Eternity’s End Preview: Solo Shuffle

Eternity’s End Preview: Solo Shuffle

Dive into the heart of this new feature with insights from the World of Warcraft team.

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While this is a good idea on paper, I am not sure whether ending the match as soon as one player dies is a good idea. It might create a lot of toxicity as the stakes will be far higher than in the regular rated PvP.


Sounds like a ham shank

Um… :thinking: I’m excited to try but it seems more complicated than it has to be.


As a solution to the solo queue problem of matchmaking it’s rather ingenius. I can’t say I’ve thought of it or come across it.
Whether it will translate to a good game experience in practice is hard to say. There’s definitely the fear that people will be prone to quit during the match if they lose in the beginning. But that happens in other games as well.
It’ll be interesting to hear the feedback for sure.

to make it good make sure add -50% rating penalty for any leavers


I agree. Since I am (atm) not a good arena player, it could mean that my team has always a higher chance to lose the round because I die early due to my own mistakes.

I think they should call the rounds when 2/3 players per team are down. Also possibly disable revive abilities, to prevent round extension.

would have hoped for rbg, since i’m a noob and i’ll die quickly in arena :—)

Edit: Specially now after that I read following:

“Unlike regular Arena, the first team to kill an opponent will immediately win the round.”

I’ll probably not play it :’-)


I remember when I did 2v2 arena in TBC with a shaman friend, while I was a BE hunter.

My shammy friend kept dying, if I had not been able to continue fighting my 2v2 matches would have had way more Ls than Ws.

Let the other team mate keep fighting, thanks.


“On one team, the second DPS is a Mage while the other team has a Death Knight. One of the Rogues is going to feel like the matchmaker did them a disservice”

For contrast sake - this is how the game should look like: - no need for any custom restrictions on any class/ability, when the game is not homogenized to the point where class colors are the only distinction between classes. The time to throw in the towel has long passed, Blizzard.


Hm focusing the character that’s boosted will be so good hehe


If the queue is solo and random… how can anyone be boosted? xD


sounds interesting


Thanks for trying creative ways to make solo q work, happy to try it! Got several concerns but at least this is a start.

How will a player leaving affect the rating of the others? That the leaver´s rating drops is logical, but will the series end then and rating be distributed based on the games already played?

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We’re approaching this idea carefully as adding a new format to PvP is a big commitment. Our intent is to implement this idea as a PvP Brawl first, so we can experiment with the format, discover any problems, and receive your feedback. If the format is well-received during the brawl, we can dig into the plan for rating changes, dealing with people abandoning the match, how the ladder will work, and rewards. This article is the first step in that process so please share your thoughts with us in our forums or @WarcraftDevs on Twitter.

You’re going to add a circus act of 6 arena matches in a row with a first kill wins condition.
Why twist things up and around like this? I don’t get it.

People have been asking for a Solo Queue system. Either you add the option for 2v2 and 3v3 giving us a choice or you just add rating on the arena skirmish and call it a day. Please don’t complicate things or try too many new things, that never works out for you.

I don’t want to try to think about the issues regarding your “Solo Shuffle” system ideas since that’s a HUGE waste of time and effort since it won’t be a success it will be a brawl.

If it’s actually a real solo queue system then you both lose rating if your teammate leaves, and after you lost your rating and feel bad then you queue again and that’s how it is. If you face some omega op combo and you lose then you’ll lose again, but that’s not the issues, the issue is you(Blizzard) not understanding how simple this could be and the success of such a system.

And while you’re at it why not add the option to solo queue pve aswell and give non timed dungeons proper itemization and make the game less exclusionary than it is now. M+ should be like it was in Mists of Pandaria, a challenge mode for people to compete in for cosmetic rewards and or rating.

There’s this giant hole in WoW which is the premade group finder. You’re supposed to socialize your way into playing the game instead of playing the game and then socializing, it’s a joke and not very healthy for people. I remember when people bought Curve boosts and I remember how the Premade Group Finder was 90% Boost services, it’s because of the competitive social gameplay which doesn’t have to exist, I want to play the game and make friends I don’t wanna make friends to play the game. Hello?

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I’ll bite. For what it’s worth, thanks for an actual message regarding solo queue.

Not sure if this is meant to be taken seriously. How can you ever compare a system that matches you based on performance (rating/MMR) to one that does not? Heck, most other games even have some type of hidden MMR for their unranked queues. Skirmishes (or BGs) don’t even have that.

As for the reward; you can farm Skirmishes for a decade and receive such negligible amounts of Conquest that even with the current patch cycle, the next patch would be released before you get to buy an item - let alone more than one - through that grind.

Add different rewards and make it a different ladder. Of course it will reduce participation, there’s no denying that there are people who only play “premade” arena due to the lack of an alternative, but there will also be plenty that’ll play both.

This wouldn’t have been an issue either had you actually given us solo queue back when the game still had about 10x the playerbase it has now. You dropped the ball hard.

While this is true (though pretty irrelevant for arena especially if it’s a different ladder), it’s mostly just people complaining for the sake of complaining because they have issues with some aspects of the game. Just take one look at all the hypocrites who are praising your competitor, FF14, through the roof right now, while that game is literally queue hell.

Not very relevant for PvP is it, where you are done with those players after that one match, rated or not. Just don’t allow people to kick; not like there’s any use for it? No other game with solo queue for arena has had the option to kick as far as I know.

And as said, make it a seperate ladder with different rewards. Then people would still have to go through finding others to play for the “premade” ladder.

Then maybe, just maybe, for the first time in 16 years, fix the absolutely insane synergy rogues and mages have together which you yourself apparently consider so broken that putting them together would be a disservice to the opposing team. I’d wager the other team still has a perfectly fine chance due to the nature of solo queue (the DK must’ve done something right to be on that rating), but there is indeed no denying that this has been an issue since the INCEPTION OF THE GAME.

Weak classes will likely not reach the same rating as those on good classes if the players are equal. Rating has never only measured player skill but also class strength. If someone on a weak class reaches the same rating as someone on a strong one, they’ll still be equal because the one on the weak class is just a significantly better player. This has rarely if ever been a major issue in other games and it wouldn’t be in WoW either.

All that is required is that the system pairs two dps with a healer (screw tanks, they have no place in arena, never had). Whether or not those classes (especially the two dps) can be the same class I’ll leave up to debate.

This is literally the same as pressing the queue button 6 times in a row, with some RNG involved. Why is that so complicated to grasp?

Yes, sometimes you get dealt a bad hand. You think I’m happy when I queue for a solo queue match in League of Legends and get my entire team picking off meta no-synergy champions because that’s what they’re used to? Just to find out that wait, it’s solo queue, they’re good at what they’re doing while the opponents lack the communication and teamwork to pull off their synergies and thus we’re winning anyway!

And worst case scenario, you lose one match and queue again. This is how I’ve felt already for 16 years every time you match me against RMx when I’m not playing a meta comp and it generally hasn’t stopped me from continuing even with it being far more likely in “premade” queue.

And a “solution” that ruins the game, which would only exist to fix an issue you yourself want to create rather than letting the system solve itself.

This game mode will just be solo queue as we asked for, where you are forced to press the queue button 6x in a row while meeting the same people, with added changes that make the arena experience worse.

Honestly, it’d be a lot easier to just add normal solo queue, though by now it might be too late with how fragmented your playerbase is, which made splitting off arena into multiple queues a legitimate concern.


After reading your post and further investigating the remarks Blizzard make I’ve come to understand that they don’t know themselves and are completely wrong about every aspect of their own game which is why things never change for the better and alot of people are leaving. Good luck Blizzard.

so if a 1900 rating rogue quits his rating goes 950

Sounds really amazing. Finally random rating and just intense focused gameplay based on skill, knowledge and instant adaptation of combs, without needing to speak with random squeaky, giggly and girly boys. Game on boosters! Finally! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


The one player dying to end the match is probably so that stealhers can’t extend forever. Although there could be different solutions for that.