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:cry: Sympathies


Yep. I was quite surprised to see some odd houses with AC units on the side of the houses in the Netherlands. The area I was mainly staying in was not much more than a small village, was really surprised by that.

As people often say though, “you get used to it”. I’d imagine those living in Spain for example, cope with the heat far better than us here in Ireland :smiley: . If it gets too hot and humid though, nobody enjoys that.

Oh, and G’morning all! :smiley: :coffee:


Good morning !


Good morning everyone!


G’morning all, have a fantastic day! :slight_smile::coffee:


Good morning!!

(Ananda) #716

I want to be asleep. I want not to be working. I want not to have had to spend over half an hour trying to get someone to accept me in a heroic warfront group. Finally, an hour & a half later I have shiny new shoes :slight_smile: But I would still prefer to be asleep.


Good morning!

And nothing coffee can’t fix Ananda!

(Ananda) #718

But … I’ve had coffee :cry:


Have you had more coffee though?

(Ananda) #720

No, not yet. Good point.


G’morning all, welcome to Saturday! Hope you all have a great day, and help yourself to Hagut’s coffee stash if you run out or just want a free coffee! :smiley: :coffee:

(Moothilda) #722

Thank you - it was my most important purchase today… I can postpone it some hours with this offer :yum:

(Ananda) #723

Whereas I’m on a train again. I seem to spend my whole life on trains …


There are some great songs about trains though, and (depending on the journey) might give you a bit of time to yourself to enjoy a good book, a fun game or even get some work done! Make the most of it :smiley:

Have a few seconds to spare? Let me know how I’m doing!


G’morning all, have a fantastic Sunday! :slight_smile: :coffee:


Good morning everyone!


Good morning !

(Raz) #728

Akana level 20 and that means new mount to my stables… Hmm… who to take with me next…


Good morning ! And grats Raz !