Free Character Moves for this Region - Updated 28 Oct


UPDATED 28 OCTOBER – The new German RP realm Celebras is available for the creation of new characters. Free Character Moves to Celebras also remain available.

UPDATED 25 OCTOBER – Free character moves are no longer available from many realms to Bloodfang and Earthshaker. Free character moves are no longer available from Noggenfogger to Dragonfang or Judgement.

New free character moves are now available from Everlook, Hydraxian Waterlords, Razorfen, and Sulfuron to Celebras.

The following Free Character Moves are available in this region:

Ashbringer Dragonfang
Ashbringer Judgement
Dragon’s Call Heartstriker
Dreadmist Dragonfang
Dreadmist Judgement
Everlook Celebras
Firemaw Dragonfang
Firemaw Judgement
Flamegor Вестник Рока (Harbinger of Doom)
Flamelash Dragonfang
Flamelash Judgement
Gandling Dragonfang
Gandling Judgement
Gehennas Dragonfang
Gehennas Judgement
Golemagg Dragonfang
Golemagg Judgement
Hydraxian Waterlords Celebras
Lakeshire Celebras
Lucifron Heartstriker
Mograine Dragonfang
Mograine Judgement
Patchwerk Heartstriker
Razorfen Celebras
Razorgore Dragonfang
Razorgore Judgement
Rhok’delar Вестник Рока (Harbinger of Doom)
Shazzrah Dragonfang
Shazzrah Judgement
Skullflame Bloodfang
Skullflame Dragonflame
Skullflame Earthshaker
Skullflame Judgement
Stonespine Bloodfang
Stonespine Dragonflame
Stonespine Earthshaker
Stonespine Judgement
Sulfuron Finkle
Venoxis Heartstriker
Wyrmthalak Вестник Рока (Harbinger of Doom)
Zandalar Tribe Dragonfang
Zandalar Tribe Judgement

All of the above are in addition to Free Character Moves available from all PvP realms to the Spanish realm: Mandokir.

As always, we strongly encourage you to utilize the Free Character Move service as soon as possible. Free Character Moves may be closed without warning at any time.

Thank you!

Gehennas 5h+ ques and No Transfers?
Free character transfer
Free transfers to pure PvP realms

Who will first say it?

Ten Storms is death?


Well, I was right, wrong and right again.
Character transfer will open again Friday: :ballot_box_with_check:
Paid: :no_entry_sign:
Nothing being done about the Normal and RP realms (again): :white_check_mark:

Gehennas 5h+ ques and No Transfers?

The PVE Server situation is all over europe a true disaster. Would like some chances here too!

Still, I also Play on Zandalar Tribe and thinking about moving to another realm. Are the alternative realms really dead on Horde Side like everyone says?


What’s your problem with Zandalar Tribe? :thinking:


Way to crowded, doesn’t feel like an RP Realm to me, sorry.


Why would they introduce paid transfers if there are free migrations available for everyone on full realms?


Fair enough.


Can we not have anymore people moving to bloodfang it’s perfectly fine pop wise we don’t need anymore.


To anyone considering the transfer, Dragonfang really needs help population wise especially on horde.

Hoping some people transfer over. Dragonfang is the only low listed realm left.


Any chance of Zandalar Tribe to Hydraxian Waterlords? I’d like to go to an actual RP realm instead of another pure PvP realm.


I agree, Bloodfang feels crowded when questing at peak hours now, and is usually on high population in evenings.
Why transfer more people here when the server is full with just one layer? you will ruin the server since its locked to one layer now. I really dont understand this.


Thank god!! You had me going there for a while blizz… Not cool!
Will we be able to move out lvl 1 bank chars to? or is like lvl 10 a requirement?


You can move any character.


How many characters can be moved at a time and how can the transfer be actually done? Do I have to open a GM ticket?


Can we maybe get free transfers from Venoxis to an English Realm aswell please?


Ten-Storms GG


I do agree the population seems fine but Blizzard has more idea about this stuff than us and they may just be thinking about ideal population for later in the game and letting us suffer a little right now:p


So they are still not faction based? Why don’t you faction lock transfers for unbalanced servers? Now the unbalanced servers will become even more unbalanced I fear

(Kaivax) #24

I have added the following free character moves to the list in the first post:

Skullflame Bloodfang
Skullflame Dragonflame
Skullflame Earthshaker
Skullflame Judgement
Stonespine Bloodfang
Stonespine Dragonflame
Stonespine Earthshaker
Stonespine Judgement

These will all become available at 1:00 a.m.

Thank you!