[Dark Iron-RP] The Imperial Flame - Fire and Iron 🔥

The Anvilrage Legion’s Sixth Cohort
The Imperial Flame
“Imperial shocktroops – they have harnessed the potential of the Mole Machine as a weapon of war and perfected it. In the later days of the Blackhand menace of Blackrock, the Orc learned to fear the ground beneath their feet. Only steel floors offered any semblance of sanctuary. But even steel bends to the fury of the Dark Iron.”

The Imperial Flame is a loyalist Dark Iron military cohort within the wider structure of the Anvilrage Legion. Often deploying by way of Mole Machines, the Sixth take on the role of shocktroops, dispatched ahead of greater formations to sow chaos and reap carnage across the forward positions of enemy forces. Heavily armed and heavily armoured, the legionnaires of Shadowforge stand ready to deploy across the vast territories of the Alliance, and beyond, emboldened by their new Emperor and the revitalisation of the Dark Iron Empire. A ceasefire may hold the great armies of the world at bay, but for how long?

“Dark Iron warfare is unconventional, coordinated and often brutal, with great disregard for the destruction wrought or the casualties caused. Often supported by heavy artillery and powerful sorcery of shadow and fire, soldiers of the Dark Iron armies spill forth from Mole Machines behind enemy lines.”

Hail Argent Dawn,

thank you for tuning in to discover the Imperial Flame, a Dark Iron roleplaying guild centered around the loyalist, imperialist and militarist elements of Dark Iron society (so basically Dark Iron society as a whole). You may have encountered us out in the wide world, the sudden emergence of a Mole Machine heralding our sudden presence, you may even have spoken to us, or spotted us being up to, completely authorised, no good. Rest assured the Anvilrage Legion is looking out for you, Alliance constituent.

As indicated above, much of our roleplay is built up around the rapid deployment of the cohort with the Mole Machine, with events often beginning with entering one, or already being in transit depending on the operation area, and end with a return to Shadowforge City, with the belongings of our enemies in tow, preferably.

"By Fire and Iron, for the Emperor!"

We follow a very simple hierarchy within the guild, beginning with:

Captain, the commanding officer of the cohort

Adjutant, the executive officer of the cohort

Sergeant, the junior officer of the cohort

Legionnaire, veteran troop of the cohort

Guardsman, ordinary troop of the cohort

Reservist, freshly inducted recruit or transfer of the cohort

Progression within the guild comes naturally through participation and character development in our events, scheduled on a democratic basis by voting for event days for the coming week, unless we are undergoing a campaign, where events may be pre-planned and scheduled. PvEvents are semi-freeform with our own DM system (far more information is available), while we’re constantly looking to participate in some friendly RP-PvP, because that’s also very fun.


Our discord has a built-in rulebook to which all members must adhere, new and old. To summarise:

Do not disrupt roleplay in any way

Do not harass anyone in any context

No excessive swearing IC (a lot of us say ‘karking’ instead of the dreaded AD alternative to the f-word)

Keep things civil and work-friendly OOC

You may have guessed that we use and encourage the use of the Dark Iron Heritage Armour, which is a very good guess, wiseguy. Upon joining the guild and becoming a part of the Sixth Cohort in-character, reservists will be equipped with a full set of armour. When advancing into the higher echelons, some options and variations to uniform changes unlock.

Yeah, you go level that Dark Iron Dwarf like crazy in the Emperor’s name. Thanks for stopping by, the Emperor Protects and Dagran I did nothing wrong so-and-so.


If you’re interested and wish to know more about the Imperial Flame, contact myself (Ironwyrm) or the Adjutants (Rockchewer/Vandalmar), or simply poke anyone within the guild and I’m sure they’ll send you on the right path.

"A Mole Machine in the earth is worth a hundred soldiers marching upon it."

For Dagran Thaurissan II, For the Emperor! (Everyone get in here you know you want to, we’re pretty karking cool)


Can confirm. Short but fun encounter with these folks.


Had a great random encounter with this lot in the Burning Steppes. Equally terrifying and awesome to see Mole Machines in use ICly.

All too true…
Wish you guys the best, and am excited to see what the future brings to the much-lacking Dark Iron scene.


We are the Dark Irons, feel our ferocious heat!


For the Emperor !


Now, you see these gentlemen, these guys, these god gamers right here? They’re some of the best, the finest, second to none roleplayers this side of Blackrock Mountain. I hear even the great Action Jack is jealous of their fame. Like Dark Irons? Like Mole Machines? Like STORMing the enemy? Join them, and do your bit for the Emperor!


In the name of the late emperor himself(!), is it good to see some DI activity once more! I wish you lot all the best :volcano:


Thank you for the kind words, everyone, means a lot to team and I!

An update on where we’ve been, where we are and where we’re going.

The story so far…

The Sixth Cohort has spent several weeks tracking down a smuggling ring operating from within Shadowforge City, suspected to be in cahoots with the Primalists. An unknown quantity of imperial gold and Dark Iron munitions were taken from the vaults and stockpiles within the city, prompting a military investigation.

This investigation lead to the discovery of a Primalist plot to seize an experimental Mole Machine from its test site in the Badlands, abandoned by the loyalist research team during the previous Primalist attacks in the area. In their hurry, the Dark Iron engineers accidentally activated a gnomish energy shield that closed the site off to any outsiders, friend or foe. A gnomish shield technician was ‘volunteered’ off the streets of Stormwind as a liaison. Only the control device was recovered from the site, with the prototype Mole Machine’s location unknown, a fail-safe mechanism auto-deploying it to a seemingly random location in Lordaeron.

After reverse-engineering the control device, the Sixth Cohort deployed to the Hillsbrad Foothills, coming under attack by an unknown force underground, which consequently destroyed the Mole Machine in use. Exploring the abandoned Stormpike fortress of Dun Garok, from whence the prototype’s weak signal had been tracked to, the Cohort came under attack by Primalists, defeating an Ascendant not unlike the maddened cultists of the Twilight’s Hammer, before retrieving the prototype and escaping in it to Shadowforge.


The Sixth Cohort has been deployed to the streets of Shadowforge, suspecting another Primalist attempt to seize Dark Iron equipment is at hand, and to rest and refit after deploying all across the Eastern Kingdoms. Light duties in the imperial heartland for now.


We’ll be participating in Operation: Tiragarde, an RP-PvP event hosted by Tharzog. We’re all looking forwards to this, as many of us have participated in many RP-PvP skirmishes, battles and campaigns in the past. We’ll add our own unique Dark Iron twist to the story, but I won’t spoil anything here.

After the campaign we’ll most likely venture to the Dragon Isles, to beat up relics and steal dragons- or beat up dragons and steal relics, whichever works.

Thanks for tuning in. ༼ ºل͜º ༽


For you m’lord :point_right: :heart:

Join these Dwarf bois today so we can extinguish the Flame in Tiragarde :smirk:


If only there were more hours in the day because this sounds super cool. Best of luck with it, stout ones. Looking forward to seeing you flourish!


Whilst I have not yet RPed with these Dwarves. I will be soon.

I can say, Ironwyrm seems to be a cool and chill dude from having discussions with them on discord.
I look forward to fighting y’all.


Everyone! Get in here! That’s our motto


dwarves… our sworn enemies….


Pretty damn close to my hooves.
Seeing more dwarf RP out there warmed my heart…


We’ll find out soon what these dwarves are made of… :eyes:

Had only nice interactions OOC with Ironwyrm so far, though, so I reckon it’ll be a fun time during the upcoming campaign!


Yoooo! Dark Iron Dwarves? Sounds awesome, hope to run into you guys some day.


Nice to see more Dark Irons about! Best soldiers for the best Clan :fire:. Do you work closely with/are part of the PCU, out of interest?


No to both.

A quick update…

The Anvilrage Legion’s Sixth Cohort was deployed to Ironforge following a request by the Dark Iron embassy there to investigate rumours of irregular seismic activity beneath the city. After a thorough search in most of Ironforge’s districts, the Imperial Flame had nearly given up, when suddenly the seismic scanner brought along from Shadowforge went completely haywire.
Two Mole Machines suddenly burst from the softer earth of the Forlorn Caverns, deploying what appeared to be another contingent of Dark Iron legionnaires - who promptly attacked the Cohort without a word. A brief battle ensued before the turncoats were beaten back and attempted to flee with their transports, though one was destroyed in the chaos.
The Imperial Flame pursued in their own transport, deploying underground weapon systems to knock the escaping Mole Machine off its course - and straight into Old Ironforge, where the remaining traitors died in a violent crash. After searching the bodies, the loyalists discovered the perpetrators to be from their own Legion - an entire Cohort turning its back to Dagran II and the Dark Iron people, to join with the Primalists…

The Imperial Flame is going strong, with the plotline soon bringing them to Tiragarde after discovering the truth and fate of their wayward brothers-in-arms.

Thank you all for the kind words / votes of confidence, we’re looking forward to seeing where all this is taking us. - Imperial Flame team


Extremely based and stunties-pilled.