Delete topic please

Delete the topic please!


Would love to join <3, i send a friend request on discord

We are looking for more ranged DPS (sorry melees) for raiding.

Any class and role for m+. Social and levelers and people who just want a guild for various reasons are more than welcome to join us as well.

Hello, are you by any chance looking for a resto druid? :slight_smile:

Hi. Sadly right now we are not looking healers for raiding. Just DPS or DPS with OS healing.

Added you on discord. Resto/balance druid.

hi i added you mari to discord i think i was in the guild before with my hunter embermind but unsure so hope to join again i had a break from dragonflight but hope to join again in season 2 would love to be a dps hope you can contact me again on discord name Silverbreath#3066 <3 :slight_smile:

Hi, I am just returning to the game and like the sound of your guild. I just switched from NA to EU and plan to start a new character atm. I was wondering if you have room for me to join. What dps classes are you looking for?

We have room. Usually we make do with everyone who wish to raid and fill the missing roles when and if needed. However it purely depends on what you wish to play and feel more comfortable at.
We accept all specs of DPS. If you can play something ranged good, if you prefer melee also fine. Add me on discord so we can discuss in chat what do you want to play :slight_smile:

Okay I added you on discord.

Hi, returning player, starting afresh, applied in game to guild, hopefully you are still accepting.

We are seeking mainly for ranged DPS, with healing OS.

Add me on discord if you are interested: mari.s