Free Character Moves Starting Thursday at 1:00 a.m. CEST


Dear Blizzard, don’t make it so we are forced to only one realm! Nobody, as in nobody I know will move from a high/full server to a new/low pop. server… They either start new characters at medium populated servers or will just accept the queue. Let us be free to choose our own server, with maybe a restriction that it can’t be higher then a medium populated server and this might help a lot more! At the moment you won’t get anyone to transfer to new/low population servers…


Earthshaker is good so far. Healthy ally pop with more guilds planning to move over just need more tanks! Questing is much easier than on Gehennas


The Guild team of Amnesia approves this post, All join the hypetrain to earthshaker and if you are looking for an alliance soon to be raiding guild we will glady take you in !


I cant move my character from Ashbringer.


Same for me.


There seems to be problems with the character transfers this morning.

See post: Free char transfer - getting an error


Some servers like all the German servers straight up not even have the shop option showing up. Customer support confirmed it on the phone with me too.


What did the support say?


They are investigating. He also couldn’t get the shop button to show up.


This. The 1-to-1 solution won’t help many, at least let us choose the low pop server that we want to migrate to, then this would be an option.

In my case we’re a bunch of friends split across Firemaw and Noggenfogger, we would gladly transfer to a low pop realm, but we can’t because Noggenfogger is locked to Judgement while Firemaw is locked to Earthshaker, which means we stay where we are.


Huge guild of 55s-60s just xfered to Dragonfang, come over if you want to raid


People really need to transfer. Literally 0 servers have a healthy population. All are thousands overpopulated or thousands underpopulated.

If people dont transfer. Blizz need to force it.

90% of PvP servers have 4x more players than Northdale, 4 servers have less population than Anathema when Lightbringer launched. How is that not a warning sign to get the hell of the high pop servers?


Why dont Blizzard giv more server options. Im on gehennas and i wanna change but not to the server they gave us. Open up paid transfere alrdy… i wanna go to ten storms with my friends


Earthshaker hit medium yesterday, loads keep moving there. About 1k players a day. Hopefully they dont migrate the queue with them :stuck_out_tongue: Nah, they will cut the transfers ones its full. So, get your transfers in while you still can!

Also, Earthshaker realm community taking shape pretty nicely, we have a lively realm discord going allrdy, lots of guild recruiting and MC pugs planned for this weekend. Come check it out at discord .gg/TWgUNSk


Does someone have census data for Ten Storms server? Would love to see horde/ally ratio there.


Please do not transfer to Earthshaker. We are full, thanks.


Thanks for the transfers. Much needed


Earthshaker was medium last night, 52% horde.We need more alliance transfers for world pvp domination!!!


Earthshaker is pretty balanced right now.
I just hope it stays that way.


I will transfer to my friends realm when they let us to choose the destination. Otherwise people won’t transfer. It’s good to see that they’re listening to the community, but this isn’t the solution to the problem.