Free Character Moves Coming Soon

What if i want to transfer char from Pyrewood Village to Judgement where i have char with same name ?


Actually the chance is quite high that people with low horde ratio, will move to a server where Horde dominates. It was like that in the past and people will do it again, I can guarentee you that.

Nobody will move to a server where his faction is at an disadvantage.

Classic is all about the community of a realm. There are servers out there, where no streamers are present, where exploits were not used.

You screw over all the people there, if you now let others in, who might have abused exploits, who might be streamers with a huge, rude fanbase.

Yes, you might make a few people happy, but you can completely kill it for those who are already on the server.

If they allow transfers, then only to brand new realms without any players present. Else it´s a trainwreck as seen so often in the past.


I think if WOW were allowed to play while waiting in line for WOW Classic login and then the player had a choice to stay in the game or log in to Classic, it would be much less pissed off and Blizzard could pull the player back to normal WOW.

i think this is a great idea i hope you’re not limited to how many transfers you can do

Just like in the old days, either you delete char with same name before transfering, or you’ll get forced renaming on your character you are transfering.

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Is it possible to change crosslanguage servers? Eg. German PVP to English PVP

Doubt that blizz will allow char transfer months before and during aq openings, maybe after its done and possibly opened on all realms

I will be sending some mails today ! TONS OF THEM !


Thank you Blizz, ive returned from a 3 year break, loving classic

Gehennas player reporting in - this news makes me happy. And I hope my guild leaders are sticking to their word and move us off. All 300 of us as even when we have 150 people online daily, many have become worn by the forced sessions (not to miss queue, so they play against their will longer sessions to not drop out) and others simply cannot play because they do have jobs, but without us - the guild rather don’t play at all.

While it would be easy to tell us to reroll, but we have people in their level 50s and more, and a lot in level 40s. People have families, and duties after the breaks they took for this game and re-rolling simply is not something people are willing to do due to time factor.

Hopefully this works out in favourable manner !


The only thing I don’t like about this, is it’s only from a select few servers. Some of us have friend groups who fled to different
low-populated servers. Would be nice if we were able to reunite those communities again.

I hope you are a troll. At least make the effort to read what Blizz is planning. They just want to solve the queue issue, not introduce a paid character transfer system.

You must be new to Blizzard and warcraft, because free transfers are limited time events and closely monitored. I’ve played in EU largest pop realm (at time it was that is) and we have had so many transfers off, and occasionally they have shut them off sooner than planned because their aim is to balance realms, not offer us somesort of magic bullets to do whatever you think we are going to. Realm free transfers are very limited timed events and occur relatively rarely. Blizzard generally knows what they are doing with those.

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This is obviously a good move. It is especially good to see that the Classic team is acting in a timely manner on this. Because the longer this imbalance lasts the harder it becomes to shake.

It’s going to be interesting to see what the practical impact is. In Vanilla it wasn’t much but I don’t think that the transfers happened during huge queues.

I do not think vanilla queues also were 8-9h wait occasionally and even when i.e. gehennas queue free initial log in time has lowered, then soon as schools end (in waves) and most peoples work day ends - you get so rapid peak still. 10-12k - which means 6 hours still at bare minimum, and so the people are limited small sessions or no game time at all.

And unfortunately suggestion to reroll is not viable reason for many due to social reasons or that when they had time off to level they did not realise that this 10k+ queue will still be a thing after week-end and initial launch.

Will you be able to change faction aswell or?

No. They have done faction only transfers, but its not about you changing your character except moving location

Please make sure you do not actually transfer the Queues with the Free character migrations … I rerolled cuz of those messy queues and like my realm to be accessible at all times …

Great move

This is wholesome! <3 Thank you!