Covenant Allied Races - feasibility [POSSIBLY SPOILERS]

I have noticed in the many, many discussions about future allied races there are a lot of misconceptions. As somebody who LOVES the Kyrians, Venthyr, Sylvar, and Maldraxxi (whether bulky, skeleton, or slimy) I feel our community would be served by getting rid of some of these faulty ideas. Everyone is, of course, entitled to their opinion. You don’t have to like any of the races. You could just not be a fan of allied races in general. This post is not about whether you personally enjoy specific races. Here I would like to focus on whether these races are possible from a practical game perspective and from a lore perspective.

First: Practical implementation

Many people claim that Blizzard has confirmed there will be no allied races in shadowlands. I could not find a source for this claim, but there is a source for the opposite: in an interview they say they will consider something for an AR depending on the feedback they get from the community. They know AR were a popular feature and will expand on it in the future. Given there are already numerous posts asking for venthyr, sylvar, and kyrian I can see it happening! In other words if you want to play vampires, angels, fauns, and/or some kind of new undead: keep making noise!!
Here is the interview (the relevant question occurs at 25:30):

There is also some data-mined evidence that shows four new allied race entries were added to the files in 9.0. When this code is loaded it shows the embassy allied race screen and npc models of the Venthyr, Kyrians, Sylvar, and Maldraxxi. This does not confirm anything officially, as a dev could have just been experimenting or something, but it does mean it’s something they are considering. I wish I could show a link to the info, but it’s against forum policy.

To the people saying “I’d rather have more customization for existing races” that is fine, and to a point I agree, but we could just have both. This is not an either-or-scenario. Please don’t make enemies out of people who would like to see another AR. It’s not helpful. If you’re asking for more customization, I’ll happily support you and not shout “I’d rather have a new AR!”.

To the people saying “I don’t like race X so it shouldn’t be an AR”: I don’t mean this the wrong way, but quit being so selfish! I don’t personally like some of the existing races, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be there for people who do love them. Nobody is forcing you to play or even unlock them.

Second: lore

First, it’s already been established that races from the Shadowlands can physically manifest in the material world. We fight one of the Mawsworn on Azeroth at the end of the prepatch event. We see several of them kidnapping our faction leaders. So the people saying they are just “soul beings” are wrong. If they have a gateway to the material plane, they can manifest there.

But why would these races from the Shadowlands care about our mortal affairs?

  1. It’s possible they show gratitude for the aid they receive in the Shadowlands. They would not be the first races to do so. In fact, it’s the reason for pretty much every AR released so far. And almost all of the AR joined one of the factions despite not being otherwise involved in the war. The Nightborne and Highmountain had no personal reasons to join the war against the alliance, for example. They still joined, though, out of gratitude.

  2. You could argue they are “above mortal affairs” and you would be right to a point, but you’re forgetting one thing: the Jailer has seriously upset the relationship between life and death. We do not know how this conflict will be resolved, but it could be in a way that permanently changes how life and death works, even if the jailer is defeated. Throughout the story we get hints that the Shadowlands did not always function as they do now. There was a time when the Maw was something different (which is why it’s dotted by what looks like ruined reinforced concrete constructions) and the jailer was not trapped there. It’s perfectly feasible that we don’t just restore things to the way they were. Plus, the threat after the Jailer could be a threat to the shadowlands as well (like the Lich King was). This would give them a reason to join forces.

  3. Some of the Shadowlands races are already recognizing the value of mortals and mortality. The Kyrian are possibly the most “above mortal affairs” out of all the covenants to the point they wish to wipe away all memories of their mortal life. Yet, at the end of the Spires of Ascension dungeon the Archon admits that the path may indeed be flawed as the Forsworn have said, but that is something they will have to deal with later (when the Jailer has been dealt with). They could come to the realization that some mortal affairs/threats do require them to band together with mortals.

  4. While I personally feel it would make more sense for each of them to be a neutral AR, like pandaren, it would certainly not be the first time a race has been helped by both factions, but joins only one: Highmountain tauren, Nightborne, Mechagnomes, and Lightforged Draenei all screwed over one of the factions that helped them.

  5. Finally, some people may think these AR are “too powerful” to be a playable race, but I don’t think that’s the case at all. First of all, we are wiping the floor with absolute tons of them. Kyrians, Venthyr, Fauns, and Maldraxxi are dying all the time throughout the story. But, let’s say they are more powerful than average. This already has a precedent among the allied races: Void Elves. These are all elves who chose to study the void for power and in doing so transformed themselves into something more powerful, even if only a little. In fact, I would say the Shadowlands races are probably less power-focused than the Void Elves, since they seem to have actual civilians (except the Maldraxxi, perhaps).


Stop with the allied race threads.

Allied races were a BfA feature, they won’t come back.

You didn’t see the interview, did you?


You didn’t see the “successful” realm connetctions, did you?

they literally said they would but go off


And they also said that they will connect the smaller realms. And after connecting like 2 they stopped and refused to comment on the matter.

Believeing Ian lawyerspeaking is not wise.

How is that relevant? Anyway, please read the whole post instead of just replying to the title…


For the lore, a pretty easy way to have them as allied races would to have them be “vanguards” of the covenants. A group of Kyrian/Maldraxxi/Fawns/Venthyr who were sent on behalf of their covenant to keep watch in the living world for threats and dangersto the Shadowlands and to their covenant specifically. They could even show up in game when death gets involved in Azeroth.
Questline where a Necromancer is going crazy? Have some Kyrian vanguards as the allies there
Quests involving some of the Jailers forces stranded somewhere on Azeroth? Have some of the Venthyr there.
Etc. etc.


Yeah that sounds like a smart way of going about it. The whole race joining sounds like overkill, anway. That would essentially make god-like beings like the Archon a racial leader within a faction. Seems a bit silly. Plus most would have to continue their duties in the shadowlands anyway. So a vanguard faction led by somebody less “divine” sounds great!

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Man you explained everything so well that there is literally nothing to add. Great job Mithlas. I hope that some of the new races, especially the Venthyr, will become allied races :heart:


I really hope the Horde doesn’t get skeletons as an allied race. If we are getting madraxxi as an allied race there are better models.

As for them coming to Azeroth, we are already getting some interesting dialogue from the denizens of the Shadowlands about being interested in exploring, being interested in the people of Azeroth in particular, since they recognize our strength. It’s not at all far fetched for them to come live with us. At least some of them.

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Aw! Thank you so much ^^

I am personally in love with the Kyrians! I feel like each of the covenant races looks amazing, though. Blizzard did an incredible job!

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The Races of Shadowlands look much better and much more unique than the races we had in BFA. i think they will be a success.

But first they really need to fix the Nightborne lmao.

After that, im supportive of having 4 of them as neutral allied races. Choose your faction.

They have great customization and great lore. I even love the Owl people and Fairy people too.

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Depends on the skeleton I suppose :stuck_out_tongue: but yea those big burly Maldraxxi would also be nice!

I haven’t seen that dialogue yet, but that does sound like a good first step ^^

I really hope not, allied races are the of the worst quality ever, check a standard race, or a pandaren, check it’s hair, beard animations. Its top notch very polished and great.

Check allied races, hair is awful it’s just 1 layer empty inside you can see under beard under hair it just looks terrible, animations are very off.

some of them have bugs since the beta they were introduced, check maghar or night borne they are tilted backwards in appearance window.

Upright orcs have their shoulders displayed wrong very far from the model also since the beginning, it was a LOT of races, but all of them done very badly.

honestly i would rather take 1 shared as pandaren, then another mess like this. Come on we play wow not archeage, we like the game being polished, i really wanted to switch to some of the new races, but couldn’t they are so bad …

Lets not encourage more of them please.

Fully fledged well made races sure, but not this

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Literally all of them are humanlike creatures except for the Maldraxxi. How can you call any of them unique in any way?

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By “Humans” you mean Humanoids? i don’t think so. tHE Kyrian maybe, but the rest noo.

how about these guys? and the Owl people?

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As I said in the OP, this thread is not about whether allied races in general are a good thing, or not. Clearly many people like them, but’s ok if you don’t.

I will never understand such a stupid and meaningless attitude. If by any chance we get allied races and you don’t like them, just don’t make/play them, simply skip them. Plain and simple.


By humanlike I mean just that, humanlike creatures, aka humanoids. How are the Venthyr or Sylvar not humanlike to you?

We’re talking about the covenant races, not Tinklebell or bird slaves or the gremlins of Revendreth… stay on topic