Dear story writing team, please do not insult our IQ

There’s a lot of spit(e) when it comes to storytelling gestures as response to former criticism indeed.

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WoW lore and athomsphere in game went in wrong direction, from grim lore which anyone loved we went into rainbow, unicorns and utopia of unity lore…

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That’s what happens usually when people give in a bit into different approaches from narratives.

To me it seems many narrative writers and movie directors have this “I need to divert from the original source material and do my own thing with this” mindset. Look at Velma show, Halo TV show, Witcher and Mandalorian, etc. In some cases it works, in others it does not.

in WoW case it didnt work… new lore not stick to its legacy, the legacy which attracted all players, because orginaly WoW is meant to be grim in lore. By doing rainbow and unicorn lore they spiting into their legacy.

Ever wonder why Warhammer or dungeon and dragons have best lore ever, because they stick to their grim darkness, no rainbows, no unicorns, no utopias…

WoW world currently feel like unicorn meadow, no really sense of danger… even when there is some sense of danger Alextrasa come and say “together we will overcome challanges” , cannot be more lame.

If you ask me WoW need one big swing into grim lore… like new treat attacked azeroth, all aspect must die for good, players lose their power, and that sanse of danger is back into game.

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Older expansions were of fine balance between cute/goofy and ‘dark/grim’. However, nowadays game has shifted way too much into cute/goofy side of the spectrum.

picture tells more than thousand words


Bravo for that screenshot, exactly… Evolution from grim into unicorn and rainbows…

People need to ask themself why Wrath of lich king was lore best expansion? Because people wanted to discover more grim lore about undeads, more grim lore about nerubians, people wanted to discover remmants of slaughtered blood elves and humans in northerend after war, people loved it grim…

Now compare this lore with runing across meadows with unicorns under rainbow while lapricon dances on table and alextraza says “together we left click kill anyone who threaten us” , and you will see why WoW is doomed if continie that unicorn lore.


I just wanted to kill Arthas. I liked the lore, didn’t like the visuals in expansion, but main reason was KILL ARTHAS!!! He killed his dad


Ye. I love Vermintide 1 and 2 for their grim universe. Also the Warhammer Games.

To me it looks like the “weak” narratives at Blizzard wanting to write “happy joy stories” applied for the wrong franchise teams. They should sit in Hearthstone department or Arclight Rumble. Not in Warcrafts/WoWs Team2(?)

Or even better, they should migrate to damn Nintendo. If I want to play child-friendly games, I play Nintento games.

Blizzards seems to have forgotten that the Main Audience of WoW is 35+ year old Gamer Dads and not 14 year old school Girls.


This is the whole world anyone because everyone is afraid they will offend someone somewhere so they just write bland generic stuff…
The story of this xpac is the worst ever its a joke to call it WARcraft at this point.
The new xpac cinematic is also very disappointing just compare it to BFA, the music, the setting, the animation etc…


To be fair, BFA was fine from the direction and grimness (was my first encounter with WoW btw.). All that was wrong with BFA were the tons of systems + the rushed story lines every season.

Like, if BFA would have been 4 years long with each patch being ca. 240 days long, they could have told a MUCH LARGER story. But no, they tried to compress as many story lines as possible into a single expansion.

And then they wonder why it doesn’t work.

Im talking about the cinematic compared to the coming xpac cinematic. It was very exciting and made wanted to play the game(Im PvPer mainly but still). But now all I get is UHD dialogue between an human and an orc telling him ItS FIne CoME BaCk


You compare an expansion teaser to an expansion cinematic. As someone has mentioned (in here) before, Dragonflight has 2 cinematics. It is very likely that we get another (more epic) cinematic before release of TWW.

The video title says cinematic so until there is a 2nd one its the official cinematic to me.


I like when people talk about realism in a game where they throw fireballs at dragons

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to be honest i dont blame them
They do not see the players of this game in a special way or as a person or a group.
They see the percentages, numbers and population/ and more importantly, they consider the earned income.
It’s a simple matter, they won’t change it until their income from a product and content decreases.
And since the game players are constantly buying everything, they don’t bother themselves to change anything.
crowd controls everything in this game and it is easy to control the crowd of players.
money money money
its all about money.

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And I think saying ‘it’s fantasy, anything goes!’ doesn’t work very well if that means undermining the cohesity and consistency of a setting. So there usually is a realism to a fantasy setting, it has rules and boundaries to help with immersion, even if it not a literal copy of our world :slight_smile:

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Yes but even with old graphic Arthas looked grim as Lich King shoud to… He didnt look like Ken from Barbie.

That I agree. I like war in WoW. This woke is annoying

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he looks like the erran boy of a baldman he will never again be a serious villian just another pawn of the jailer his the star of the expansion: Wrath of the Jailer’s Erran boy now

any cool points arthas had is forever lost his just a D Tier bad guy now i’d even place Kel’thuzad higher since he played arthas like a fiddle