<Dark Synchronicity> LF DPS (Horde) 4/10H

Hello everyone!

We are currently looking for DPS to fill out the ranks of our HC raiding team. We are a very social guild with a semi-casual attitude, going for Curve but most all trying to have fun whilst doing it.

We have only started Heroic this week with a couple hour raid on reset and managed to get 4/10 with little problems. We are expecting/hoping that on Saturdays raid we can get up to at least 8/10 or higher.

Our raid times are as follows:
Wednesday starting @ 20:00 (Server time)
Saturday starting @ 18:00 (Server time)
Our players come from all over Europe so we are working with what’s best for all our current players for now.

We also accept people who aren’t quite ready to join the team and will help with gearing where possible. On top of raiding we are looking to progress in to higher keystone dungeons and regularly help lower item level players through them for better weekly vault rewards. Starting soon we will choose a night (most likely Sunday) for Alt runs of Castle Nathria on normal.

If anybody is interested in progressing alongside us as opposed to joining a Guild where it’s already/almost done, please feel free to leave a message here or to contact me or other members in-game. Thanks for the taking the time to read this post and I hope to hear from some of you. 18+ only!

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And what is the stance on roleplaying?


We don’t roleplay as a Guild really, I know of a couple of people who want to RP but if I’m being honest I don’t know of anyone actively doing it regularly.

My question is more of a “Will you at least respect those who do?” because we rpers are tired and being trolled and laugh at by non rpers.

Each to their own I always say, I imagine the rest of the Guild feels the same :slight_smile:

Yeah… Not buying it.


Why are you here then?

Honestly that’s probably the best attitude to have if you don’t personally see yourself RPing. You don’t have some stupid, blatantly OOC “hehe funny xD” type guild name, and you’ve not decided to call the people asking about RP “bronies” like someone previously did so you’re alright in my book.

That being said, I implore you to take trolling and the likes seriously. It’s frustrating when guilds that only come onto Argent Dawn for the ‘atmosphere’ decide that, because they don’t personally RP, they should be allowed to ruin other people’s fun. Obviously it’s your guild, your rules, etc, but personally I think it’d be nice to see guilds disciplining or distancing themselves from members who are known to intrude on RP, though obviously I hope your guild members aren’t the sorts to do so.


Your entry to Arstotzka … has been denied. :point_right: :door:

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Well, unless you were posting IC in the guild chat nobody would ever even know you did it in the first place. Why are you so convinced we are trolls?

Your response felt akin to “Oh, well, personally I have no issues with roleplayers, but if those in my guild choose not to let them enjoy their hobby and proceed to harass them, it’s not my problem - to each their own you see.”

We’ve had a fair share of people just this past week, making themselves known on this realm and when confronted about their stance regarding roleplay and whether they choose to take part in the community, it’s like we just insulted them for even daring to ask such a question - on a RP realm of all places.
But I feel like Obahar took a better approach to this than I did. I suggest you heed his words and actually consider what your place on this realm is.

Guild chat is considered an OOC-channel (Out-of-Character) as far as I know. It wouldn’t be used for roleplaying.

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Sorry I definitely didn’t mean it in the sense of, they probably are trolls and I don’t care. Quite the opposite. I was trying to say that I can’t think why a group of mature players would waste their time trolling anybody, I can believe it happens but I’m yet to see any of it happen here. Think we are all a bit too grown up/busy to waste our in-game time finding out roleplayers and annoying them. I haven’t seen any toxic behaviour aimed at anyone yet!

Here’s the thing: the ones that do - they’re far from mature. Anyone who has things fine in their life shouldn’t find any enjoyment from harassing other players.

But if you and your guild are anything but the kind described here, we’re already off to a much better start.

I still don’t like that it’s a pure PvE guild but eh, this is a much better reply than of what others have presented. I don’t really get the vibe of “here to troll rpers xdd” from this post at all. Still a shame that it doesn’t involve roleplay but atleast there is no downright hostility to other peoples hobby.

This post though.

Make sure this guy never gets into your PvE guild as he is a griefer, thank you OP. Elfbearpig and Venryl are the same guy.

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I’ve a question:

If one of your members was going out of their way to harass role-players, interrupt their events, and generally be an annoyance to the people who are on a role-play realm to role-play…

What would you do to that person who is in your guild?


Despite what the small minority of toxic roleplayers on this server think, you’re allowed to have a pve guild. WoW is for everyone to enjoy, so have fun bro.


Yeah, totally toxic. Would you like to come to SW again to park your mount on top of others? Preferably with your current account you’re posting on since the one you did it with got banned?

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I think you need to drink a glass of water. It’s not healthy being so salty.

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Is it a Scottish thing to have such a thin skin compared to the rest of the UK?