FIREMAW EU - We have a problem

It’s nice you believe that. Has the Easter bunny been delivering Chocolate eggs for you too?

Any further news on this?

Not yet.
Feels like weeks but in reality it has only been 3 days. #hyped

I wonder if they are going to go out of their way to avoid the precedent of opening new free character transfers after paid character transfers have been enabled.

So free character transfers? But to where?

Well done everyone!

Hi all,

I would like to encourage guilds here to consider moving to Judgement. We are a low population server with few allies guilds to speak of and just 2-3 horde guilds.

  • We have no idea what a queue is
  • Farming mats is actually possible
  • There are some guilds that farm content and wait to race for AQ rank
  • Good server wide coordination for PvP ranking, and AQ mats farming.

There are also guilds recruiting for their rosters that can be attractive for single or small groups of players.


Except we don’t know if there will be any restrictions outside of the standard ones.

Implying we have to fix the problem blizzard created

Funny thing is, there is a server out there where there are 2 horde characters in orgri on a sunday afternoon. And thats it. The contrast of servers in classic is just day and night

Players complain big time 

-> Blizz listens to them and offers a solution (they didn’t have to and they usually don’t care)
-> Now players have many questions
-> Not a single player who complained on the forums is transfering (too scared of losing their daily buffs)
-> Everyone waiting for others to transfer

No wonder Blizz cba listening to a bunch of pugs
You are welcome


It’s always amusing to see corporate bootlickers wagging their tails at every turn just to be contrarian when there’s a big screwup happening. Blizz completely missed the mark when enabling paid transfers to any of the most popular realms instead of focusing on why people were looking to abandon their old ones. Now we have have a dumpster fire that’s affecting thousands of people and the small time shills like you can’t make the distinction between fixing a problem blizz created themselves and providing extraordinary customer support.
tl;dr: You’re simping for a multi billion dollar conglomerate that runs classic on a skeleton crew and servers found in a bin, with a monthly fee of course.


Whenever I get on firemaw I see people AFKing and not getting kicked, which shouldn’t happen. I watched a level 24 mage be AFK for 30+ minutes yesterday.

The queue will not be getting shorter anytime soon.

“We’ve been working on bringing some relief from the queues to the highest-population WoW Classic realms in both the Americas and EU. We’ll roll that out in the coming days, after we test it internally”

i thought that they will magically make a miracle, something like
increasing of server capacity or even layer Firemaw…

BUT THEN “free transfer from firemaw” wtf is that sh*t? if that was a solution people would do it already .
but this is blizzard fault in the first place that they allowed migration from other servers to Firemaw when they opened paid transfer.

Firemaw should be locked asap allowing no more transfer to it or even a create of new account on it.

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Blizz is a private company focused on making money, I don’t like it but we all ahve to accept it. If you’re unhappy with the current state, you can ask for a favor, or you should transfer to another realm (Blizz has been kind enough to give you some choice for free, and it didn’t have to), or you just accept the fact that many people want to play on the same realm that you also want to play on and that creates queues. And you are as guilty as me or as any other player who doesn’t want to move out of Firemaw.

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The strategy they’re going for seems pretty bad but blizz has been all about short term for the past few years so I wouldn’t be surprised.

There’s nothing kind about blizz offering FCM when they facilitated the problem in the first place. They probably just noticed more people were unsubbing than paying 25 euros to move and panicked. They’ve disabled paid transfers to the 3 big US servers now so at least it seems like they learned something.

The only reason people want to play on firemaw is because it’s the biggest which again is blizzards fault for not being more proactive. If you’re gonna pay 25 euros to get off your low pop server then you’re probably not gonna go middleground and risk having to move again, had they disabled paid transfers way earlier then there would’ve been a greater incentive to get on a medium/high pop server*.

*Citation needed.

I see Firemaw refugees fleeing to my doorstep on Bloofang. What is this madness?!


The queue seems a lot less than it usually is. It’s at 750 players.

Yeah it’s great, but it’s also easter which I’m sure factors in.

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