Considering Some Semi-weekly World Quests Becoming Daily

Exactly this for me too.

And honestly; I’ve not enjoyed a single one of the dungeons I’ve done so far in DF.
That’s why I’m saving doing them until I get a weekly or a questline for them.

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I guess we agree to disagree. But I and many others are going to try and push to get this changed back

I hope you don’t succeed.

And I really don’t understand how anyone can think that 'having the choice to not do world quests and get renown a little bit slower than those who do’ is on the same level as ‘not having enough content to enjoy the game’.

Those 2 things are NOT equal.

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You don’t NEED to have access to WQs daily, you could do other content. But hey, either play other games OR you do what it takes.

Upon further review and consideration, we’ve decided to drop this change at this time.

All along, our goal has been to avoid making World Quests feel mandatory, while still offering them as a worthwhile option for players who are looking for things to do on a given day.

Following your feedback here and our own internal discussions, we’re going to try to find other ways to accomplish that without impacting crafting too much or generating a great deal of concern for those who don’t already have a daily routine or want a daily routine.

Thank you.


Blizzard catering to the top 1% whiners again, ie mythic raiders and top level key pushers “we dont want to do this” what about the casual player base that wants actual world content and things to do?


Thank you Blizzard for seeing sense.


Listened to people like you who have no right to say what others want in the game bad job blizzard tbh.

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I no longer have any faith in this company.
I am so angry it is unreal.

You just gave me so much joy and hope and then you stomped all over it.

Dragonflight is officially the worst expansion made in my eyes.


So, you just took my potential new daily PvE routine away because of some crybabying from other players? And here I thought I could do some “repeatable bounty”-like stuff similar to Destiny 2. But no… Guess I have to play other games instead if WoW DF doesn’t keep me interested on a daily basis.


Yeah all they care about it mythic raiders like the evoker above sad really they listen to the likes of them.

Bruh, what.


Sorry, buddy, but you are the 1% on this issue. The outcry was massive on Twitter, Twitch, wowhead, in-game general and trade chat, and even here on the forums you were in the minority.

People did not like this change.

ps: I hope blizzard adds a form of content to the game that engages you. I do want WoW to be fun for you too.


If I could still get a refund I actually would.

This is spitting in the face of ‘non big 3’ players. And this is not a one time thing… this sort of bullcrap happens over and over and over.

I’m so sick and tired of it.


Why? You bought the game with WQs being bi-weekly as an advertised feature… maybe you should’ve had more self control and not bought it when it had a feature that you dislike so much?

Some of your own medicine.


Dude you are literally describing rare farming what?

Arrogance of you is outstanding , real toxic if it wasnt for us casual paying our subs , you lot wouldnt have your raids to play in.


That has nothing to do with it.
This is purely a completely egocentric ‘want’ from people like you just because you CRAVE BEING FIRST THE BEST THE BEST THE BEST. It’s pathetic.