Free Character Moves Available for Firemaw

Oh come on Blizzard! DAMN YOU.

Selecting three realms? Why not just let us pick ourselves as long as destination is not full? Nobody is going to use it now that you have picked three servers for us…

This solves nothing!

2 million people, 50/50 true ally horde, its epic pvp LOTR size battles every day in every zone at same time and the horde always wins becuse were horde nerd and then its best AH!!! Black lotus? Thats 20s a pop!! We have special design music from blizz too and then we have own server so we never have queueue we have highest pvp rank of all time and theres a rumor that all pro streamer secretly play here when they dont stream (swifty, kungen, nihilum raiders) we have kork battles its gnomes try to run from me and i one shot shadow ball them or death coil or send my imp on them and they die: reward: death and a /lol by kork

Edit: its noggenfogger


Buff warlocks plz

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Unless migrations TO Firemaw are closed for as long as it remains full, I doubt this will have much an effect.

  • Firemaw is not locked yet.

  • Judgement is more than 80% alliance and the whole server is less than 600 people.

  • Dragonfang is not even shown (apparently it means there’s less than 500 people then)

  • Bloodfang seems decent as it about 4.000 players and pretty even in numbers.

I think a lot of people would have liked the chance to move to a PVE server. As we have seen how much fun world PVP can be when it’s mainly 1 faction controlling the world.

I doubt this free server change is even going to make a dent in the queues on Firemaw.

thanks for the FCMs! purely in the interest of fixing firemaw and keeping bloodfang sane: these choices are rather weak

firemaw players are stubborn — the least unlikely candidate here is Bloodfang. problem is that this will make it alliance dominated

I suspect most would prefer the queues (i.e this solves little more than unbalancing Bloodfang). Consider adding more (balanced/ slightly horde favoured medium pop) pvp servers perhaps?

Blizzards solution transfer to dead servers, no i don’t think so! :stuck_out_tongue:

The only server i would transfer to is Earthshaker but i wont spend 25 € for it, already paying 15 € each month to play!

“We’ve been working on bringing some relief from the queues to the highest-population WoW Classic realms in both the Americas and EU. We’ll roll that out in the coming days, after we test it internally. Thank you for your patience.”

This was the twitter post by blizzard…

How much “Internal” testing is needed when it’s just a free transfer to dead servers?

@Nunu: Since we are forced to rely on 3rd party information, I am going to guess based on my own observations through CPC this is technically false and Bloodfang is 3rd smallest in Blizzard metrics.

Sent my alt to bloodfang. Found a raiding guild straight away. Decent AH prices. No que. Not the best solution but works for me casually playing my alt


Can’t wait for angry forum posts about dead servers and how “we were forced” and “I thought this that” and “I just wanted to play with my friends” begging blizz to do something about it. Just like 2 months post launched when some servers became dead (Bloodfang, Dragonfang, Judgement)

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Sorry but who wants to move to a low population server, its gonna be a struggle. If this is the only solution they can come up with im just gonna ride it out on firemaw. I am not moving my main to a Low/meduim pop server then having to Pay to move somewhere else when it goes completely dead in a few months time…

You could split Firemaw in 2 servers and they’d still be much higher populated than the most populated were in vanilla. Both servers would also be very decent to play on, even for those that want a lot of activity. If enough move the “new” server will also be stable over time, since the players on firemaw are among the most dedicated (an educated guess, since you stay in spite of 4h queues).

Ofc it’s never gonna happen, since it seems the only thing you lot can agree to is that the queues on firemaw are horrible and that it’s everyones fault but your own.
Blizz has given you two free migrations to correct/remedy the issue. Talk to each other and figure it out, or stop complaining.

Internal testing… what a bunch of BS

Really lol, guess queues are the future.

Would it really be that difficult to enable dynamic transfers or something, give alliance options to move to noggenfogger, gandling, shazz maybe and then control the flow of transfers. Let horde move to medium pop servers with a small alliance bias and do the same.

I doubt anyone who didn’t take transfers the first time around wants to go to any of these servers.

Did the intern come up with this idea? Really, really stupid

I doubt many expect others to move there, because if they thought many moved there, then they could/would move there themselfes, its because they dont expect many to move to a dead server they dont move themselfes.

@Domgordo, actually, if my estimates on Firemaw are even remotely correct, it would be 4, not 2…

@All: On that note, I am slightly puzzled, why really big guilds could not take alts out to other realms and populate them. What the situation really needs now is a few big guilds announcing they are “alting” in another location. Considering the huge size of some guilds, as few as six announcements could suffice to begin with…

thats all very nice, but i hope its not to get people to actually move with their mains when they hear big guilds moving alts there, because when ever the queue on firemaw is over, these alts will not be played alot with anymore, and those that moved there will hate it again and quit. same old same old, like in the past.

My solution is the same as it was in the past, let players move away from dead servers for free, and those on overpopulated servers give them more free options to servers that are not entirely dead.

Then just don’t complain about long queues, especially if the majority of your realm is going to have this mentality lol.