Free Character Moves Coming Soon

Maybe release a couple servers to move to?
Last Sunday there were only 5 eng realms that were not full (que). 2 were medium (one of which is the rp server) and the other 3 were high. I don’t see how that is enough to balance things out. Gehennas for example has about 10k players too many, that alone is enough to get a medium server high/full…

There’s a big difference this time. There were free migrations in vanilla, but those were always to mature albeit low pop realms. This time players are getting free transfers to realms significantly behind them in the leveling curve. It’s really unfair to the existing players on those realms.


Please limit transfers to factions that are underpopulated in the new realms.

Currently Ten Storms server has like at least 70% horde already and I can see more coming if they are allowed to. I’ve played in servers like Twisting Nether on horde side, and I’ve seen that 99% horde and 1% alliance ratio. Don’t want to ever go through that in classic.

I don’t ever understand why people would pick the vastly overpopulated faction in classic. In the end they will be waiting 50 minutes in the queue to enter a BG.

But they tend to do that.
Take caution this time, before everything is just messy as the launch was.


Blizzard actually listening wtf :open_mouth:

No more new realms please because the one I am playing on now (noggenfogger) has queues at prime time yet the world feels really really empty. Besides, transfers are too soon aswell, give it a week or two before allowing transfers.

Thanks in advance.

I hope to se transfer from Mograine and Dreadmist to same server, were were a big group of people that has been devided because of the launch experience.

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We’re talking about a few days worth of leveling. The XP/layering abuse by the world firsters are a far bigger drama than what you’re describing.

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Could you please release the server lists like you did for the US?

You will be shocked at the end of this. Look at the US forums, you wont be able to transfer your char however you want. Friends on different realms will still be split up.

Yeah you are right! I swapped from Firemaw to Bloodfang and will wait before I keep on playing, I don’t want to waste any more time if the transfer this way is available…

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Blizzard did this a lot back in vanilla/TBC. It was only for high/full population realms(mine was one of those), and always for a limited amount of time, and to spesific servers. As spesific servers filled up, they changed the destination to new servers until the population of the realm people were moving from got acceptable.

Only queue on Pyrewood during the evenings atm, and it’s not very long. I believe Pyrewood is the most populated PvE realm, but I might be wrong.

That is terrible news, Blizzard! I’m in a small server where the highest level is ~50 and if a guild of higher levels transfer here they will simply dominate the economy. They’ll have absolutely free reign over farming devilsaur and lotus plus rare recipes. Plus this server seems to have mostly people coming back to Classic for the first time and a bunch of (excuse the expression) elitists from private servers will seriously change the feeling of the server.

At least wait until all servers have a solid group of people at 60 before allowing people to transfer. Or better still, make new servers these people can transfer to. That way each server maintains its current feel and community and since you always hear about 20k+ queues these new servers will have plenty of people.


My Friends and me would like to transfer our characters on a german server, all german servers were full on release and so we started to play on english server, hope this will be possible. :slight_smile:

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Wow I thought there will be only payd transfer and it’ll become available after several months. I’m glad I was wrong!

Ten Storms situation seems quite bad, but I think all PvP realms have more Horde players than Alliance. Making a free transfer for alliance only would just make the original full server even more imbalanced.

I was just thinking that would it help to balance servers if there is separate login queues for Horde and Alliance? This should be quite easy to implement since you can only have characters on one faction / server

Yaay save me from the queues

Thank you!

This is great news, thanks for listening to your player base.

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My concern preventing me from switching:

What if the hype is over in x months and you end up being on a server that is not crowded enough to properly play? Is there any sort of guarantee that we can switch back to a more crowded server if this happens?

I think a lot of people just bite the bullet with the waiting times fearing exactly that.