Dear story writing team, please do not insult our IQ

Yes because they will disgrace Arthas and make him look like Ken from Barbie, and make him dance with lepricons and run with unicorn into endless flowery meadows under rainbow while fairies sparke dust over him… Gosh how this game went into bad direction from grim story into sub teenage Pepa pig style story telling and lore.

PS. After all this i mention Arthas will kill poor fawn with Froustmourne, Alextraza will condem him and tell players “We not need to worry because Lich King is in our yard, TOGETHER we will kill him.” Ensuring players that entire lore is under control and there no need to be any sanse of danger, after that she will ressurect poor fawn to totaly nullifiy damage Lich king done, to make even less sense of grimness in game.

I just see a female wildhammer dwarf gryphon rider being impressed by something she sees. Nothing really bad or weird. The vibe of dragonflight is just a bit jolly/happy, but the tone is gonna shift again hopefully to the other pictures you show.

Like sub teenage, she is equaly cute as Teletubbies. (pink one)

Lol. I meak in itself is it really a problem, if one expansion is like that? As long as the next isn’t, why not have some happy filler episode I guess.

In additon wont even comment Ysera and her daughter, nepothism on maximum…

Imagine how world is endangered when Ysera put her unexperienced uneducated daughter as CEO of green dragonflight, girl didnt even finished elemental school, and when she start to encourage her how she can lead i almost get diarheaa.


and what do you expect ysera to do shes bound to ardenweald she only came back to pass the torch before going back there shes someone touched by death she cannot be permantly in the land of the living you only need to look at her model for that

but at least malfurion got a nice vacation in ultimate nightelf hippieland i guess or maybe the winter queen has him doing convent dailies … :smiley:

Actually I like Merithra more. We get to see her earn her wings, so to speak. But who would have made a better choice then?

im sure there was some veterans in green dragonflight beside using nephotism in dire times…

She is one of the veterans.

Southpark roasted disney in their latest episode. Take it as a hint. We are the same age group that started playing wow and watch southpark. If southpark clearly feels what is wrong with disney, i guess they are implying the same to everyone else.

Cant wait for an episode from south park showing the current state of wow


Please… Disney is more mature than wow…
wow rn is at lvl of typical child channel like nick jr or disney junior,
Disney had things like hannah montana it had way more emotional inteligence and depth than any of df lore

She is nephotism in crystal form… If im part of verdant dragonflight I woud never follow her, woud become Fyrakk deluxe asap. If she have experience to become verdant CEO what others look like? But hey where is issue when Alextraza will say “Together we one shot evrything”

WoW story become utopist sub-teenage story, with 0 sense of dangerous world, Pepa pig degree of narative, unicorns, rainbows and flowery meadows. And feeling like you are playing game in god mode cheat.

Quality of lore is like you watch comedy-horror movie genre, if you ever watched that genre you will know what im talking about, not funny not scary, you watch and wonder for what they spend millions, and who wasted its time to record something like this, and you start to be angry on yourself why you even spent your time watching horror commedy, thats exactly what WoW lore become.


What you say is so dumb it makes my rear itch.

First of all, nobody steps up to compete for the rank of aspect with Merithra, if you haven’t been paying attention the dragon aspects seem to vote in their new leader or aspect. That’s how the blue fellow got to be aspect, now I could understand you not knowing that since it happened around Cataclysm, but it just happened with Ebyssian. So there’s no nepotism, no CEO, that’s just plain dumb.

Now I’m one of the guys on these forums who is very vocal about my opinion concerning the overall story, which is crap. Just crap. But I will not let my issue with the overall story taint my opinion of decent characters.

Yeah, they need to go shake some sense into their writing team, I am all for that, but I’m not gonna give them crap for stuff they did right and Merithra becoming the Aspect of the Green Dragons was a good idea.

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lol, no, this is game, when stories like these happen from time to time it’s ok, it should be balanced… df is overwhelmed by stories like this, literally nothing happens, cinematics look like they were made for toddlers to watch, this game has playerbase of 20+ and making cinematics like these for such expensive game is just cringeworthy


Well they think wow playerbase is stupid and underage for sure, according to stuff they give to us…


Disclamer: Watch only if you dont mind mild language:
This one become viral on youtube, honest WoW War within trailer

Best of all anduin rage on Disney WoW story :smiley:


Wow, this is some really awesome theory right there! Thanks for sharing.

It is a bit annoying now, how everyone is overexggareting about anduin…

Damn I quite like your fanfic theory of Sargeras trying to free/awaken Azeroth and not some Old God or some other kind of monster from the deeps…, and then 'ol Sarg himself gettin a mini redemption but also would prob have to die at end :frowning:


Danggg boiiii, those prisons be out here looking almost identical!

good one

did you even watch it? It’s not making fun of new cinematic, they used AI to mock recent cinematics and story… and it’s nothing suprising because everyone have enough of this childish vibe in wow that mostly can even be afforded by people who passed 16 and have good paid job.

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