DragonFlight DK talent tree Feedback (big post)

couple of months I made a thread with some general suggestions that would help improve the death knights in the future. Looking at the Dk talent trees I feel like what we got here… is essentially what I wanted. That being – having a lot more choices and the ability to make different WORKING builds within the specs. Many legendary effects and other powers we wanted to combine because of a good synergy and were unable to… well now that’s possible. Having options to switch to different talents that will impact the different content we do.

So played around with the talent calculator and I want to share my feedback and suggestions about it.
Overall im 90% happy with the results. Some talents could improve their position in the tree. Also I feel like dks need something new, New ability… something. Its new expansion after all.
I will focus only on unholy and frost since that’s what I mainly play. Have not played blood seriously since Legion, so I will not comment on that spec.

First the general Dk class tree.
Right of the bat, the first 2 rows are pretty much mandatory for most of the builds. Maybe you can skip middle part with the death strike, but I feel like progressing down to death’s advance is a Must for all dk builds. I can’t imagine playing without any movement speed. Also having AMZ and Asphyxiate right there… those are some of the biggest utilities we can have as dks. So… im not sure what build will not go down that path.
Maybe some builds like Breath Frost will skip the right path with the Raise ghoul and improved D&D, but now when we have Obliterate cleaving D&D… it pretty good choice if u are doing AOE fight/m+ with any frost build. Brittle and Unholy Ground are also very strong talents. Might of Thassarian - % str is also great.
And then we have the left side another few talents that we cant play without. Interupt, IBF and Runic Emp/Runic Corruption. Those resource regen talents have always been the make it or break it passives that smooth our rotation and gameplay. Without them… I cant imagine any builds working.

So for me… this is the base tree that I want to build everything else from

After that it’s a choice if we want to go down and play with Soul Reaper/Abom Limb/ERW
And what im most interested in is, having 2 of the bottom row talents selected in the builds.
We can get Abom limb with Soul reaper, Or Empower Rune weapon+Soul reaper, or Abom+ERW etc.

So yeah, the last 3 rows are very interesting and provide some strong talents. I like the fact we got Horn Of winter available for all specs. 2 runes on demand is always very handy. Will of necropolis will also help a lot in any type of content (pvp especially).

So yeah, in general im happy with all this. I do however want to suggest to place the some base passive % increase talents more outside of the main paths if possible. Having to spend 3 points in improved Death Strike just to take abom limb as dps build. Its kinda oof. But then again. Its supposed to be a choice where you sacrifice one thing for another.
On the bottom of the post you will find an image with my suggestions for improving the base DK tree.

So yeah, overall im happy with it. Also taking Empower Rune Weapon as unholy sounds nice.

Now for UNHOLY
Im very happy with the direction where this is going.
Few things I wish should be improved/changed in general that many community members asked for long time.

  • Get Dark Transformation off GCD and remove the useless aoe dmg it does.
  • Remove the RNG from Festering Strike. Make it so it applies 3 wounds base. I like the Infectious Wounds talent. But RNG on top of RNG feels bad. You can either be very lucky with your rotation… or super unlucky. Nothing feels worse than ruined rotation just because of RNG. Especially early expansions where Unholy is always resource starving due to lower amounts of haste. SO please remove at least one part of the RNG in this situation.
  • Fix the summoning animations for unholy pets. Having to wait 4 seconds till your summons get their a** of the ground is annoying.

Yeah those are things little off topic… but always come to mind where thinking about problems with unholy.

  1. So I played around with the talent calculator there and come up with few builds that I think will work.
    First something like this will be pretty decent Death coil oriented single target build. With good execute dmg
    (some reason the talent calculator unselect ebon fever when I link. SO ye that 1 point is assigned to ebon fever)
    Getting empower rune weapon would feel good. Off GCD cooldown… that’s pretty much better than unholy frenzy in all aspects. (just 5% lower haste). Army of the damned directly synergize to death coil.
    Ofcourse I would love morbidity and festermight, but I don’t think we can take those. Maybe if we do a bossfight without execute dmg, we can remove Reaping and Infected Claws and take Festermight, then go take abom limb instead Soul reaper.
    I think this build will be playable. Depends again on numbers and tunning if its going to be viable.

  2. Second build I want to try is what we had in BFA. We have Festermight back, we have a lot of talents that I think will bring back the big AOE mass bursting wounds build back. Boosting our str% this time (in bfa was flat STR bonus) . One thing I noticed – Festermight says its 1 /2% per stack. Stacking. But we don’t know if it will be up to 30 stacks as before. 60% strength sounds insane. But then again… in bfa it was kind of like that. Ofc that would only happen during mass aoe pulls. On single target I remember I rarely went above 15-16 stacks of festermight before it reset.
    But now… with all the other goodies we had… I think something like this would be amazing for M+.

So unfortunately Unholy Assault is not the same as in BFA and it may be slightly worse. But it should be ok build overall and I think it will work.
You can notice I took Defile. The main AOE damge for this build is coming from bursting as many wounds as possible inside D&D. So with Death’s Echo and Defile we would have permanent Defile (unless they nerf the cooldown of Defile. Right now its 20sec**) Pestilence** will stack wounds to everything inside Defile. But our main source of mass wounds will always be Infected claws during Dark Transformation. That’s why its little bit tricky to get that Talent since its on the other side of the tree. But its mandatory.
Unholy Ground will provide us with permanent 6% haste.
My concern with this build right now only is the damage of Defile. Ofc having in mind all the other synergies it has with this build… it may not need damage. Its enough to provide us with all the wounds and haste and all that. But so far Defile has always been behind Unholy Pact as a talent. And with Death’s Echo we may actually not need it. And just play with d&d and Unholy pact.
Also Soul Reaper here… is not rly needed. But because of death’s echo right there… Mite as well take it.

  1. And a dedicated PET build

I think this would be the best option. Taking ERW will help with the initial resource and haste gain to buff Gargoyle that we gonna use. And Runic Attenuation will add more runic power for more Death Coils. I really hope they do Gargoyle justice. Its been bad for too long.
Noticed the tooltip of Unholy Blight does not provide the 5% pet dmg now. Hope that’s back because it will fit better for its position in the tree.

  1. A Disease build. But like I mentioned above… For that to work… I think we need something like Superstrain in a form of a talent. Because I like Morbidity. Will not link any build because I don’t think its going to work with the current talent tree. It will need few extra additions also I think. Like Adding Diseases to Reaping %bonus. Buffing Ebon Fever to work for ALL diseases not only Virulent Plague. Stuff like that.

  2. PVP unholy. Im not big pro at PVP so ill just link what I think it will be good build for pvp. But … dunno… this will depend a lot on comps you play with/against.

+ebon fever.
Something like this… No point in Army since… no abomination anymore (I guess?)
Double chains of ice will be rly cool to have. Double grip+abom limb :smiley: Better survivability with Will of necropolis. I wish I could take Acclimation also but… rly don’t know what else to sac. Maybe we wont need double chains of ice all the time. While 2 min IBF sounds good.


One thing I want fixed/changed before looking at the talents

  • Add Rune of Razorice to Might of the Frozen Wastes. Our set bonus fixed this problem in SL … Even though 2h Obliteration is still very much behind Breath. The set bonus did make it technically playable.
    Just think of a way that when we play 2hander we don’t miss out on one Runeforge. Thanks.
  1. The Breath build. I personally don’t like Breath. I never did. It’s so dependent on the bossfight designs/timers and in some cases RNG, just so you can perform well, it’s exhausting. I wish Breath is redesigned to Bonestorm type of ability where you pool RP, and exhaust it by pressing one button that deals dmg in a cone in front of you, for set amount of time depending on the Runic Power spent. Up to 20 seconds for 100rp spent. The pressure to maintain breath for long as possible will be gone while you still have to time it correctly to get the maximum effect for those 20secs. But that’s just me. Many ppl like it the way it is right now. So it will probably stay the same.
    Anyway. This build actually looks preeeeetty decent.

All those AOE talents selected. I imagine a walking icestorm. Breth of Sindragosa, Abomination Limb, Double ERW. We have all the Remorseless Winter goodies Biting Cold, Everfrost, Gathering Storm. Those on their own are currently amazing for m+. We have the Frost Whelps from bfa, and a 1.5min stunning Frostwhyrm’s Fury. And of course – Chill Streak. Amazing aoe ability that we had a chance to use in pve in BFA, thanks to the azerite neck. The two choice for supporting Chill Streak also look right on spot. One supporting 2/3 target cleave. The other 5+. And ofcourse Rage of the Frozen champion legendary that we currently use, that help us a lot with Longer Breaths.
For single target, just remove Chill Streak and select Runic Command for 10 extra runic power? This should be buffed to 20 extra RP. 10 is too low. And on DK tree we can select Soul Reaper instead Abom Limb. Even tough Abom Limb is pretty decent giving us Rime each 4 seconds.
Overall I don’t have any concerns with this build. Seems its going to work great.

  1. Icecap! I personally had fun in end of BFA playing Icecap frost. And now technically we have all the talents/abilities to make that same build work once again. We have Icy Citadel azerite trait back in form of Enduring Strength. Though, now it gives % bonus not flat main stat. We Have The Frostwhelps that we shoot for each Pillar we Press. However I do have few concerns and doubts about this build working and being competitive. The idea of the build was reducing the Pillar CD so much so you press it again while the strength bonus from Enduring Strength is still up and you overlap them. And each Pillar press will give you Stronger Frostwhelp + Tracking your other buffs you can Snapshot big Frostwhyrm’s Fury/Cold Hearts.
    Very consistent damage build.


This is what I think will be the go-to Single Target build with Icecap. We have double ERW that probably going to be best used with each Pillar to be able to spam more abilities that crit in that short window.
We take Cold Heart because it used to be very nice snapshot-able ability when we overlap the str bonuses. Frigid Executioner, Murderous Efficiency, Runic Empowerment, All great rune regeneration talents that will help us spam more Obliterates.
Things I wished I had with this build are the Absolute Zero… its just 1 point right there… But don’t know what I can sacrifice to get it. Also we are missing a lot cleave dmg not being able to touch Gathering Storm and EverFrost and Chill Streak. But yeah… Its pure single target Build.
For M+ AOE/Cleave fights the build would rely on Frostscythe.


We take also Double Chains Of Ice with Proliferating Chill – giving us 2x Cold Hearts. We take Chill Streak again. Frostwhyrm Fury and Abomination Limb. We can grab Gathering storm now or 1 Point in Everfrost. Spamming Frostscythes was very satisfying and with high amount of crit we could reduce the cd of Pillar down to 10 seconds. It was crazy. Then we had like 20 seconds of both Icy citadel and Pillar buffs. Basically perma uptime on 4-5+ targets aoe. Shooting out a Frostwhelp each 10 seconds! So yeah… it was fun and I hope we can do it again. Buuut there are some problems I see in the build.

  • One problem… is - we cant Get Murderous Efficiency. It’s a must talent and without it… I think we will have rune regeneration problems. Especially if we are on single target boss in a dungeon.
    I would suggest to swap the position of ME with Bonegrinder. Make ME 2 point talent if you must. Or allow us to go upward in the tree. That way we could maybe take ME instead Absolute Zero.
  • The other problem is… Pillar of Frost is nerfed compared to BFA. Its only 12 seconds duration on 1 min cd. Where in Bfa it was 20 seconds duration. That’s a BIG nerf. And only 12 seconds duration … will make the whole idea of overlapping the STR buffs nearly impossible.
    Suggestion I have is to place back Pillar of Frost as baseline ability, and make the talent instead increase its duration to 20secs.
  • Last problem that IMO is the biggest. In BFA, what makes all those things work and this build playable and strong was… CORRUPTION. Thaats right. In order to perform good we needed like 50% crit and 50% haste. I remember if I fell bellow 40% of one of those… I started experiencing problems maintening the rotation and all that. Soooo …. Considering we will never get to see such secondary stats. There should be some tuning with the abilities that make the build possible to be played. If not… All that I wrote above … that wont happen.
    The last suggestion I have is to Add Howling Blast crits to affect Icecap. This way abom limb giving us rimes will help the build. Biting cold will help as well.
  1. Obliteration build. For Single Target … I think something like this would work


This is 2 handed Obliteration. Something I always wanted to main… buuuut….
Problem is… comparing the builds we had so far… For obliteration… I don’t see anything new and exciting that makes me want to try and play it. Aside from having 2 empower rune weapons that will help…and Soul reaper. I don’t know… Its just booring. And right now… once again just because we NEED to take 1 extra talent so we make 2handed obliteration work ( Might of the Frozen Wastes) we literally missing one one extra point that we can take as Dual Wielding. We can get Absolute zero for example. That and the fact we will miss one RUNEFORGE… its just. Why would you play 2 handed while Dual wield is str8 up better.
You have to make some changes Blizz.

And for M+ aoe… we don’t have much we can improve. Go Abom Limb instead Soul Reaper. Get Unholy Ground for haste inside D&D. But we cant get Death’s Echo that would have been be good synergy. We can grab Chill Streak… but then it’s a dead talent if we fight a single target boss inside a dungeon. While Biting Cold and Gathering storm still provide good aoe and some single target dmg.

Now the Only real potential I see in Obliteration build is 2 target cleave raid boss fights.

Here we have Chill Streak with Piercing Chill. Unholy Ground with Death’s Echo and Soul Reaper.
It’s the 2 target Cleave build. Unfortunately… I think the first Breath build I linked, will be a better choice overall. Even for such fights.

So yeah, something needs to change in order to Make Obliteration, even dual wielding competitive. Back in Legion, obliteration was very fun and viable spec. But then, what I remember is. We had Howling blast hitting like a truck. We had 45sec cd Pillar of frost that lasted 20seconds. It was constant weaving Rime and KM procs… and it was very very strong. It felt strong in M+ without even touching Frostschyte.

So my suggestions for Obliteration is to add some interaction with Rime. Buffing Rime and its damage even more.
Make Might of the frozen wastes baseline again. Maybe Add that Rime buff on its place.
Replace Motfw with new talent that grants- After consuming Killing Machine, your next Howling blast or Frost Strike deal 100% extra dmg. Literal synergy with Obliteration when we weave correctly those abilities. It’s in a position in the tree, where Breath build will not rly be able to get it efficiently… Nor icecap.

Overall thoughts.
I like the way the talent trees shape up. I would personally prefer to get some of those mandatory abilities back as baseline and the talents for them to be some direct buff for those abilities. Or some cool effect.
The third row of talents looks very weird tbh. Both avoidance and leech talents are very booring… and weak. And also abilities like Sacrificial Pact/Wrath Walk, used to be a regularly used in many occasions. Now… spending 2 points for them and risking not getting some of the bottom last row talents – feel very bad.

This image I have reworked the DK tree adding my ideas about it. The things ive mentioned earlier in this wall of text.

I added Fleshcraft back on the place of Blood Scent. I love that ability. And from Fleshcraft we can chose Death Pact and Ultimate Form (the Marileth soulbind passive that makes our Fleshcraft CC immune and heal 2% per second while channeling.
Added Death’s Advance on Suppression’s place. From DA, we can select Sacrificial Pact and Fleeting Wind (the current finesse conduit that gives 25% extra movement speed for 3 seconds after Death’s Advance is used).
On the place of Death’s Advance I placed Wrath Walk. It feel way more natural to be there. And if we want to progress in that path we can choce between Wrath Walk/Asphyxiate/AMS Barrier. For me it feels way more natural.
Moved Permafrost on Icebound Fortitude’s Place. IBF goes Baseline. Our main Defensive CD should be baseline ability.
Added the Superstrain - 3 point talent on the place of Improved Death Strike. And from It added Improved Death Strike as one point talent on row 9. Veteran of the Third War is one point talent now.
Reasoning: Make veteran of the third war 1 point talent, same as Brittle and IBF on that row. It has been a passive all those years. I don’t see why we waste 2 points now for it.
Then, on row 8, change the Improved Death Strike to something else - My idea is to give Superstrain back there. 3 point talent that will give us the other 2 diseases (blood plague and frost fever) with reduced effectiveness 10%( each point will increase their effectiveness by 10% (40% max). This will synergize well with the Morbidity unholy talent. Boosting our dmg thanks to a disease stacking build. Ofc numbers should be balanced.
Then the last point we have left (from the veteran) – we can simply make one more dead end talent going out from Superstrain to the side , same as the other 2, (runic atten and death’s echo paths) where we will have 1 point Improved Death Strike. Tanks will take it, PVP-ers will take it. PVE dps will not, and still have access to Abom Limb without feeling like wasting 3 points to get it.

Other thing that comes to mind… is Runic Empowerment and Runic Corruption. IMO they should remain passive baseline spec bonuses like right now. On their place on the talent tree you can think of another good choice node. I have nothing in mind right now. But even if they stay there… I think its ok. But there won’t be a choice. You will always need one of those always.

I will not make more images with reworked trees, just going to note few other changes I think should be made.
I already mentioned that I would love to get Pillar of Frost baseline and instead have a talent that improves its duration. Or Cd.
Swap Murderous Efficiency with Bonegrinder.
I would like having Army of the Dead back baseline, instead make the talent to reduce the cooldown to 6mins. (with Army of the Damned talent we could reduce it down to 3min. And it will line up with Gargoyle maybe? )
Army of the Damned should include Epidemic as well.

Feel free to add other suggestions. Or point things I may have missed or things you guys disagree with. Let’s help devs do this right!
Overall I’m happy with it. Definitely right direction. Just hope with further changes… we don’t break what we have here. Because for me… its almost there !! GJ!

               [What i would love to see in the talent tree]


  1. Inexorable assault now having every stack you consume has a chanse to proc KM and KM now can stack up 2 stacks of KM

  2. Avalanche no longer a passive talent but a 3 min-5 min cd where the death knight throws a giant avalanche at the targeted enemy location whit a passive effect that makes your rime proc now can stack up to 2 stacks and 2 stacks can be spent at the same time creating stronger howling blast

  3. Frozen pulse should now deal it’s damage every time remorseless winter deals damage this way if you play 2 handed frost you dont get screwed by the weapon swing timer also for every tick it does it’s damage it has a chanse to proc rime

  4. Glacial advance should get changed in to how our 4 set bonus works now in Shadowland for every KM you spend you fire of glacial advance

I would have loved to see apocalypse having 3 talent nods to choose from

  1. When you use apocalypse you no longer raise ghouls but instead you apply a new disease called something like festering plague that will deal higher damage based on how many unique dots you have on the enemy target my hopes whit this is giving dk a chanse to be a master of diseases instead of necromancer

  2. Next turn apocalypse in to a longer cd that you need to channel at the enemy target for massive damage that can also hit enemy that are caught in between it’s blast radius this gives unholy DK a burst talent option over the more damage pressure over time effect plus this will be the same thing LK did at the lights hope during the DK starting quest zone pvp talent can even add a knock back to apocalypse spell if blizzard want to make it a unique pvp talent

  3. Your festering wounds no longer deals damage but for every wound you pop you now summon 1 army ghoul whit scourge strike/clawing shadow as for apocalypse when you use this spell instead of just summoning 4 ghouls it’s more like 4+4=8 ghouls this way DK can finally have an army of the dead and feel more necromancer heck that way we can maybe remove army of the dead talent and rather bring in the abomination in it’s place as you wont really lose army whit this apocalypse talent

  4. They should add back necrotic plague whit some new twist to it first one festering wound pops builds 1 stack of necrotic plague up to 15-30 stacks the duration can’t be extended and will run off when the duration is over so you will have to start over on building stacks next effect if necrotic plague gets spread it will apply new dot to the enemy called wandering plague this will not deal higher damage than 1 stack worth of necrotic plague and cant build stacks like necrotic plague but if you were to have necrotic plague say on two targets and then use unholy blight that will now have this built in effect of spreading your diseases on topp of being a disease talent itself then you will have 2 wandering plague effects active on the same player target as both had a unique necrotic plague on them causing it to spread more wandering plagues on both enemies afflicted by that necrotic plague effect they had

  5. Not so unique but a talent option nonetheless is to now have blood plague and frost fever as a talent option just so the DK can build a full on master of diseases build in the talent tree just like a unholy empowering build whit apocalypse and unholy strike and clawing shadow that empower your play style or master necromancer build were you get lots of zombies skeletons and big flesh monstrosities

  6. Last talent that i can think of is the skulker talent i think it’s so bad to just get the Warcraft 3 skeleton archer now how about baking in the magus and add the skeleton warrior from plague land that use the 2 handed axe it can use charge and cleave also skeleton necromancer that has a unique effect of casting ghoul frenzy at random army ghouls buffing the melee attack speed and if the enemy dies as the following enemy typing beast/humanoid/aberration/undead it will raise them as skeleton whit models of those that are just bones some will just turn in to default skeleton as they dont have a skeleton skin in game


for the neutral tree i actualy have no problems, you got plenty of freedom to take lots of cc or lots of improved defensives or utility or just go full dmg with left and right bottom trees, you can be frost with soul reaper for example. even the new talents like making ghoul an actual defensive for blood i enjoy.

the dps specs is the one i will look later but lots of good paths made for frost being able to play lots of builds (frost whelps are back baby!!!)

for blood spec i also dont have any problem… except the last points in the bottom rows. quoting myself:

the bottom rows should be mirrowed from the center and purgatory put above grasp.
by swaping the left talents with the right talents the ST tanking with vamp blood talents remain together on the left and the aoe talents together on the right


Just my thoughts on the frost and general tree in the general tree I would love to see a othe row of Cross linking so you could hop into the centre row from either side to give more options,

In the frost tree unless there is no dps difference between dw and 2h oblit specs possibly rolling might of the frozen wastes into improved killing machine as I can see taking MotFW over other tallents feeling bad if the increase is dose not feel substantial over the dw version which will still have access to an additional tallent point not spent on MotFW, two rune forges and and potentially unholy bonds to further widen the gap.

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A bit late compared to when they released the dk talent tree. My post is about Blood DK and what i want to express are my worries about the bottom talents where we can aqcuire our current tier set in a nerfed form. What i mean is that we lose the meat shield conduit and the strengh buff we currently have but these things will mostly affect damage. In terms of defensiveness the parry you get from Dancing Rune Weapon is massive and will probably be still super op. So what i suggest is to buff the other options a lot so that you can balance the bottom row properly. I mean a nice playstyle could be made with the talent trees surrounding vampiric blood. The right row has red thirst as an option and an interesting damaging talent around vampiric blood. Could be a build for raids where you can time the phases for big dps while being a monster of self healing/death strike spam/absorb (from the talents above) and hp. Very optimal for raiding.
The same can be said about bonestorm you can buff it and make it a big breath of sindragosa style talent. It has a cool talent above it and can be a interesting playstyle. Very fun for m+ and keys up to 27s
Purgatory can be the op talent for high mythic raid progression and M+ because of the talent ahead like 28s or low geared characters.
Then you have crimson rune weapon which can still be a playstyle in M+ especially totally viable and optimal. It then goes to preferance. You could argue that the current tier set confuses me a bit as i dont play that much of bdk recently and i focus more on my monk but still i like doing keys.
If we can have the option to play optimally or with very low differences the playstyle we want trust me i would easily go the vampirc blood way of things.
Also some extra notes as Foul Bulwark could get a buff i think or something it is just a joke

100% this, great idea for immersion, terrible for actual gameplay. It needs to be like warlock, on first summon it has an animation, after that nah lose it. Really REALLY annoying waiting and losing dps and pften ground too if were moving creating more delay again!
That includes after sac pet too, mate it fast spawning.

I just want boneshield back and also dk presences.


Guys i have to stop by and ask. Since your talents were released…like couple months ago.

Did anything changed. Did any ablity became baseline, did any talent swapped positions on the tree…reworked…anything after the initial feedback was given? Or is it exactly pin point same as it was released?

Talents were released weeks ago, not months. Nothing has changed so far.

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Ok iz was a month ago. Sorry for my exaggeration. But i feel like you get my point.
I do feel like one month is a long time to do some changes tweaks etc.
Asuming that these talents for all classes arent done by two guys.

Am just asking because in shadow recently released talent tree is many “wtf” talents and positions of talents. So im looking for any hope it will be adressed. I realy hope they arent waiting for beta testing.

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from what things looks like death knight are not gaining any new and interesting things and we end up spending far to many point on core ability’s we currently have baseline in shadowland there are no new talent’s to any of the specs to spice things up any thing added is something we have or had at one point in time so it’s from how things look like are going to be a pretty boring Dragonflight for death knight players unless change in beta.


I saw now these new trees for rogues and hunters, and compared to what we have… it’s a joke, really.
Our baseline abilities are absolutely trash - water walking and Acherus teleport? Wow.
Rogues have baseline interrupt, stun, movement buff, emergency healing, hunters also have movement buff, emergency heal, damage reduction buff and disengage…
And we have rune strike - something that will never be used. Frost DK got a free Death Coil! Great, now I can put it into my bar and never use it in my rotation!

This is ridiculous. I get that we are still before testing phase, but that big of a difference between classes is absolutely comical. It’s infuriating. Everything that we can call “utility abilities” are inside our talent trees entirely. It only shows that, again, Blizzard just don’t know what to do with DKs and they are completely out of ideas. Absolutly disgusting.


at this point i am not buying Dragonflight unless blizzard adresses the major issue the death knight talent tree have cause watching other classes getting the cake while we have to beg and choose for a few pieces just pisses me off real good

there is a large blue post available now, lots going on with DK tree.
Significantly initially for unholy too.

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I like the things they said in the blue post. I rly want to see the new tree. (wtb alpha access /sadge)

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whit blizzard now are going to fix unholy talent tree we should send feedback that they should put the abom pvp talent in to the pve talent tree

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I would just like to double down on the posibility of a disease build. It would be a pretty cool playstyle of maintaining more than one disease, and potentially extending exisiting diseases such as unholy blight through rune, rp, or bursting wounds.

I didnt play dk during wod, but the idea of something like necrotic plague could come back in some form aswell to support this type of build.

Final point for me would be that it could be really cool with either a capstone or a side node that lets you play with out the main pet. I think with the new suggetsted capstone of a big 50% damage increase to minions during dark transformation it could be cool to see a capstone that does something completly different from revolving around your pet and dark transformation.


Dk class tree felt like “too classic” in the way that tree layout was just 3 columns without being able to cross the tree. So that change is a step in the right direction as to what class trees should look like. I can’t wait to see the final form !

As for UH, I just think they should get rid of festering wounds, as it’s some kind of combo points tied to 1 target. Since they’ve tied rogue’s combo points to the player rather than the target, then I see no reason whatsoever as to why UH DK should keep such out dated mechanic.

I also kinda wish they’re bringing back necrotic plague or at least superstrain legendary to give UH a more “dot/plagues” oriented playstyle.


Ye, wounds are scuffed combo points. But tooo much of the current design relies on them. I doubt they will consider remaking the class to that extend. Im just happy they noted that the RNG of applying wounds is very bad thing. And for Target switching … i allways wanted something to help with that. A buff to Pestilence could maybe help with that. It will help with the BurstingSores Defile Festrermight aoe build as well. But if Pestilence instead of having 10% chance to apply wounds on dmg. Just have it applying 1/2 wounds to all targets it first hits. It will be easy to switch to new target by droppin d&D. This will be amazing.

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I just noticed that on alpha, on the Shaman tree there’s a talent called “Ancestral defense” which gives 3% Leech and Avoidance.
My question, why? Why do we need to spend 2 talend points (Blood scent + Suppression) just to get the same benefit? Those talents are already dull and boring, but being aware of the fact that other class can get the same thing just half the price feels extremely bad.
I get that those are different classes and armor type, I get that it’s just alpha, but it seriously looks like class teams weren’t even talking to themselves about talent revamp…