Free Character Moves for this Region - Updated 28 Oct

I made a freshie on the Spanish realm to see what’s up, cause we can all move there.

Needless to say, Spanish people don’t really like foreigners in their vicinity. Lots of xenophobic responses to the simple question how populated the raiding scene is and if there are guilds where English is accepted.

Touched their sensitive Spanish bubble too much with that… No way we’re moving there. GREAT OPTION BLIZZARD.

Guess that’s what you get after being raised with fully Spanish dubbed TV.

People on Spanish servers want Spanish speaking players

what a shocking revelation


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any idea when ashbringer to earthshaker will be open again i mean it closed very abruptly i checked a few days after my friends xfer and it was already closed i mean i still see some servers xfering to earthshaker any reason why ashbringer was closed. playing alone on a server is not fun.

Does anyone know if morgaine to Skullflame will be possible?
Just found out some of my old RL friends play that server and I’d like to join them.

UPDATED 28 OCTOBER – The new German RP realm Celebras is available for the creation of new characters. Free Character Moves to Celebras also remain available.

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Can it be possible to transfer from mandokir to an english realm?
When the game suggested an realm transfer it transferred my character from an english realm to a spanish realm… I don’t even speak spanish.

Uh… You chose to transfer to a Spanish realm. The game doesn’t force you to do anything.

Take the L and learn to read in the future. It’ll help you tremendously.

Yes, I’m trying to be rude because it is mindboggling how you could transfer to a Spanish server without knowing it. I mean cmon. It’s not forbidden to use your brain man.

So Blizzard offered another realm transfer because the realm was low occupied. It stated transfer to Mandokir, it didn’t state transfer to Mandokir (SP). How was I supposed to know that this was a spanish realm since I’m playing on English realms?
I get your point but this is done poorly by Blizzard.

@Skovt: Actually not. That transfer was offered by them to enable Spanish speaking players to transfer to a realm with support in their (native) language.

Is there not a possibility to get it reversed?

@Skovt: I am sorry to say, but most likely not. You can ask, but do not be surprised, if you receive a negative reply.

I will try again. I appreciate your replies, I do hope this gets some attention of a CM…

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You were supposed to know because it was stated as a Spanish transfer option. You should also have checked the server list incase you weren’t absolutely 100% sure (but really you should always check it), and only when you were positively sure you should go there, initiate the transfer.

I feel your pain, but in this case they probably should say no simply because it’ll teach you to not just blindly follow instructions that you yourself prompt in the future.

Hope people move to Judgement.

Realm is pretty dead.

Please can you allow us to go from low pop to high pop, really struggling to find groups here :confused: .

LOL at the transfer policy. I hope someone gets fired for this in Blizzard and the new guy steps up to solve this clusterF.

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The exact same thing happend to me, and the same answer from support :frowning: all my friends was able to change servers, and I had no time :frowning:

Hope so too :slight_smile:
Leveling an alt at another server until it gets better and if not, my alt becomes my main :smiley:

Come on m8
Its not dead. Is okay, its surviving.
We Got 10 raiding guilds raiding.