[Discord] Draenei of Argent Dawn

Archenon Poros, Argent Dawn!

So unfortunately the old post got locked, but we shall preservere - the Draenei of Argent Dawn Discord is still alive and kicking! Currently we have a tail-count of almost 150 members, and we’re always excited to see new people - Draenei RP is and always has been a niche concept, so it’s great to create a sense of a community, no matter what guild or background your character has.

So yeah! No matter if you’re a long-standing Draenei RPer or just started to dip your hoof in (hurr), get in here! We have got regular events going on and advertised, lore discussions, channels to make RP, PvE and guild connections, and you can nerd out about all things Draenei.

The rules for the server are as follows:

-No NSFW content of any kind
-No spamming
-No harassment or doxxing
-Be chill

The link to the discord is as follows:


Hope to see you there!


Huzzah!! This Discord brings all the Draenei to the Exodar…and damn right it’s better than yours.

I’ll get my cape…


Archenon Poros brothers and sisters.

You got all you need, the discord link and the rules. It’s time to join a community of like-minded Draenei RPers.

I approve of this.


Come and learn some Draenei lore. :grinning:


Not particularly a Draenei RPer myself, but I heavily endorse this! Awesome work!

May the light be with you all!


My favourite discord community to be part of!


I am late…


This community has been very welcoming. I’m looking forward to the RP we will have!


A Kump is never late, nor is he early, he posts precisely when he means to.

Also bump and Happy Easter! We had quite a few new arrivals since the post was remade, so keep on coming, Draenei!


It is great to see all the Draenei flowing into the channel! Hoping to see more and more coming. Let our hooves shake the ground as we amass!

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Arcane pour us fellow draenei friends… it is i B’rry the draenei and i 100% support this post.


It’s great to see so many new Draenei coming in! So bumping this in hope to meet more soon.

The last weeks we have seen more and more hooves coming in. Great to see the community grow! Please join the discord if you play a Draenei and just want to chat with others of well developed taste.

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Bump for Draenei-ness!

This weekend saw another great gathering of the Draenei community at the Azuremyst Village Hours. Want to stay up to date with our events and our infamous lore discussions? Hop on board!


Great for LORE and cute marsupial pets

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This channel had a whole wave of new arrivals in the last week, keep 'em coming! :slight_smile:
Looking forward to have more Draenei on board (we won’t crash this time, promised)


Bump for the AD Draenei community - home of last year’s Hour of Light, as recently endorsed on Drama Time :wink:


Like what you see? Bring your Draenei (or roll one) and join us!


This weekend we are busy with our community RP event with a number of people from different guilds in our community. It is a lot of fun!

Want a chance to join next time, join the discord as well and just hang out with all of us!

Pheta thones gamera.


Draenei of Argent Dawn, the discord with the highest tail count of the server!

Also, this is happening this weekend - join the discord to stay up to date on the AVH and other Draenei community events!

[Draenei RP] Azuremyst Village Hours - SUNDAY May 30th! :checkered_flag: Race Night! - Argent Dawn - World of Warcraft Forums (blizzard.com)


It is time this got bumped again. Join if you’re a Draenei RPer!

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