Free Character Moves Coming Soon

Which realms will this affect? or is this still unknown? Will there be a transfer block on realms which are becoming full?

Great news for players who where stubborn enough not to move, but i fear queue times on other realms as result of such.

Where do you get this data from?

I’m guessing the top 3 populated realms with 8-10 hour queues will be prio.

I hope you are wrong… 4+ hour ques on mograine each day are still no joke and we are number 5 biggest one…

Thank you. Make paid transfers a thing Aswell. It was available in vanilla. My friends and I are scattered on multiple servers after the “please play on X new realm” episode

Unrestricted paid transfers are bad idea because they lead to faction disbalance. If allowed to transfer wherever they want players end up staking on the dominant faction and move away from underrepresented faction. We will end with half the servers being 80/20 a/h and the other half of the servers 20/80.

Paid transfers should be allowed only to servers where your character’s faction is below 50%.

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The list of tranfer realms was announced for the US already, so i guess we will get them soon too. In the US the target servers are predefined for every source server. Some target servers are fresh and some are existing ones. So you cant choose your target server freely.

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Wouldn’t there be target realms which have a low pop, or new servers?

Yes they are, but you cant choose. If you are on Arugal for example you can only move to Felstriker. From Faeralina and Stalag you can only move to Hesrtseeker (new realm)

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Fair point. Thanks

Would be much more appreciated to allow everyone a single free character transfer since many groups are scattered across servers to even get to play the game without facing +8 hour queues.

While I intend to stay where I am, I only pray that people can resist moving “just because everybody thinks the same”. The problem is similar to when a cashier at the grocery supermarket opens up when you’re already in line for another. If too many switch server, nothing may be solved, or realms may be left empty or in unbalance between factions.

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If there is a dayli que od several thousand ppl, the target servers wont be empty

Don’t kid yourself, people still gonna complain about something

Make sure that people are able to transfer from the Zandalar Tribe server. A lot of people went to that server to avoid queues, not interested in RP PvP at all. That way, they can play on servers that they really want to play on

Use some sense. It won’t be open forever, o it to allowed population s to balance. Geez

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Thank you very much for reply Lusty. I am sooo happy to be able to transfer my lvl 28 warlock from Pyrewood to Judgement

@Kaivax thank you again!!

just No. No.


Good job Blizzard!

Oh Blizzard, you’re still in there somewhere. :heart:

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