FIREMAW EU - We have a problem

Horrible what will it be at 7 p.m. CET? Keep us informed, can’t even imagine what herb prices look like on such a mega realm…on my Realm Everlook-DE prices are already 1.2 - 1.5 gold and rising and we got only queues on sunday atm (20 - 40 minutes queue time).
Hope Blizzard finds a Solution, ridiculous they allowed even more players to transfer to Firemaw. $ > customer care.

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All we can do is to hope that they do something, or even reply to this thread :upside_down_face: Would be nice with a free transfer to a mid pop server for sure.
And no, not everyone can afford 25€ for char transfer, especially if you have multiple toons you want to transfer.

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BUMP in hope Activision…sorry, I meant Blizzard actually take note and act.

If they think its acceptable to have a queue time in excess of three hours daily they are more deluded than I first thought.

Disable transfers, introduce an increased cap and/or layering to help relieve this issue.

We pay for this so called ‘service’ and when I mean service I mean getting ignored and not actually being able to play.



‘You knew’ not applicable? Everyone could have normally reasoned that it would be possible on Firemaw to have que’s, also in the future. You saw it also on the introduction of new content. That is what happens on a MEGA server. Corona didn’t create this problem, it just made it worse.

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800 people is not a queue 15 min lol can make sandwich meantime and just wait it out

2603 queue at 17:07 - 193 mins wait time.

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Firemaw since day 1 here.
We had long queues since the beginning (15-25k) and it died off for a while. It’s normal to encounter queues when new content releases, but why on earth would blizzard allow people to transfer here? Not everyone can stay at home and logg into wow at 13:00 for a raid that starts at 19:00. Luckily for me I am a student and work part time so queues dont bother me too much. But Firemaw has players who dont have that oppurtonity.

“You chose this server, therefore you chose this” is not an argument considering we had no issues before people were able to transfer here. (If you take away the hype due release).

Please lock Firemaw.

Edit: 18:28 - 2665queue 199min.
Edit: 19:59 - 2167queue - 166min.


logging in 4 hours early on off-days is a joke

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1100 queue at 21:50…

Please allow entire guilds transfering to another server…

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Day 1 Firemaw here, and GM of Accord on Horde side.

Yes we endured queues at the beginning, but this is very different now for a multitude of reasons.

While we’ve been able to cobble together raids around 30 minutes after our usual start time, that has been off the back of a great effort from our raiders. Thankfully a lot can log on early to accommodate for the queues, but certainly shouldn’t have to. This “luxuary” is not server wide, as many people I know cannot afford the extra time dedicated to just queuing, thus currently locked out of playing when they would like to.

Blizzard please, I implore you to consider action in one form or another for our server. Be it free transfers off Firemaw, increased active pop cap and/or the deterrence of new players coming to the server. Ours and many other guilds rosters should not be required to commit 6-7 hours+ to a raid schedule that takes us 2-3 hours. The former half of course down to the queues and logging in preemptively.

Given the current global situation, action needs to be taken for people to enjoy the game they love unabated.


from what i remember shazzrah was the streamer server, and they all quit to play animal crossing lmao

Is it even possible for Blizzard to just increase the server cap? Surely not

So if not, what can they do other than transfer people of the server… :thinking:

Not sure about increase server cap. But what about offer free transfers and maybe block transfers TO Firemaw?


Queues are getting worse and worse… I think it really is time for a free realm transfer OFF Firemaw and lock transfering into Firemaw, it’s already bad as is.

Yeah like it should have been since day one…


Never going to happen

You get some people going like “At least firemaw won’t die”
Yeah, but you also can’t play currently lmao.
It’s people saying stuff like this person, due to the reason that firemaw has such a massive queue.
I’d rather play on another realm and actually be able to play instead of waiting for 4-5+ hours a day lol. (Even if the realm dies earlier than this “overpopulated realm”

Firemaw just needs free transfers off that realm and to cancel all transfers to Firemaw.

Wont happen, since who gonna keep their names? The old ones? The newcomers? Many will rage out if they have to rename their chars.

My guild formed on firemaw week 1 and we’ve been having a blast with raiding for half a year now, but these ridiculous queues that started with bwl release are slowly forcing people to transfer or quit.
Imagine how bad things will be once AQ war effort begins and we’re the first server to open the gates, it’ll be simply impossible for anyone with a job or school to raid mon-fri for all the transfers flocking from low pop/poorly balanced realms.
If blizz doesn’t adress this before phase 5 this server will have gone from being the best to worst eu server.