Demonology spec bonuses

For this specialization, in Season 4, I would like the bonuses (updated) from:

Für diese Spezialisierung wünsche ich mir in Saison 4 die (aktualisierten) Boni aus:

Para esta especialización y en la temporada 4, me gustarían los bonus (actualizados) de:

Pour cette spécialisation, dans la saison 4, je préfère les bonus (actualisés) issus de :

Per questa specializzazione, nella Stagione 4, vorrei i bonus (aggiornati) della:

  • Season 1 / Saison 1 / Temporada 1 / La saison 1 / Stagione 1
  • Season 2 / Saison 2 / Temporada 2 / La saison 2 / Stagione 2
  • Season 3 / Saison 3 / Temporada 3 / La saison 3 / Stagione 3
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I’m gonna be so upset if I have to play NP again.


I’m voting so I can play NP again. The most fun ability and gameplay.


Anyone who votes for NP must be detached from in-game reality. NP was a nightmare


Why blizzard cant just let us choice in game set! I want play 2Season Set Bonuses with Mastery stat and top burst, but i will play with booring vers stat and 3Season Set Bonus ><

Let choice to us ! !

As a demonology main for well over a decade and having 20 different demo locks I really hope we get the season 2 bonus back, reversions to our full playstyle of season 2 as that was real demonology.

No more catering to people who can’t play nether portal because it is their 7th alt or they main destro/affli and are fotm swappers, give us real demo!


You do understand that it is going to be a impossible to balance every spec having 3 tier sets where they can mix and match 2 sets as well, with all trinkets from all raids as well…

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I don’t get why people are voting for season 2 just to have crazy high burst again, did you forget they nerfed NP and tyrant into the ground?


Good stuff

S2 is my favourite too. It’ll probably be played without NP now though. Including the adjustments made going into S3 it was also extremely strong in M+. Easy 1M+ bursts were going out at only 460 ilvl without an aug. It would be nuts at a higher ilvl.
Overall though, I think the S3 one is better for consistency and sustained damage. Spreading Doombrand with Demonbolt is also quite a lot of fun.

S2 is a non-sense since rework.

I love how people are going for s3 again.

And then you see almost everyone complaining Cata is not baseline and Vile Taint cooldown is too long and they then have to tab-target.

You guys are a joke.

tbh season 1 was my fave, the movement with insta hand of guldans were sweet. Made movement never a issue for a demo warlock

Votes are separate for each spec

Maybe if you don’t like NP / Tyrant you should play a mage, or maybe a moonkin? :innocent:

I heard boomkins are trying to vote for the worst tiers for warlocks and mage’s in their Discord server :cry:

You can’t. All the support for the S2 playstyle was gutted. The set bonus was just a small piece you needed for it. NP is gutted, Tyrant is gutted, RoT is gutted, class trinket gutted. You won’t even have enough shards to get felguard CD down to anything useful without naked tyrant talents.

If you get S2 set bonus, you’re still stuck without ramp, and a 10% damage on the no-ramp playstyle.


tbh unless you to move across the room demo is fine currently like you can easily move to dogde

The felguard CDR still works out pretty well. You can get it down to 1.5 minutes with luck, otherwise you just hold tyrant for a few seconds.

This one is not going to be that great with less core procs.

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For someone who’s played wlock on and off since early TBC you’re wrong. As well as mained it for many, many tiers.

Apart from the target switching for brand S3 tier is perfect. This destroys in M+ and Raids.

If you’re enjoying overly complicated play style for no reason then go affliction or enhancement.

The only thing I’ll say right now is that imps don’t seem to last long enough in 20ish keys because tanks pull so slowly they all expire before the next pull (aside from tyrant extending).

Instead of spawning an imp every X second the talent should be you’ve always got 2 imps.