Free Character Transfers Now Available For Some Realms

That’s 500 people raiding who also post logs. That’s not the entire population of that server.


Please take care about dying servers like Skullflame :frowning: Please enable free transfers from/to Skullflame or do some marges with another servers .

Consider helping GANDLING server, a PVP one that actually has 99.9% horde players.

Merge or Free transfer, what you prefer, but give us a hand.


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But HvH is great


Moving from gehennas to a dead server/realm?? No thanks

I dont think this is enough

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People don’t want to be in the minority faction mainly. If the difference grows too great or general population falls too low, people will transfer off to “greener” pastures.

Pretty much sums up 60% of the servers.

3 days left on sub, seeing blizzard not gonna do anything about it (they are just trying to milk more money from those playing on dead servers). I enoy wow, but not so much I think it is worth 15 bucks to play on a dead server or pay 20 bucks to move .

This please. Gandling went from around 70/30 H/A at the worst point in Classic, to 99.9% Horde now.

Having such a one-sided community means:

  • New people unlikely to roll here… What’s the point of a “medium” pop PvP server without any PvP
  • Any horde even remotely interested in wPvP will transfer off
  • The combination of the above points means the recruitment pool for horde guilds will get smaller and smaller
  • Horde guilds will start transferring off to healthier servers (has already started on Gandling)
  • Server’s left completely dead, with a handful of guilds holding on to life with a single raid team.

I know it’ll mean your profits are impacted Mr Kotick, but please, for the love of God just do some server merges for the most imbalanced realms, and remove the limitation on transferring from PvE to PvP :stuck_out_tongue:

Would that be enough long-term? Probably not, the imbalance/domino effect would just happen again… But it would help in the short term to make the world feel alive again.

In terms of future changes - I dunno really, some sort of bonus XP or gold rewards when levelling as the underdog faction on a server?

Hey Kaivax , here is a big brain move , open a fresh server with no level boost and no transfers to it ?

Can we have a free transfer off Deadstorms, I really don’t want to cough 75 more $ to this multi dollar company.

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I’d need to waste 125e to migrate off from deadfang, have to just pay that since the game is unplayable when there’s nothing going on outside raid logging

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Remember when zugs told us that this wont be problem at all?
Suprise suprise

Whatever pvp server you transfer to, it will become onesided eventually, probably horde one.

Firemaw seems to be really good in balance almost 50/50 anyway decided to create my alliance priest on Gehennas few weeks ago but pretty sure I’ll transfer my horde chars to Firemaw since it’s most likely not end up dying as having around 5K alliance and 5K horde population at the moment

i don’t understand, why open free transfer from firemaw?
server feels empty in most zones & people can barely find groups!

Original post is 2 month old

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History tell us it will properly be 6 months old before Blizzard does anything, if there any left on the “dead” servers.

I wonder how many people chose to leave their healthy megaserver into the dead realms they could join.

I sincerly think less than 10 people in total. And all of those are probably also people who lost a bet of some sort.


Properly someone that regrets it now :rofl:

you might wanna open free transfers for horde players up from Gandling and Kromcrush to somewhere, where alliance population is higher than horde.