Dear story writing team, please do not insult our IQ

Not even for a kid. My 13 years old niece watched it and said: Uncle (in my language ujo) this is stupid


Oh yeah. By far.
First of all I’m tired to my damned guts of nelfs and anything related to them. We needed 3 damned expansions so they can get a new tree. Where is my new Undercity? I don’t even need 3 expansions for it, one patch would do. But no such luck, aside Shandri’s new ugly best friend Lilly who apologizes for Forsaken. No really, piss off with that. You sold us Forsaken one way for the extent of this game until some narcissists in the writing team decided it’s all wrong and they have to be “fixed”. Bollox to that. As if we needed another Horde leader being an Alliance buddy, cause you know, Calia wasn’t enough.

And that sad questline with the Scarlet Crusade. Are you kidding me? What Scarlet Crusade? Am I missing something? Weren’t these guys wiped out like 5 times over now? They should have just had murlocks or zombies at it would have made more sense.

Now seems Calia who is a member of a council seems to be already deciding for the Forsaken as a whole cause she pulled out the Forsaken out of Gilneas, which the Forsaken have fought for like hell, incuring huge losses. But you know, Calia decides to take a holy crap over that and give a lil wink to her alliance mutt buddy and pull the Forsaken out of there.

To clarify I am in favor of Gilneas becoming a city, but it should have been taken back from the Forsaken. Not treat them like idiots and have them simply leave cause the Alliance girl says so. Crap.

The aspects lost their power why? The age of mortals and all that crap? Where that go? What was the point of it? And Azeroth is now what? A titan? Not a titan? What the hell is going on cause I don’t get it.

Yeah, this expansion story makes BFA look like a work of art. So yeah, worse ever. Bleh.


Neh I was struck with a fairly nasty flu this week. But thanks for asking! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I will be fine though.

I didn’t claim that. So don’t know why you’re suggesting I did?
In fact I addressed it as a seperate issue in that post. So… Yeah.

‘My ilk’ ?
Pray tell… Who are ‘my ilk’?

No and your argument is, sorry to say, nonsensical.
I have made it clear IN NUMEROUS THREADS that I’m fine with whatever opinion you have. I am just not fine with extremely silly, over-the-top nonsensical and hyperbolic comparisons that some people make.

If these threads weren’t filled with such nonense, I’d be fine with them.
Well, I’d find them boring and would ignore them.

I just did. You simply either lacked all the information or didn’t understand it. Hopefully that’s sorted now.

As I’ve stated before: I view DF as a palate cleanser. Which was needed after SL, imo.
Could they have done it in a less extreme manner? Sure.
But I will take what I got. I can handle hope and positivity in high doses a lot better than doom and gloom.

Optimally WoW would have a balanced story with cool epic moments of combat, sweaty manlyman bravado, tense moments and sure darkness and suffering and doom and gloom. But ALSO themes of hope, friendship, growth, etc.

But lots of people are acting as if all of DF’s stories were innocent, cute, sweet themes. And that’s just not true. There have been some heavy handed topics.

But yes… Dragonflight does lack epic moments of heroism and badassery.
That doesn’t mean it’s ‘care bears’ and ‘rainbows’ and ‘my little pony’ and ‘disney’ and whatever other nonsense people come up with.

Balanced, rational criticism. That’s what’s needed.

Ahhh. So it’s jealousy. Check.

Aaaahhh you’re one of those people. Check.

Your opinion.
It’s fine you feel that way. We disagree. That’s also fine.

We can just leave it at that.

The hell does that mean? Those people? A right winger?


This is wow: dragonfligt in pill


The infantile style on the other hand means exactly that.


Don’t bother with this one. When ever he sees some post he don’t like he imidiatly start to spam it and troll it. Best to just skip his comments


But it litteraly is, we litteraly have Chromie and her entrie Storyline with Nozdormu/Murozond or what else was the whole "Chromie sad, but now Chromie happy look at her hugging Nozdormus leg! Aint that cutsy wutsy? :blush: "

Or Vyranoth sudden change? Yeah she was fine with all the Death and suffering they caused during DF up until the Tree came into question, ohh no that poor Tree, but burning down a bunch of Loamm Niffen, yeah that was totally necessary for there goals?

Senegose, just deciding to die? “ohh no, look how sad :sob:

And you’re trying to tell people that this doesn’t feel like you’re watching a Disney Movie made for children? This feels like i’m watching Bambi’s mom getting shot again.


Meanwhile Steve Danuser drinking his favourite latte with 5 cubes of sugar in it and laughing at your post


A fanatic when it comes to your faction/race.

No. It doesn’t. There’s a clear difference.

No need for personal attacks. Stick to the topic.

And yet there are still so many similarities that these comparisons are valid.

There’s a clear difference between care bears and my little pony, too. Nevertheless, they belong to the same category.


Not if you look at it objectively.
Which most people using those sorts of comparisons don’t do.

Sure. But WoW is not the same category as those things.

As opposed to what? What’s the right attitude towards this, according to you?

An no, I’m not a fanatic for just my faction and race but rather the whole game both factions and all races included. Aside nelfs. Cause I’m tired of them.


I disagree. The used stylistic devices (<- objektive stuff) are similar.

So where does that come from? There must be something in the game. Otherwise there wouldn’t be so many people with that opinion since DF.

WoW? No. DF? Yes. Not all the time, but most of the time.

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I didn’t make any judgement calls, so stop trying to make it into something.
I just assessed what kind of player you seemed to be. That’s all.

Are we done?

Can you give me an example of such a ‘stylistic device’ in both WoW and whatever you’re comparing it to?

There actually aren’t that many; if you look at it, you’ll find it’s mostly the same people repeating the same stuff over and over.

And yes, they are unhappy. Well… Tough. Sit it out.
Like I did in SL.

But hey… If they ever go dark again, I know what I’ll be doing on these forums. I will spam the living daylights with whining threads and making absurd comparisons. Because, apparently; that’s all well and good, right?

And I think that’s hyperbole.
SOME of the time. Sure. Not most of the time.
And IMO some of the time is fine.
If there was edgy brooding darkness some of the time, it would be fine.
If there was over-the-top gore and violence some of the time, it would be fine.

As I said earlier: Balance is what we need.

Just wait until sargeras returns. He will explain to us how he was trying to prevent the same thing the jailer was trying to. But now the titans and illidan have given him a stern talking to. So from now on he is good because he has learned the power of family and friendship.

He will tell us : “I’m really sowwy for what i did uWu”. And everyone will forgive him as illidan explains he really changed


Even, though I promised myself I will stop engaging with you, this have to be answered.
From engaging with me it is perfectly clear that you just described yourself. Humans this humans that, Sw this SW that. Fanatic more then I am when it comes to Night Elves. At least I only look for fair treatment and end of destruction of my fav race. As for you, even, though you got MULTIPLE updates to your capital, and I say your because it is human city, you STILL want more and you don’t have enough.

This is not personal attack, just saving sanity of my fav race fellah. And it’s true, should be not bothered with you. You are jumping from fanatics to right wingers and God know what else. I am left leaning guy in my country, but if I would live in U.S. I would be considered middle right winged person. You have any trouble with that? I can judge people too but I am restraining myself because this is a game. It is not representative of Real Life and should have NEVER force people to speak different or include some false RL diversity. It is World of Warcraft. We have enough diversity with races and classes and factions and all Blizzard is doing is disneyfying the game. No race, except humans, should act and behave as humans if they are originally written differently. Now every race in both faction and neutral races are written in the way to represent humans. I am tired of being a human in my RL. Can’t imagine being so unimaginative to play one in fantasy video game. And this is my last answer to you. But I reserve the right to warn other people about who you are and what you are doing.

Have a nice life both in and outside of the game

Good one, but at Blizzcon I was first who predicted that Sargares will actually be THE LAST TITAN. My comment is there from the moment I hear name of Expansion :smiley: Let’s just hope Sargares will be Metzenionized and not danuseroionized :smile: