Feat of Strength Available for a Couple More Days

It is taking a little while to stabilize the Arcane Forge permanently.

This will result in more arcane disturbances in Valdrakken, with the last one projected to be at 23:00 CEST on Wednesday, September 13, which means more time to get the limited time Feat of Strength Arcane Influence.

Thereafter, the forge will be permanently empowered for you to continue crafting your Mimiron’s Jumpjets.


Okay hear me out–

It looks like it’s actually, really, definitely going to be available until 23:59 CEST tomorrow, Thursday, September 14.



How about you guys add a feat of strength to collect all the old world BoE’s that got added with 10.1.7 before the release of 10.2?

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