C'Thun Down

Congratulations to the first guilds who beat C’Thun in this region:

Guild Realm Time
Progress Firemaw 20:17 CEST
gusy Golemagg 20:20 CEST
Calamity Mograine 20:21 CEST
Venture Earthshaker 20:27 CEST

Well done!


feels bad man

So close, so so close

Hmm, No Praxis… Strange…


Fast, you need to open transfer to Ashbringer so i can help my guild be the first !!

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Grats Venture.

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Thank you :heart_eyes:

Gratz venture, good one.

Venture congrats, make ES proud

This is how a server community should be.

And this is shameful petty bullcrap. Disgraceful. Pathetic.


Hiki :peepoHapppy:

So taking in account the difference in opening times, who was the world fastest from start War Effort -> kill C’thun? Progress or Onslaught?

You mean server cross faction collusion clique community?

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Did Apes quit

they didn’t bother with war effort.

Game design principles. Faillizard delivers.
Current faceroll raids in wow classic is a bad game design.
Failizzard needs to learn from some best private servers on how to configure numbers to the correct levels of difficulty.
Еhe ‘old Blizzard wouldn’t have released a game with these failings.


onslaught, because of progress’ wipe.

private servers were just as easy as this.

You can’t know everything and any private servers.
I’m sure most of the PS have same standard numbers.
I’m talking on warmane PS - admins were adjusting numbers (to increase difficultity) each 3-4 weeks.

Congratz to every1 in that list! pretty close times.