Classic is DISASTROUS for retail

Blizzard is doing the worst possible thing it could do regarding retail: releasing Classic, content that people actually want back, during Blizzard’s WEAKEST expansion to date: Battle for Azeroth. MMOs like WoW are extremely dependent on healthy and robust populations, and I know players like myself are going to pour way more time into Classic than into retail, leaving lame BfA content in the dust. The 8.2 patch has been completely overshadowed and marked obsolete by the exciting and fun content of Vanilla Classic. If I were a BfA dev, I’d feel horrible about myself, knowing gamers are chomping at the bit for content, made by creative developers who care, that’s 15 years old instead of wanting to play supposedly “new and exciting” 2018-2019 content.

BfA has one of the worst reputations of all World of Warcraft expansions. It has been plagued with complaints about its core systems well before beta was released. Many players felt that Blizzard did not take criticism of BfA’s features seriously which destroyed trust in Blizzard’s expertise and leadership. The criticism HIGHLY outweighs the praise. Even professional critic reviews of Battle for Azeroth were MUCH lower than all other expansions including Warlords of Draenor. Due to the negativity that has been so pervasive for over a year now, the BfA team is now synonymous with lackluster game content. Unfortunately for these BfA devs, Blizzard has thrown them to the wolves by providing players an alternative - WoW Classic, a game that is not synonymous with negativity or uninspired game designers. Clearly, players are either not going to associate themselves with retail by not playing, or they’ll play WoW Classic.

BfA’s shrinking participation will only be exacerbated by longtime players diving back into content that was taken away with Cataclysm. This will literally negatively affect all aspects of the game that requires group participation, especially for those who main Alliance. PvP for example will rely on a shrinking participation pool that has not been forgiving to Alliance PvPer’s. The lack of participation will only compound the problem, driving more and more away. Similarl for PvE, the options for Mythic keystones have decreased, driving many to completely abandon doing them. Guilds are having trouble finding raiders to do current content especially on the Alliance side. Faction health affects one another, so if the Alliance side completely collapses, the Horde side will fall soon after. Even activities like RP have seen huge declines in the RP community. Ask anyone from Wyrmrest Accord or Moon Guard and they will tell you that Stormwind/Silvermoon/Orgrimmar have never looked more dead than they have the past 9 months.

One signal that BfA will be completely overshadowed by Classic is the lack of excitement or criticism over 8.2. If you look at the PTR forums, there is a significant decrease of participation and feedback which means, people don’t even care. People are so disillusioned with BfA that they can’t even feel compelled to COMPLAIN about 8.2. Complacency has set in. This a huge red flag for supposedly one of the “biggest patches ever.” BfA devs are pleading with us to help fix the game, but due to their predatory and incompetent decisions, players have moved on. 8.2 will be DoA, like past BfA patch content. Where have they moved on to? Classic. Classic streaming has made the game the most popular game to be streamed on twitch which proves that the majority of WoW’s fanbase has moved on from BfA. Think about how bad that looks for BfA and its team: players are more excited about 15 year old content than they are for new and current content. A broken and highly exploitable game from 2004 is more attractive and desirable than a game that’s had 15 years to improve.

The mass migration to Classic will be devastating to retail WoW. The consequences will be permanent and I highly doubt new expansions will help bring it back up to where it was again. WoW fans have no confidence in the BfA dev team due to them ignoring glaring issues with BfA. I’m not going to continue paying for a bad expac only to get a decent one and most others feel the same after recognizing it as a pattern. Blizzard has brought in the ultimate retail killer, WoW Classic. It’s not going to stop there, once the BC servers come out, they too will be more popular than Blizzard’s current game design. Personally, I’d try to make the most out of the next 3 months, it will never go back to the way it was with Retail after Classic is released.

It was fun while it lasted!


The last few expansions/years I’ve seen Blizzard as what Bioware has become.

A huge disconnect to their playerbase and always giving in to what the PLAYER wants instead of focusing on developer goals.

Eferything in retail wow reeks of plebian mentality and the view on content is so stale its disgusting.

My hope is,that Classic+TBC in the comming years atleast amalgamates and weaves into the retail developers gamedesign because that is what retail needs.


Not sure its disastrous, they’re two different games by the same company and the only difference between that and others is that one is supporting the other - however, only time will tell which one is supporting which :slight_smile: And we surely cant see that in less than 4 months at least

What did you expect?

Retail is absolute trash at the moment and classic is the way superior game so it was clear from the get go that classic will have more players and kill retail at least for this expansion.

If next expansion is going to be better than classic people will play retail again.

The better version will always have more players.


Most retail players hate Classic and the same is true for the other way around so no, it really doesn’t hurt retail and rakes in more money for Blizzard.


So another WoW killer. Just like all the others that would’ve killed WoW but didn’t.
And the same thing will happen now.

People will play BfA (and beyond). Other people will play Classic. Some will play both.

Play what you like. Why care so much about something you don’t like.


I don’t know about WoW killer, but Classic seems to have killed Fortnite


Couldnt be more wrong.


If they rework the retail game enough and listen to their audience on the newest expansion, I see no reason why WoW can’t be great again.

I also know a lot of players play both retail and classic (not me atm as I don’t really like bfa, I really tried! If the next expac seems worth it I will play it as I miss my pet battles and mount/tmog) and I like to think that blizz will learn from the numbers classic pulls and maybe take some inspiration from the “classic experience” when looking at the current iteration. BfA as a whole is fine as it is, but I think it’s become a bit too streamlined and really ruined the class fantasy that classes should have. This is all my personal opinion, I don’t think one is better than the other.


I personally enjoy both,

From my perspective, I now have two versions of a game I enjoy playing, whereas before I only had one, and guess what, it does not cost any more, I don’t see a problem here, I fire up Battle net and say to myself shall I play retail or classic today, and then choose, I don’t see how that is a problem.


Like what happened to fortnite.I know ninja is gone…is it off season for them or what?I know zoomers love that game and they have it tight with twitch culture too.


I’ve no actual idea. Maybe it’s fortnite screwing itself over with bad updates but I dont follow the game much.

For whatever reason though it barely ever reaches n#2 on twitch now. Not important for knowing the popularity of some games, but important for games that are stream friendly.

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I have to be honest, I took one look at Fortnite, read some reviews and decided that it was not for me, I even said to myself, I’ll leave it to the youngsters, if they like it then great.


Lol, I tried it atleast; I don’t mind multiplayer shooters and the battle royale concept with the building was fresh enough an idea to atleast try.

It was ok. I’ve played much better shooters.

It is good, classic surely shows that they have done some major fails on the way. By that i mean they might make another great mmo game later on.


Never played it.Was curious is it a slow season,but if the game is struggling during prime time for weeks,its currently fighting for with gta.Also ninja is streaming WoW Classic xD just cheked

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I understand, but then you are talking to someone like me that really enjoys the mass effect trilogy and is trying to decide if mass effect andromeda is any good lol

It’s good.


Good to know, thank you @Blurey, it is very different, kind of like WoW Retail and Classic they are very different versions of the same game, with Andromeda it is almost like another completely different game but it is not.

The difference is I had to pay for Andromeda but not WoW classic.

Only shooting gameplay is reasonably decent.

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