Dear story writing team, please do not insult our IQ

What about?

  • Gollum (yes, not a likable one)
  • King Theoden
  • His Son Theodréd
  • Elendil & Isildur (both at the beginning of the ring-story)
  • Háma (a Rider of Rohan, killed by a Wharg in second movie)
  • Haldir (the elf commander at Helm’s Deep)
  • Deagol (also at the begining of the ring-story, shown in 3rd movie)

I guess those deaths don’t count to defeat Sauron in his entire “undead” phase, eh?

To be fair, that childish behavior of Chromie is totally IC for her. And Nozdormu was most of the time always the softie.

But she said something alongside “the only losses who count are those we care about” so basically only central characters count, all those lotr side characters aren’t here.
I’m sorry but Warcraft is mostly slaughterhouse no matter which expac we are talking about, jokes about infinite azeroth population are only partly jokes

This is the first expansion where I’m completely disconnected from the lore. I tried to give it a chance at first, but it’s unbearable. :sleeping:


Have you guys noticed, They brought in Yesera, by trading in Malfurion to bring her back and do what exactly? Channel a shield, fail at it… tell Merithra how worthy she is? Isnt she already worthy and hence she became an Aspect? So did they bring her back because they need more Women in all the cinematics?


MarvelS syndrome - that btw flopped really bad


They could have done much more with ysera but no… need to give the limelight to the new aspect of family.

And no wonder people really cant take the story seriously


What else can you expect from the new story writing team? their main focus is on current politics irl. no care about story… just agenda


I am so sick and tired of threads like these.

Holy crap man… Some story elements or events you don’t like and you act as if Blizzard has committed war crimes! Get a fricking grip!
It’s a story. In a game. You’ll live. MOVE ON.

And what irritates me even more is those right wing haters who will jump at every opportunity to spew their hatred of anything to do with any type of inclusion and act as if it’s all some big conspiracy. Please leave the game. I’m 100% sure that the devs do not want you here either.

no, maybe you are incapable of realizing it but this cinematic was copied str8 from pegi 3 fairytale, whole df story is nothing exciting, fb posts of wow are such a childish rubbish , whole game is starting to look like someone’s 7 year old daughter is writing it, this game really looks pathetic at this point, and people are stating to make fun of it, sometimes It makes you feel embarassed you pay for a game that’s written like bedtime for children


Just read your own nonsense.
You are a child. Grow up.

I’m not saying the cinematic was good.
But who cares. Move on. Deal with it LIKE AN ADULT.

Instead of spewing hyperbolic drivel.

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Sorry maybe you like to be treated like an autistic kid, I don’t, and it’s embarassing so no point of being offensive about it :wink:


That’s the thing isn’t it? I don’t take these things personal. Because they’re not.
Because I am able to see reason. Because I can just shrug it off and say: Okay this cinematic was bleh, now I’ll go play the game because that’s what I enjoy.

You DO take it personal, and that just proves once again that you are in fact a child; not able to fully comprehend things and thinking everything revolves around you.

I dont take it personal, its just funny to me that you sit on forums, claim you don’t care and have problem with people crying about cinematic you don’t like too.
it’s not just about one cinematic, its about lore being handled like bedtime for kids in game that has playerbase of 20+ usually.
Wow is dying cuz of aspects like that, no game with lure people while it looks like crap for children

btw you edided your comment 3 times so apparently you really care

I can say the same about you, especially when OP’s issue is widely spoke about because EVERYONE will agree, while you are here sitting, crying and defending something THAT REVOLVES AROUND YOU in this forum thread. You don’t agree ( while claiming it was bad anyway) you don’t have to come here and cry about people writing it, it frustrates poeple so they write, you are crybaby here because you see something that you don’t want, open this, and think your opinion matters more


two person prolonging argument over public forum can be interpret as causing disturbance and violation of tos, person using terms not allowed by language restrictions described on tos can be interpret as violation of tos

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They really make sure to not bring new players in for incoming years it seems


How is that not taking it personal?

Not liking it is fine.
Using all manner of silly over-the-top hyperbolic nonsense to try and enforce your opinion is not. THAT is my issue with it.

More nonsense.

I always do that. I care about grammar and such or sometimes I add some bits for clarity (since not everyone speaks english at the same level). Don’t feel flattered.

LOL. No, you can’t.

Not true.

No. I want people to be TRUTHFUL about their dislikes.
And not compare it to all manner of nonsensical stuff that is simply not based on any kind of reality.

You can dislike something and not post like a raving, raging lunatic who’s shouting nonsense from the rooftop.

I suggest you read my first post in this thread again. Twice.
Maybe then you’ll understand what I actually said. Hopefully.

Here’s some truth. Dragon Flight is one of the best expansions feature wise, among the best when it comes to art and by far the worse story wise. This story “warcraft together strong” crap, whatever, took the crown of bad writing. In my opinion this is the lowest they sunk.

The story, cinematics and the whole vibe IS really childish/soft in this expansion… let’s hope it will be better in the next xpac.

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It’s fine you have that opinion.

I think Shadowlands’ storyline(s) are far worse. Some of those ruined massive parts of Warcraft lore for me. None of DF’s storylines have done that.

Fair enough. Agree to disagree.
I don’t think it’s ‘good’, but ‘the worst’? No.

Are you alright? Not everyone criticising the story is ‘right wing’ but even if many were, it wasn’t so long ago that most reasonable people didn’t wear their politics on their sleeves and demand that everybody, everywhere conforms to their specific brand of ‘values’.

Who exactly do you think the current direction of the game is trying to pander to, out of curiosity? Because as a gay guy myself, I certainly don’t enjoy the increasing lack of grit, consequences and masculinity that drew me into the game in the first place.

It’s funny how predictable your ilk are, though. Anyone can check your recent post history to see you ranting about how ‘dark’ and ‘ugly’ some of the grittier zones in the game were which is apparently fine, though anyone expressing concerns about the increasingly stale ‘power of friendship’ and ‘cutesy’ vibes is apparently going too far and is better off being driven away from the game entirely.

Make it make sense.

Shadowlands has its own particular blend of problems, I don’t think many here will deny that. Sylvanas not being killed off is perhaps the most jarring aspect of the expansion not to mention the many needless retcons intended to tie everything together at the expense of agency for many iconic characters/factions.

Though Shadowlands doing all that does not negate the concerns expressed regarding the tone and aesthetics of the current expansion.