Easy AV premade fix

No longer show wich number of av you are about to join!


I think they should just disallow addons signing others up. I’d like to do AV with a friend or 2, there’s nothing wrong with that. Premades don’t just mess up things for horde, they also mess up the queues for alliance puggers. Sometimes we end up in a ~20v40 for the first 5 mins into an AV because no doubt a premade has messed up the queues for us. Something seriously needs to be done about it.

Still possible to end up in the same, because the matchmaking pool is so small when there’s an instant queue that you’re much less likely to be split up as long as you just queue up at the same time.

While when there is a long queue time, it keeps accumulating more and more players with a minute or two difference in time spent in the queue for it to pop between everyone, and you end up much more likely to be split randomly even though attempting to end up in the same.

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It is still possible, however they cannot just drop it and reque instantly.

Go play retail :slight_smile:

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i’m very sure i was playing vanilla wow long before you were born little one!

actually good thought but blizzard actually doing it is like let’s say it’s more likely that we all die out to an asteroid hitting tomorrow the earth than this happening

It wont work. Russians did the same on retail as alliance premades do in classic: they used discord and signed up at the same time. If the the pool is small then 90% who signed up together will end up in the same instance.

There’re no addons to sign others up. There’re no addons to sign yourself up even. All premaders click manually and communicate via Discord (or a communication addon/weakaura).

To OP, alternative idea: no changes.

Not gonna happen.

Thinks that CAN happen:

  1. git gud
  2. reroll ally
  3. go back to retail
  4. try to organize during pugs

Welcome to reality.

Nice fix would be switch racials between alliance and horde, tryhards will reroll alliance, horde will get rid of queues and will easily premade av

This is called WOTLK.

Hordes suffering in classic, why not try this once well worked medicine

its not like original wow anymore.

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