’ and ‘you’ correctly, then we’ll talk about being lazy.


another low lvl pretending to be god by being a grammarnisse


Classic will be a good gap closer between new patches. It wont kill bfa, imo, its more of a attraction for veterans, to keep sub numbers up and a good chance to advertise new expansion(since more people are keeping up with wow news)


I will maybe play Classic sometime but I doubt I will play it hardcore and leave Bfa. I try something on test and I can tell you it is boring,monotone… sleep 5x on running and finding mailbox :rofl: